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  1. Is this trade veto able?

    The power of group think is insurmount able.
  2. Is this trade veto able?

    The original point of the thread is no longer applic able.
  3. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    Josh Allen slipped and the guy on D hit the gap perfectly. Allen almost made the first on a supremely athletic play right before. A half yard felt like taking candy from a baby. He's an MVP candidate and you put it in his hands. If TEN won the toss and scored a TD, the armchair critique would've been much worse. Good call to put the game in your best players hands and not a defense who gave up 34 points on the night.
  4. Is this trade veto able?

    Is the water from the faucet pot able?
  5. Is this trade veto able?

    When league rules aren't summarized, evaluation of trades is undetermine able.
  6. Is this trade veto able?

    debate able
  7. Week 6 Chat

    Do you go to other team's message boards to keep track of all ex-Jet players? Or is Adams a special 'scorned lover; situation?
  8. Week 6 Chat

    Oh yea. The trade and contract could very well be a huge mistake. One can acknowledge that and question your emotionally based exaggerated claims (contradicted by factual metrics) at the same time.
  9. Week 6 Chat

    Man, your negative bias for the guy is a bit over the top. He had 9.5 sacks last year and 6.5 the year before. His 78 QB pressures the previous four seasons were 30 more than any other DB in the same time span. PFF had him rated as 3rd best DB against the run over that same time span. It's not possible to be rated that high and be a 'very bad tackler.'
  10. Week 6 Chat

    Certainly not special in coverage or at ball hawking INTs. He's having a mediocre year at best and the INT off his face was almost cartoonish. I'm not trying to defend his recent play as he certainly deserves criticism. But, he was a game wrecker last year and those plays simply aren't happening this year; setting an NFL record for sacks by a DB is kind of special. It's maddening to watch as a Hawk fan. I continue to be bewildered by the ongoing insistence of the coordinator to mostly drop him back in coverage instead of scheming him to his unique strengths.
  11. Week 6 Chat

    You almost successfully milk carton'd the entire Seahawk team.
  12. Jon Gruden

    Has apparently went bye bye.
  13. Jon Gruden

    I'm so old, I remember a time when right wingers weren't constantly whining about being victims of their own imagination.
  14. Jon Gruden

    Lol. These giant memes seal the deal.
  15. Jon Gruden

    Jon Gruden!
  16. Milk Carton-Week 6

    Godwin is a has been and sucks bad? He's still top a top 20 PPR WR in APG and is performing right at his ADP in FFPC. HIs 2 single digit games were nearly double digits. Granted, AB is seemingly trending up and may end up being the best TB WR value. But not sure how anyone doesn't expect WR volatility in scoring, especially for a TB WR. All 3 WRs were being picked fairly close together in my drafs.
  17. Jon Gruden

    Brining up Beatrice Hall's quote in the first place was completely missing the point. It's a reference to freedom of speech from the state. I didn't see anyone on the board advocating for laws against Gruden's stupidity.
  18. Jon Gruden

    Healthy living.
  19. Jon Gruden

    This is spot on. But him blasting certain behavior, then cluelessly engaging in said behavior, adds to the entertainment value. The sentiment, for some of us, is that Brent is good for a laugh.
  20. Jon Gruden

  21. Jon Gruden

    I also correct grammar. It's *too F-
  22. Jon Gruden

    It's 1-part old man yelling at the clouds, 1-part Q'anon, and 1-part stoned college freshman with pseudo intellectual babble essay in philosophy class.
  23. Urban Meyer

    Great. Now my mental image of Gil getting popped in the grill just got really gross.
  24. Urban Meyer

    That was an old time sarcastic reference to Brent getting worked up and trying to challenge people to fights back in the day.
  25. Jon Gruden

    Probably the same place he got his crackpot Elliot Wave Theory.