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  1. Have any of you had your wife go cookoo?

    All joking aside, you guys aren't the only ones to say go for the drugs. As for her thyroid, all checked out. That was the first thing her doc wanted to focus on. I really appreciate the insight, Chargerz. I know based on your posts that you've got insight others might not. Thanks for taking the time to add a few thoughts. I also took your advice and gave her the day off. I've got the three kids today and she went out for a cup of coffee with a girlfriend at Starbucks, did a little shopping and came home in a great mood. My goal right now is to be supportive and she's trying as hard as possible just to get back to "normal." I am happy to say at least she recognizes there's an issue and is willing to do what it takes to just get back to dealing with the usual craziness around here. The good news is that she's had a few good days in a row. I'll keep my eye on things and look forward to the old "this too shall pass." Since I've got the kids today, I gotta run. It's back to Chutes and Ladders, Wiggles and a push on the swing set!
  2. All in all, I'd say I'm pretty darn fortunate. I have three beautiful kids - a 7-year-old daughter, a 4-year-old son and a 16 month old son. My wife, a stay-at-home mom, and I have been (and still are) happily married after 12 years. Good job. Nice house. Nice neighborhood. Healthy. A wife who may not exactly enjoy football but sure tolerates my hobby. See. Not much to complain about. All of a sudden.....boom..... about 3 months ago and for the first time in our lives together, my wife lost her marbles a bit. She has great days but some really bad days as well. It really comes down to a feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to cope with sadness and misery in the world. She fears awful things happening to her, to me or to our kids. I know we all have our fears but they tend to be fleeting thoughts of misery and then on with the rest of our lives. All of a sudden, not my wife. Yes, she's been to the doc. Blood work all good. Yoga (I'm not a big believer but whatever works) seems to help a bit. No drugs - yet. The doc really thinks it's hormonal and related to being an overwhelmed mom, which he swears is not out of the norm. Maybe a touch of post partem depression (which she had none of after kid 1 and kid 2). Who the heck knows. I'm just wondering if this story rings a bell with any of you guys. My wife is a great lady and a fantastic mother. It would be nice to know that this too shall pass - as I'm told it will. Share your thoughts if you've got a similar experience. Thanks guys.
  3. Thank G*d that Cynthia McKinney b1tch lost

    She was a national disgrace. Good bye and good riddance. She gave people in Congress a bad name...and I know how hard that is.
  4. Matt Drudge

    Well, that about sums up the democrat agenda.
  5. NFL Refs Get New Unis

    They still won't make the right calls. What difference does it make. They are ugly.
  6. does this offend you?

    I am completely in favor of a breast-feeding mother. Take for example the mother of my children aka my wife. If she weren't breast-feeding our 5 month old son, I would not see nearly as much of her boobs.
  7. mel gibby saga cont....

    Do you honestly believe what you write? If so, believe what you want but at least I know who thinks like Mel.....Unless of course you're just trying to be funny in which case you're not.
  8. mel gibby saga cont....

    By the way, reasonable people can disagree about foreign policy and our relationship to Israel and the Middle East. Reasonable people do not say the kind of ignorant b.s. coming out of Mel Gibson's mouth.
  9. mel gibby saga cont....

    Apparently so.
  10. mel gibby saga cont....

    Mel's comments have nothing to do with being a republican or in Hollywood - he's just an anti-semitic jack---. The fact that he started spewing his hate while drunk just shows you who he really is. Couldn't have happened to a nicer jerk than Mel. I hope he is indeed embarrassed and humiliated. I think he's scum.
  11. What Time...

    In bed at midnight...up at 730ish and to work by 9ish. Perfect schedule for me.
  12. Confessions of a Car Salesman

    Very interesting read. Nothing earth-shattering but a good reminder that buying a new car just sucks. This piece will remind you not to be a sucker too!
  13. passion of the cristal

    He may have connections but hopefully he'll get exactly what his holier than thou drunk self deserves.
  14. some people dont mind

    Disgraceful opportunistic scumbags. I hate paying $3.25 for a gallon of gas. Talk about price gouging.
  15. I may have bought my last box

    And then there is my 3 year old son who won't poop on the toilet because he's scared. Today, however, he actually ran around the house naked all day and pooped once in the toilet....woo hoo....and once on the kitchen floor. He actually tried to hold that one in with his hand. Delightful. My stay-at-home-mom wife was just thrilled to clean that one up. Disgusting little guy.