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  1. I had never heard of them either, until a stray Blue Tick pup wander into my life. He's bout 3 years old now and that dog was born to run, and hunt. Already this summer he has brought me three rabbits. I hope Vick gets whats comming to him.
  2. You don't even need tickets to go to a Bengals' training camp practice. Admisson is free to anyone who shows up.
  3. The Huddle

    I couldn't agree more! You have to use every weapon at your disposal and the Huddle is my seceret weapon. As fas as I know only one other owner in my local uses the Huddle and I hope he doesn't tell everyone about it. Sorry DMD, thats propably not so good for your sales, but the compitions is tough enough as it is.
  4. Anybody else having trouble logging in?

    I didn't have any problems this year, but I did last year. The problem was that I was entering my email address wrong. The email adress is case sensitve, just like the password. If you capatized the first letter of your email addy when you registers, you must enter it that when you log in. Hope this helps!
  5. I paid for another year of the Huddle today. It was the best $22 I spent all month! It got me thinking about how long I've been a member. I'm trying to figure out when I first joined. I know that I registered for the message boards on 8/3/2003, but I lurked around for at least a year before I registered. I'm still a lurker, I visit these boards at least once a week, but I don't post very often. When I first came to the Huddle it was a free site. It was free for the first year or two that I was here. Can someone tell what year it became a pay site?
  6. Animal mascotts

    The Bengals use to have a white Bengal Tiger at there home games. He was on loan from the Cincinnati Zoo. I think his name was Benji. I haven't seen him in a few years.
  7. Who knew?

    I missed the piece today, but I've seen the story at least twice this season. Once on the NFL network, and once in the New York Times (on line). Of course I'm an Alter High School grad, so I was probably paying more attention.
  8. CBS Probs ..10 teams or 12 Teams...

    I'm in a 10 and a 12 team league. I've had trouble on both all year, but none today.......so far.
  9. ARI, BAL, PHI, DAL, CHI, DEN Week 7 Jacksonville I got a bad feeling about this week too. If the Jags go down, they're going to take alot of us with them.
  10. ARI, BAL, PHI, DAL, CHI Week 6 Denver

    Thanks for the reminder!
  12. matt jones owners

    Nope. He's on the bench for now. I replaced him with Issac Bruce. But I'll be wtching the injury report on Sunday morning.