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  1. I guess the only question is this.... The processing of the waivers is delayed, but the deadline to submit waivers remains the same, correct? If you waivers typically run at 7 PM Central (on Wed), they'll run a few hours later. But, I'm assuming the deadline for submissions remains the same?
  2. Interested in trading Brown while you can still get something for him?

  3. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I think most of you are missing Chief Dick's point..... His original question had nothing to do with Vick's guilt or character. From a fantasy football perspective, I would probably spend one of my last 2-3 picks on him IF the situation was right. For example, in a 12-team league, if I happened to be one of the last owners to draft a backup QB, and wasn't too excited about my options, I would possibly grab Vick as a 3rd QB. If my #1 were to get hurt, and #2 was very weak, and Vick ended up playing for part of the year, it could turn out to be a good value pick. I agree also that Vick has historically been overrated as an NFL QB. As a fantasy QB, however, the numbers don't lie. He has been a relatively productive (top 10-15) QB regularly. And, in certain matchups, he has produced RB-like rushing yards and TD's, so you're bound to get at least one of those "monster" games from him if he plays. All I am trying to say is that, IF he plays, I would rather have him as my 3rd option than to count on TD passes next year from guys like Losman, Quinn, and Russell. In deep leagues where rosters are 16 players or more, you're not going to find anything on the waiver wire at the QB position, so having a 3rd QB, even if he is a huge risk, is paramount.
  4. The British Open

    For my fantasy golf league, we pick six guys each week. I went with: Woods - No brainer. Els - Solid Sunday last week and has been in/near the top 20 regularly at pretty much every Open venue, including '99. Furyk - Playing well lately. Would have won in '99 by two strokes had he shot par on Thursday instead of something like eight over. Cabrera - Played well in past British opens (top ten last year), and obviously can handle the pressure of a major. Poulter - Playing as well as any European in the field the last 2-3 months. Many say he is "due." Verplank - Much like Els and Goosen, has a very solid history of making cuts at this tournament, and also finished well in '99. Rose was my next choice and the odd man out. Hard to finish top-ten in three straight majors unless you're Tiger or Els/Goosen a couple of years ago. Others I was considering, but crossed off my list: Goosen, Kelly, Choi, Appleby, and Garcia. Never really considered Phil, as he has only really contended in the Open once. After round 1, I am hoping I won't regret not picking Garcia, but still pretty confident that he won't be able to hold it together for four days. I still like Woods, obviously, but am also very high on Furyk and Cabrera after day one. My other three picks all need to shoot par or better Friday to have a decent shot. If there was one pick I could take back at this point, it would be to take Choi. I wasn't too sure about his ability to play in poor weather, and that still may prove to be a problem. If he contends this weekend, though, he may have an outside chance at player of the year, especially if he can win at least one more time.
  5. Bay Area League

    I just joined league #8, but I may still be interested. Live in Fairfield and have no auction leagues so far...... PM me in a few weeks if you're short an owner. Otherwise, if you find 12 without me, no problem. Not sure how much longer I'll be in this area, anyway..... Probably two years, minimum. After that, strong possibility I'll be heading for SoCal.
  6. Borat on DVD

    Of course, an hour after I make this post, I drive by a Blockbuster and see signs all over the windows advertising that the "Unrated" version of "Hannibal Rising" is now available. I guess they must offer some Unrated flicks.....
  7. Borat on DVD

    It might have something to do with Blockbuster. I don't think they offer the NR versions of any movie, unlike Netflix. I just watched Borat through Netflix two weeks ago, and I think it had everything included.
  8. Anyone gots a movie recommendation?

    Saw Mr. Brooks (Costner, D. Moore, D. Cook, W. Hurt). Pretty entertaining. I would recommend it. I don't think it's going to win any awards (although I thought the William Hurt character was great), but it was definitely worth the $6 I paid for the matinee showing. A couple of parts were kind of lame, but overall, it was pretty good.
  9. 32 year ago...

  10. Chili

    I can't stress enough how good the cubed tri-tip was in the chili that I made. Best I have tried yet. If you haven't tried it, by all means, give it a shot.
  11. 32 year ago...

  12. 32 year ago...

    That made me laugh.
  13. New Huddle Game

    If it was me, it would have been Inga Hammond.
  14. 32 year ago...

    OK, this is kind of funny. I'm 32 today. While typing the topic to this post, I actually had to google the word "presence" to make sure I spelled it correctly, because I am pretty messed up right now. I have been working 3rd shift for the past 9 months, and I typically go golfing with some of the guys who work for me at least once a week after work. Well, today, we decided to play 18 holes, starting at about 11:30 AM, and we finished our last drink in the clubhouse after the round at about 6 PM. It is now 8:45, and I have been up for about 20+ hours, and drinking for about 9-10 of them. One thing I found somewhat strange today as I pondered my 32 years of existence..... I hired someone today who was born in 1988..... I can remember 1988!!!!!!!! In fact, I remember 1987, as that was the year that the Twins won their first World Series against St. Louis. I never fathomed that 32 would feel so OLD!!!!! Speaking of the Twins, they are in Oakland this weekend, so I have asked my wife for one simple birthday present.... A weekend that includes at least one baseball game (since MN is only out here about once or twice a year) and a round of golf. She is in grad school and I work about 60 hours a week, so with my crazy hours, we see literally about 5 hours of each other in a typical week. So, I am really looking forward to spending this weekend doing three of my favorite things.....playing golf, watching baseball, and spending time with the woman I love. Cheers. And here's to hoping that you guys all have as much fun this weekend as I do.