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  1. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    I thought I heard that they were getting rid of that rule, as well as the 7-inning double-headers? Don't really care for either one, as they completely change the way teams have to manage/strategize. If it's not broke, don't fix it. If games are too long, there are better ways to shorten them, IMO.
  2. Sean Payton, done as Saints' HC?

    Heard a rumor on NFL radio yesterday that he may be Joe Buck's new sidekick, with Aikman moving on to join Al Michaels.
  3. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Not projecting anything. Simply pointing out that a lot of people seem to think that's the case (outside of here). And, based on the comments, it sounds like some (here) agree. I disagree. Pretty simple.
  4. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Really? I would bet that a lot of people responding in this thread disagree, based on their comments. If that's not enough, check out Twitter. There are a bunch of knuckleheads (Greg Olsen, Saquan Barkley, and thousands more) saying that the game was 100% decided by the coin toss. That's simply not true.
  5. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    For what it's worth, I wanted BUF to pull it off I put a lot (too many) of my playoff eggs in that basket. Had Allen advanced, I would be sitting in a pretty nice spot in a couple of major playoff contests. As it is, I'm hoping to stay high enough to win my money back, or maybe a little more. Hedged my Derrick Henry bet by doing a smaller one with AJ Brown. Wishing I would have hedged my Allen bet with Mahomes, but I was all in on Allen.
  6. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    You could be right. So, maybe make the "no tie" rule a thing. If Team A kicks a FG, Team B has to go for the TD. If Team A scores a TD, Team B must go for two. Of course, people would still be crying that it's not fair.
  7. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Meh. It's like the old boxing/MMA adage "Don't leave it up to the judges." In football, don't let it go to OT. Again, I don't disagree that the rule could be better. But, it's light years better than before. And, the bigger piece, in my opinion, is that BUF screwed themselves. Was the coin toss a factor? Sure. But, not the biggest factor, and not even close. They had a play where all they had to do was tackle a guy in bounds, and KC is forced to use their last timeout and ultimately throw a hail mary. They had another play where they just needed to limit KC to 15 yards or less. Failed miserably at both. Once those happened, all bets are off. It's the equivalent of having a four-point lead in hoops, fouling a three-point shooter to allow the opposing team to tie the game, going to OT, then blaming the refs for losing the game. You blew it. The rest is all minor details.
  8. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    And in the regular season, it's a whopping 52%. Sounds like some playoff teams need to step up their game. Bottom line... No matter what they change it to (or don't), people are going to cry that it's not fair. It's a sign of the times we are in. I agree that the rule could be improved. But, on the list of the top ten things wrong with the NFL right now, I'm not even sure it's on there. And, I'm amazed that this is the topic of discussion, and not the fact that BUF gave up a FG in a situation where it's next to impossible for the opposing team to get that yardage. It was almost as if BUF was trying to get to OT, even though they had the lead. Side note... Anybody think it was weird that TEN seemed content with playing for OT, with almost two minutes on the clock (right before the tipped INT)? I don't know if they literally had that little faith in Tannehill, or what. But, I've honestly never seen a team so adverse to going into a two-minute drill, in a situation where a FG likely wins the game. Talk about giving the game away.... As great as this weekend's games were, it also felt like three of the four teams did exactly that (TEN, GB, and BUF). Great football. Sure. Great coaching? Not so much.
  9. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Really!?!? Well, in that case….. 😂
  10. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    I think the rule is fine for the regular season. Like I said earlier, when was the last time there was a major complaint about it? 3-4 years ago? That said, I would be fine with playing a full quarter in the playoffs. Or this…. “Both teams get the ball. If fg after 1st possession, other team has to score td. If 1st possession leads to td, other team has to go for 2 to win. No ties allowed.” My brother just texted me that. Not terrible.
  11. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Absolutely. I’d have far more sympathy if they hadn’t given up a tying FG in 12 seconds. They had the game in their grasp, and gave it away, basically.
  12. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    If the NFL just had proper overtime rules…..
  13. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    I think I spent too much time at the DMV today. 😩
  14. Do NFL OT rules need to be changed?

    Several people have said as much, or that verbatim.