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  1. 5 rookie QB's starting week 3

    You didn't ask for one.
  2. 5 rookie QB's starting week 3

    Probably 0-5, but possibly 1-4.
  3. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Oh, OK. So maybe the second paragraph is talking worldwide numbers. I didn't catch that (it doesn't say it, and everything else in the post refers to numbers in the US). That makes more sense.
  4. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Something doesn't add up here.
  5. Are the Panthers a top Defense?

    Yeah, I'm in one where every move is $5. I typically spend more than most people, and typically go through at least 3-4 defenses each season, if not more. But, I'm of the mindset that you "have to spend $$ to win $$." Some guys are so cheap, I don't think they would make a move unless they had to. In that format, I think CAR is a great #2 option. Still too early to tell if they're a legit top 10-12 defense, in my opinion. If you waited and grabbed them several rounds later than where the top defenses were going, that's probably great value. But, I'd still want a pretty solid DEF #2 if they're my top option.
  6. Are the Panthers a top Defense?

    All I'm saying is that it's a bit early to be calling them a top 3 or top 5 defense. They haven't played anybody. A rookie QB and a guy whose middle name might as well be "interception." Do I think their defense is good? Yes, I think they've drafted well, and are on their way to being pretty solid. Would I want to start them every week? Hell no. I don't even think they're a must hold. In other words, on weeks where I'm not starting them (I count at least four before Week 10... DAL, ARI, MIN, and ATL on the road), I'm probably not holding them (and carrying two defenses) unless roster size makes it fairly easy to do so. In today's NFL, there are too many good offenses, as well as too many pretty bad teams, to just stick with the same defense all season. All of that said, there are several factors that weigh into streaming defenses. Cost, roster/bench size, scoring, etc.
  7. Are the Panthers a top Defense?

    I would call them an "up and coming" defense, with the potential of finishing in the top ten this year, maybe even higher. Let's not forget that they played the Jets in Week 1, and seeing Winston fall back to earth in Week 2 was pretty predictable. They still have to play TB twice this year, not to mention road games at DAL, ARI, BUF, and NO. If they get through those and are still top-five, I'll be legitimately impressed.
  8. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    I think we may need to revisit the definition of a "bold" prediction versus simply a prediction.
  9. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    Just the fact that you called the Raiders winning is enough to give you props in my book. Nope. Brutal. Overall, not bad, but how is the last one a bold prediction? I'm not even sure the Rodgers one is very bold... that sounds about average for him against DET.
  10. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    I have no problem with the rule, but the interpretation has been brutal so far. It's supposed to be a taunting penalty, not a celebration penalty. I've seen too many times already where a player is penalized for shouting, flexing, or whatever, even though it didn't appear that they did so in the direction of anybody in particular. That's not taunting. Lame.
  11. Who's gonna be the MVP?

    If I had to guess, I'd put my $$ on Brady. The Raiders look good, but a lot of that has to do with the defense (and particularly the D-Line) playing well. Carr isn't going to likely put up the gaudy numbers needed for MVP. He'll get some consideration (if things continue as they've started), but I can't see him winning it unless something crazy happens. Murray is fun to watch, but ARI should have lost that game, if not for a missed chip shot FG by MIN. He also had two bad INT"s. Against good defenses, those mistakes will likely add up and cost him. I can see him winning it, however. I just think, if things go as I think they will, he'll probably finish a close second (or maybe even 3rd) behind Brady. It's way too early to count out the likes of Rodgers, Mahomes, Wilson, and Allen. My darkhorse pick is Stafford. Edit: Forgot about Russell.
  12. Week 2 Chat

    Vikings say "hold my beer."
  13. Week 2 Chat

    This Eagles WR group is going to be fun to watch. The 91-yard bomb from Hurts to Watkins from their own end zone was a thing of beauty. That said, watching several teams botch 4th down tries and/or goal to go plays is almost painful. At one point, IND was 0 for 7 on goal to go, with two turnovers. Philly not much better.
  14. Waiver wire . Week two

    I think it's all of the above. Mitchell's job to lose (for this week), Sermon has a great chance at getting the job long-term, but nobody really knows because it's San Francisco. Frankly, I'm not even sure there is such a thing as "lead" back in SF. They tend to throw multiple backs at their opponent every week. Statistically, there really hasn't been a "lead" back in SF since the end of the 2019-20 season, when Mostert made his epic playoff run. Never said I thought Sermon would be inactive in Week 2. I only said "if he plays" because he has yet to play a down in the NFL, so I'm not assuming he will, either. I also forgot that Wilson was out, so looking at the numbers... yeah, it's likely Sermon suits up. Am I surprised that people are spending 80-90% of their budget on Mitchell? I suppose, and I certainly wouldn't. But, at the same time, if you really need a RB, he might be worth the risk. Best case, he's this year's James Robinson. Worst case, he's not. But, you don't win at this hobby by not taking chances.
  15. Waiver wire . Week two

    A source? No. It's pretty simple. If he was ready to be the lead back (like most speculate he will eventually be), whether or not he can play special teams would be irrelevant. The fact that special teams was a factor tells me that he's probably no higher than #3 on the RB totem pole. All I'm saying is that it's unlikely that he goes from "healthy scratch" to top RB in SF in one week. So, yeah, if I'm picking between the two, in terms of who to put in my lineup, I'm choosing Mitchell over Sermon, and it's not even close. If Sermon plays this week, maybe that changes. But, until he does, there's no way I start him, or even consider it. Starting a RB who has never played an NFL down usually doesn't end well.