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  1. Divisional Round games chat

    Can you sustain a concussion without a blow to the head? Seriously. I mean, I know it sometimes doesn't take much (doesn't have to be a super hard blow), but the hardest thing that his head hit on that play was his facemask hitting the ball. I still think he might have gotten choked out, so to speak. Either way, same end result (wobbly legs and eyes all crazy), but a strange play nonetheless.
  2. Divisional Round games chat

    Bizarre play. Looked like he had a concussion, by the way he wobbled getting up (not to mention the dazed look in his eyes). But, in looking at the replay, there really was no blow to the head. Almost looked like he got choked out, the way the defender had his neck pushed forward. If it truly was just a leg injury, I can't imagine he won't be back, based on the way he jogged off the field. I assumed he was leaving to go through concussion protocol.
  3. Wildcard games chat

    It does seem high, but then you think about the possible scenarios that could go down. This game could end up 31-27, or it could end up 42-14. I think the former is more likely than the latter, but it's really hard to say. Will CLE have a letdown after such a monumental win last week? Will KC come out flat after basically two weeks off (and they didn't play great the two weeks before that, at least on offense)? Only time will tell, and I can't wait to see what happens. As much as I'd like to think that I have these games figured out, I know from experience that that's probably not the case. Somebody is going to surprise us this weekend. Will it be CLE? Or the Rams? Will the BAL defense, which may be the best defense in football right now, shut down a BUF offense that needs a huge game from Josh Allen to move on? I don't want to call BUF a one-dimensional offense, because Allen is so dangerous with his feet, but let's face it.... I don't think anybody expects Singletary to do much on the ground. He's gotten three carries a game the past two weeks. As for the last game, is there any merit to the idea that it's hard to beat a divisional opponent three times? What if NOS is simply better than TB? I heard yesterday that, of the 70+ times where two teams meet for a third time in a season (in the playoffs, obviously), the NO-TB point difference in their first two meetings is the greatest of all of those 70+ matchups. That's pretty crazy, but not surprising when you really think about it. TB got handled easily in Week 1, and completely smoked in their second matchup. I expect it to be closer this time, but I'm still leaning Saints.
  4. Wildcard games chat

    Yeah, that's a lot of points.
  5. Wildcard games chat

    I agree. It's around KC -10 and they (KC) have not been good against the spread. I think KC wins, but if I had to guess, I think it's within a TD.
  6. Wildcard games chat

    Yeah, I'm not saying I expect either underdog to win. I'd love to see that happen (especially the Rams), but I'm just hoping for entertaining games. Keep it close. If they play well, I think they both can do so.
  7. Wildcard games chat

    The football bettor/contest player in me is hoping for a chalk championship weekend (GB/NO and KC/BUF), as I am heavily invested in those teams making it. That said, all bets/contests aside, the football fan in me is truly hoping that the Rams and Browns absolutely bring it this weekend. If they do, I think they can both give GB and KC some trouble, respectively. If not, and either of them suffers a bit of a letdown, they could get blown out, which would be a shame.
  8. Playoff Contest

    Looks like 64 scored points in the first game, and if I'm reading the live scoring correctly (*), another 14 set a lineup. *I say that only because some of the zero-scoring teams have a "(F)" next to it, which I'm thinking means no lineup submitted. Teams from last year that aren't playing, some that never bothered accepting the invitation (or couldn't figure out how to log in/set a lineup), etc. There were about 14 that did not have that designation, which I'm thinking are teams that DID set a lineup (but didn't have any BUF/IND players). With the bump in entry from $20 to $25, that should push the total payout to close to 2K, and about $300-400 more than last year (even with slightly less entries). I'll have a more firm number tomorrow.
  9. Playoff Contest

    This one is a bit more old-school, and I've been running it with the same set of rules for nearly 20 years. It started with 8 guys on an Excel spreadsheet, and has grown to 70+ participants (we've actually been stuck on 71 for THREE years in a row). Top five scoring teams (over the course of the 4-week NFL playoffs) get paid, as well as the high scoring team each week (and a small bonus to the single-week highest score overall). PM me OR post in this thread if you would like an invite, or need more information, have questions, etc. Here are the details: - Scoring uses the "keep it simple" approach. No PPR. Yardage and TD's, baby. - No defense or flex. Start a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, a TE, and a kicker. - This contest is a "one and done" format. You use a player ONCE during the entire NFL playoffs. This is key when choosing your weekly lineup. - Cost is $20. Everything is paid out to the winners....MFL is free and nothing is withheld. - Lineups are hidden until kickoff (player-specific), so you can not see others' lineups until each game has started. Here is a breakdown of payouts, based on last year's 71 participants: 1st - 500 "units" 2nd - 250 3rd - 150 4th - 100 5th - 70 Weekly: Week 18 (Wild Card) - 75 Week 19 (Divisional) - 75 Week 20 (Conference) - 75 Week 21 (Super Bowl) - 75 Single-Week Bonus - 50 (in addition to the 75 for winning that week, obviously) 1420 total in payouts (71 x 20)
  10. *** SPIT Tournament is starting ***

    Yeah, I couldn't remember. I was thinking lineups used to be hidden (partially), but couldn't recall when it changed. It's definitely fun either way, but I'm not sure why you would not hide lineups when that option is available.
  11. *** SPIT Tournament is starting ***

    Hmmmm.... Don't recall being able to see all lineups in the past. Not the players who are actively playing, but the ones who haven't kicked off yet. Not sure I like that.

    AFC Team AQB: KC-Patrick Mahomes ARB1: BUF-Devin Singletary ARB2: BUF-Zack Moss ARB3: KC-Darrel Williams ATE: KC-Travis Kelce AWR1: KC-Tyreek Hill AWR2: PIT-Diontae Johnson AWR3: KC-Mecole Hardman AWR4: BUF-Gabriel Davis APK: BUF-Tyler Bass ADEF: PIT-Steelers NFC Team NQB: GB-Aaron Rodgers NRB1: NO-Alvin Kamara NRB2: NO-Latavius Murray NRB3: GB-AJ Dillon NTE: GB-Robert Tonyan NWR1: GB-Davante Adams NWR2: NO-Emmanuel Sanders NWR3: GB-Marquez Valdes-Scantling NWR4: NO-Marquez Callaway NPK: NO-Wil Lutz NDEF: GB-Packers Tiebreaker #1 - 143 Tiebreaker #2 - 49
  13. Playoff Contest

    Last call!
  14. Playoff Contest

  15. Playoff Contest

    Invite sent. 👍
  16. Playoff Contest

    Bump.... A little over 72 hours until kickoff.
  17. Jets

    I know that this wasn't directed at me, and I can't speak for others, but that was never my argument. Even after Saturday night's game (in which the OSU defense made Lawrence look pretty mediocre, while Fields looked very much like the better QB of the two), I would say that either team (JAC or NYJ) would take Lawrence #1 if given the opportunity. One game isn't a good measurement of an athlete's potential (scouts/GM's are going to look at the entire body of work). My point is simply that I don't think the Jets have done themselves some huge disservice by winning their past two games. They're still in a great position, and no, they aren't kicking themselves for losing the #1 pick. And, more importantly, they can have a very successful draft this year, whether they take a QB at #2 or not.
  18. Playoff Contest

    Invite sent.
  19. Agree with both of these. The rest of the league thought the season was over. That's not a loophole, that's just a rule that needs to be more clear/specific. Clearly define when waivers end. Secondly, you can set up the rules however you want, but in my experience, the league is going to be more enjoyable if players keep their keeper status when dropped.
  20. Playoff Contest

    What's your preferred email address? PM it to me if you don't want to post it here.
  21. Playoff Contest

    Bump. Last year we had 82 participants, and paid out $1640, including $550 to first place. In total, nine people were paid (top five plus each week's high score). This year, with the entry bumping up to $25, we could surpass a total payout of $2K. Nothing withheld... every dime goes to the winners. And, for anyone wondering what the difference is, between Irish's contest and mine, there are a couple of differences. Mine is one-and-done (once you pick a player, you can not use them again in the playoffs). His you can pick the same lineup every week (in theory, assuming those players were to advance). Also, mine has no defense, no flex, and no PPR... old school scoring of yardage and TD's. PM me or post here if you want in.
  22. Jets

    Which no owner in NFL history has done. Ever. I rest my case. 🤦🏼‍♂️