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  1. Philly TE situation

    Hmmmm.... I know Goedert is eligible to return, but I've also read that he hasn't been "cleared" to practice. I'd be surprised if he plays tomorrow.
  2. Arizona vs Dallas (MNF)

    D sucks. O-Line is a mess. If those two things weren’t the case, they’d probably be fine with Dalton. But, combine all three, and it’s going to be a tough road. Luckily for them, 6-10 might win the division.
  3. Week 5 chat

    I don't understand handing it off to Mattison on 4th and a foot. Run a QB sneak, and it's game over. If you don't have faith in Cousins getting you a foot (or maybe less?), put Thielen under center and have him do it. As soon as they ran that play (and failed), I knew they were done. Even on 4th and goal, after three consecutive incompletions by Wilson, I was pretty confident they were done. Unbelievable. Should they have kicked the FG? Meh. In hindsight, sure, it's easy to second-guess. But, again, you needed literally inches to finish the game. I would argue that the chance of missing that FG is about as high as the chance of not converting a QB sneak. Wrong play call, IMO. Side note.... Last night was a perfect example of how much home field advantage has been mitigated by the lack of fans. It's also the main reason why scoring is up across the board. Defenses have lost their 12th man. Minnesota has brought much better teams to Seattle, and gotten blown out. Last night, they brought a lesser product, and almost came away with the win. Biggest difference was that it was like playing a scrimmage on a neutral field. Play that game in a full stadium, and the probably lose by 20+. Zimmer certainly had a solid game-plan, at least for the first half. But, even when it was 13-0 at halftime, I was thinking that they probably needed to be up 17 or 21. Less than two TD's wasn't going to cut it.
  4. scoring correction

    It's not always 17 yards. Usually, but can sometimes be 18. Depends on the kicker, depends on the length of the attempt, etc. Longer kicks sometimes require a lower trajectory, therefore the distance the holder sets up from the line of scrimmage may be longer (to decrease the chance that it's blocked). My guess is that it was kicked from (or closer to) the 30, not the 29.
  5. scoring correction

    It’s where it’s kicked from that matters, not where they snapped it.
  6. Week 5 chat

    Alex Smith in the game for WAS. What a story. The only downside is that the stadium isn't full to give him the standing ovation he deserves.
  7. RB handcuff rankings

    In that order. Maybe flip 2 and 3. It’s close. That said, Johnson could outperform the rest over the next three weeks. But, as stated above, his shelf life is limited.
  8. Cam Newton out with COVID

    Likely moved to a MNF double-header.
  9. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    Pretty sad when you breathe a sigh of relief because Darnold is back in the game. But Flacco looks totally disinterested. Like he would gladly take a knee for the next 3 1/2 quarters just to get out of there.
  10. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    God, the Jets are simply not a smart football team. Already multiple bone-headed plays/penalties. Brutal.
  11. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    Screw it, I’m bored. Need something to pull for in this train wreck of a game. Picked up Gore in a league where I had Henry. Starting him over Kelly. Started Crowder over Gage in one league, and over Aiyuk in another. Starting Tim Patrick in another over E Sanders. Let’s go!!!
  12. I did. And there's nothing wrong with any of it. I'm just saying that I disagree about it being too late for decisions. I'd rather make decisions as needed than make a bunch of changes that may or may not be needed.
  13. Not a surprise at all. But, I've seen a lot of unnecessary rule changes, particularly in dynasty leagues, for things that may or may not happen. Adding extra blind bidding $$. Adding extra waivers runs. Posting secondary/contingency lineups. Extended taxi squads. Extending roster declarations into mid-season. I'm in four dynasty leagues, and we've needed none of that so far. But, had we added those things, I think it would have done more harm than good. Even with what's going on this week, with TEN-PIT, none of those drastic changes are really needed. Short of making IR more flexible (as well as reactivating IR players), we're running with the same rules we always have. If shlt really hits the fan, then sure.... we'll talk about adding a second waivers run later in the week. I don't see us needing to do much else. Let's face it... If we get to the point where multiple NFL games are being cancelled last-minute, the season is probably going to be a bust, at least in terms of FF, and most likely in terms of "real" football as well. If that happens, so be it.
  14. Depends on the decision being made, but I don't think so. It's a completely fluid situation.
  15. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    Well, that sucks, but at least we are finding out now (before TNF, etc.) rather than Saturday or Sunday. I believe they can still shuffle Weeks 7 and 8 (involving BAL's bye week and their matchup with PIT) and still make it all work without having to do anything really crazy. I guess we will have to just wait and see. Ugh.... Big Ben in a couple of leagues (one of which I have to cut somebody to pick up another QB, due to extremely tight rosters/bench space), Henry in a couple, Juju, Jonnu, Davis, not to mention the defensive guys I'll be missing. I have TEN LB's and PIT DB's in almost every IDP league I'm in. At least I won't be missing A.J. Brown, who I have in about half of my leagues (well, at least not any more than I have been missing him for the past couple of weeks). The war of FF attrition has truly begun.....
  16. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    Yeah, I suppose. We could also manually input the pts for those teams/players, if that's the case. Would be a PITA, obviously.
  17. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    I think they have to, no? What's the alternative? Have it count towards Week 5?
  18. Week 3 chat

    I've got a few... Russell Gage, Mike Davis, Corey Davis, etc. But, the one that probably stands out would be Mo Alie-Cox in two leagues.
  19. Who is GB’s WR2

    Rodgers seems to trust Lazard more, but can't help himself when MVS is wide open. MIN was brutal last week.... MVS could have easily gone for 6-175-3 if not for the drops. The best analogy I can think of is basketball. Lazard is the more reliable go-to guy. But, when your 4th or 5th scoring option is wide open time after time, sooner or later somebody is going to throw him the ball. MVS is that guy.... drained a wide open three-pointer, but missed a couple of layups as well. Those misses don't hurt in a blowout, but if he continues to botch layups, Rodgers is going to look elsewhere.
  20. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    I'm moving this week... Text me if I'm up, please. # on MFL. Edit: I set up the notifications on MFL. If I happen to miss it (and am OTC for a bit), feel free to send me a text.
  21. Fantasy this year

    I'm actually the opposite. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught me, regarding sports, it's that I don't really miss them all that much. I did at first (probably because everything shut down at such an exciting time... NCAA tourney in hoops, Players Championship in golf), but as the past 4+ months have progressed, I have missed it less and less. Haven't watched a single minute of NBA or MLB (although I would certainly watch the Twins if it were on local TV), and I'm finding myself more and more indifferent about whether or not the NFL happens. Which is funny, because I'm still (reluctantly) committed to more than a half-dozen leagues. I know that I'll get more into it if and when the season gets underway, but right now, I don't really find myself caring whether they play or not. I have played more golf in the past 4 months than any period of time in the past 20+ years, though. Even more cool than that is that my 8YO son has gotten the bug.... he's gone from having very little interest to asking me almost daily if we can go play. I've also been binge-watching a butt-load of TV, through Hulu, Netflix, and Prime.
  22. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    Yeah, it's not like Brown's career started to derail with him being cut by NE. It started well before that... while he was still in PIT, actually. Think about it... he was BY FAR the best at his position in the entire league, and PIT wanted nothing to do with him. That tells me all I need to know. He then signs with OAK (a team who DESPERATELY need WR help at the time), and they quickly come to the same conclusion. He's a cancer. Then, NE says what the heck, we need a WR, let's give him a shot, and all is well in the world. For about two weeks. Strike three. Brown is lucky he's not in jail for almost killing people in that furniture off the balcony episode. He needs professional help.
  23. Sure, if he hadn't lost his mind, he'd probably still be #1. That's a big IF, though. It wasn't just one event. He destroyed his relationship with PIT, refused to play in OAK, and has since had numerous situations pop up that involve criminal charges. Luke Keuchly might still be one of the best LB's in the league. But, if somebody asks me to make a list of my top 5 currently, I'm not putting him on it.
  24. Another way of looking at it... the designation of "NFL's best WR" implies that the player is going to play again (active/current). I give him a less than 50% chance of ever taking another NFL snap, personally. In fact, I'd say it's far more likely that he spends significant time behind bars than plays in the NFL again.
  25. If your argument is that he's the best WR of the past decade, I'm right there with you. But, I think the topic is CURRENT best WR. Hard to argue that a guy who is a year removed from playing competitive football, not to mention has apparently completely lost his mind/is a complete headcase, still holds that status, regardless of what he did before. I suppose anybody could argue that he has a spot in the top 10, top 5, or whatever. But, as long as he's away (and not likely to play any time soon, given all of the factors involved), I almost think a better designation for him in this conversation is simply "not applicable."