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  1. Do I start F Taylor this week or Jericho Cotchery?

    I really like Cotchery this week. Go with him.
  2. favre or garcia?

    Tough one.... I'd go with Favre simply because he's playing at home.
  3. WDIS - Help Help Help!

    I don't like your lineup. I would bench Favre for Romo. I don't think you should play both Cowboys RBs. That's putting a lot of eggs in one basket. Pick one. And go with Chester Taylor. He's going to play and play well. I would bench Glenn for Roy Williams. Kitna will find him this weekend.
  4. ROUND 2

    Yep, looks good ! Good luck.
  5. Which QB/RB?

    Kitna, Chester, Tiki
  6. WDIS S. Morris or MJ DRew?

    MJD..... Morris could have been a 1 week wonder
  7. WDIS at QB

    Eli Garcia will come back to earth this weekend.
  8. wdis

    I'd go with Taylor if he's playing. Coach Childress is always committed to running the ball which gives him the bigger upside.
  9. Edge vs Denver or McGahee vs Miami?

    I'd start Willis. He's been playing well lately despite the injury.
  10. WDIS at QB

    I'd go with Kitna vs Packers. Giants will smoke the Eagles. Garcia has only played 6 quarters of good football. Too risky.
  11. WDIS at QB

    Don't over-mange. Go with Romo who's been the better QB.
  12. WDIS @ QB?

    I like Vick with the scoring system.
  13. WDIS - Pick 1 RB

    Parker, hands down
  14. Nice Problem to have

    LJ & Rudi