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  1. Any word on Foster?

    Haven't heard anything official yet about Foster, but even if he does play, I'd still go w/ Williams. Skins D is not good right now, and Williams will play well, even if Foster gets some carries.
  2. rb question

    As of now, it appears Foster is still a game-time decision. If he doesn't play, Williams for sure...
  3. Anybody in DENVER know whats Up with the RBs

    ESPN says Tatum is starting, although didn't mention anything about Mike..... Coles or Moss... both tough... I'd say Coles, if it weren't for the bad weather, so I say flip a coin.
  4. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    ESPN, who I guess has to be reliable, just said Tatum Bell was starting. Didn't mention anything about Mike, though, at all... so .....
  5. I'm starting him in two leagues. Aside from not having any other options, really, slop doesn't affect running games as much as passing. If anything, you know they're going to be running, especially against a terrible Jets run Def...
  6. Mike Bell to be inactive?

    I know I can't stay away. I'm playing the best team in my league, and can start in my flex - M. Bell or D. Henderson (since horn it out...) At least their both late games, so I'm staying tuned... This truly frustrating...
  7. Anybody in DENVER know whats Up with the RBs

    M Bell injured? Did you read that somewhere, it isn't anywhere???
  8. Team Defense Rankings

    Many thanks, sir!
  9. Team Defense Rankings

    On the Game/Player Predictions each Wednesday, at the bottom of each team's section, there is a chart that says what the team ranks for scoring in a position, fantasy wise, and how the opponent ranks in allowing fantasy points against each position. I like this... Is there somewhere on the site (can't find it yet...) that just lists each team like this, so you can look at all these rankings, for all teams, at one time? Let me know if I'm unclear about what I'm asking... Thanks for any help!
  10. RB Choice......

    Since all are iffy, just stick w/ Mike Bell. He'll still be worth something, even w/ Tatum. He'll be this year's Mike Anderson, (or so I mightily hope...)
  11. Did Anyone Remind Their Wife?

    My wife is amused by it all... she loves to hear a 12:48 pm call on Sunday from my buddy, in another leauge, who has the same guy as me... The machine picks up by accident, but I get in time to talk, she hears the whole thing... "Dude, what's the word on Alexander? I hear he's hurt, but will still play?? You starting him???" And then I offer my advice, so and so forth for 10 minutes... I come upstairs for one more beer before the games starts, and she's just smiling... thinking I'm "cute," like when I was a kid... It could definitely be worse - I know a guy who has to buy his wife a one hour massage every year on draft day, just so she won't bug him! That's crap... My wife is very cool about it all... no need to argue about it, she know's what's up...
  12. Huddle Schedule Released

    Cheezhed, that's a fantastic avatar... oh yeah, I was saying, "YEAH, fantasy season!!!!"""
  13. Ronnie Brown or Steven Jackson

    It is humorous that I've seen six different posts on this, but none the matter... it is a very popular topic, one I pondered over myself last weekend in the 4th spot of my draft... I took Brown, and am not looking back. He's healthy, on a good team, the coaches know him, and has NOBODY to take any carries from him. He won't even share his potato chips, let alone any carries.... Unless he gets injured, I don't see how he won't be a top 10 back, even a top 5. I know he hasn't "carried a full load," but that just means he's fresher, b/c the kid can definitely run the rock...
  14. Do people think Randy Moss will screw us again?

    I gotta say, from a similar vantage point - a guy who does more reading than posting... If a guy breaks a four-year silence to post the virtues of Randy Moss, I'm gonna listen, and maybe move him up a spot or two in my rankings. The Dude has good points. I was contemplaing taking Randy with the 2.08, and if he's there, I just might roll the dice...
  15. Need League name

    Necessary Fingers Visions of Randiness or Crusty Orafice