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  1. I have a new fav Beer

    Had it several times ... Good stuff!
  2. Eagles Carnival & Auction

    Me and Mrs. Nogo would probably be up for a get together - Pm me and let me know if things get organized or we can just do it in this thread. Always looking forward to meeting fellow Huddlers!
  3. Wine decanting?

    For all those fellow vino-experts ... I have a fairly nice collection of fine wines and usually when I open up a bottle, I let it breathe for a least one hour. I have a decantor, but rarely use it. Is is best to decant fine wines or only if there is a sediment problem? If it is best to decant, how long for the wine to truly open up? TIA - I'm hoping on popping open something with steaks this weekend.
  4. What Housing Bubble?

    Same here in Eastern PA - I deal with alot of different type of contractors and only ones working in the public sector (schools, WWTP, etc) are keeping somewhat busy. The residnetial contractors are sitting on a lot of inventory and it's only going to get worse before it gets better here. Time to thin the competition.
  5. Are You Armed

    .22 for picking squirrels off the bird feeder Couple of 12 Ga won at various DU events Several collectibles and 9 mm Walther PPK for my James Bond imitation in case someone does break-in
  6. Anyone ever been to Stuttgart?

    Neuschwanstein Castle If it's close enough - check it out!
  7. Now thats a beautiful Bird !

    I can remember when I started hawkwatching back in the early 80's at Hawk Mtn Sanctuary and it was always a special treat when one of these big boys would fly by - an average season would only total approx. 20 BE's. Now since 2000, we average over 200 per season and have been on the lookout for several double digit eagle days!

    Belated Happy B-day!
  9. How do ya mix

    Standard hi-ball glass, four ice cubes, Beefeater or Brokers gin until the ice cubes float, squeeze in a wedge of lime, and add tonic to fill the glass. Yes, I am a creature of habit!
  10. Just for clarification ... is hanger steak the same as skirt steak? I've had skirt steak and it's one of my favs ... now I guess I'll have to try and find hanger steak. But this past weekend, I had an outstanding bone-in ribeye (delmonico) and Bobby Flays at the Borgata in AC.
  11. any great wines for 50 bucks?

    2 buck chuck x 24 bottles should be just about right!
  12. chowdah

    NE is the only way to go
  13. white vs red

    Red sauce for pizza
  14. clam sauce

    White for me please!