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  1. Cats cut Key

    how about the Titans making a run at Keysh?
  2. Russell or Quinn?

    while my league's scoring system puts more emphasis on qb's, i'd like to focus the discussion the value of quinn vs. russell after today's dealings by oakland, i'm really liking what the raiders are doing - getting rid of the cancer that is moss and getting a potential stud rb in bush. russell is looking more apealing.
  3. Russell or Quinn?

    now that we know their situations, who's going be the better FF QB? quinn certainly has the better OL around him, and with edwards and winslow, he has a couple of decent weapons. russell has a good WR corps, regardless of what happens to moss, some bright young coaches to bring him along, but a horrible OL (which may not matter if he doesn't play much this year) i'm really up in the air on this, but as I have the first 2 picks in my dynasty rookie draft (taking CJ with one of them), i need to make a decision.
  4. FF with your kid?

    my oldest isn't even 8 yet, so i'm looking far into the future agreed that you can't push if the interest is there, i will certainly nurture it!
  5. FF with your kid?

    Anyone grooming his child to take over his franchise at some point? I've got three kids - all young. The youngest is my son, Cal. My girls have no interest in sports. While it wouldn't be for some time, I would love to educate Cal about FF and one day either have him in a league with dad, or, better yet, take over the dynasty team that I've owned for more than a decade. Anyone have some family FF stories to share?
  6. would like it to be in the $100-$200/year range please respond to my note or PM me if you're aware of something thanks
  7. Quinn vs. Brohm vs. Russell

    i've created a monster! if russell goes #1 and joe thomas #2, cleveland will be under a lot of pressure to take quinn gotta say, quinn with braylon and winslow would be pretty nice in a couple of years
  8. Quinn vs. Brohm vs. Russell

    One could argue that both the Raiders and the Lions (esp the Raiders) could use a franchise QB. Anyone have a take on how to rank these guys and why? Seems like we could draw some comparisons to last year, when we were looking at Young, Leinart and Cutler. This year, Quinn is certainly the name brand, with the blueblood background (ND, Weiss). Russell seems to be the athletic freak with virtually unlimited upside, but probably less polished. Brohm looks to be simply rock solid. I've got the first two picks in my dynasty league rookie draft, and I'll probably take one of these QB's and the best PP (probably Calvin Johnson) on the board.
  9. LOL @ this mock draft

    this one might be more realistic:
  10. love to the Huddle

    just won my dynasty league for the third time - no one else has won more than once don't know where i'd be without the Huddle and the community full of knowledgable players thanks, and we'll see you in the summer
  11. is Holt hurt?

    thanks i need a holt TD!
  12. is Holt hurt?

    1 catch for 13 yards?!?!?!? he's KILLING me
  13. Need help at flex for the big game

    go with tatum and henry buffalo can certainly be had on the ground
  14. 2nd WR Help

    i like hackett hass likes him, jax is out, and seattle will have a tough time running
  15. which TE?

    tough call, as davis will be more of a target with that punk wr suspended but, i would go with crumpler, who could grab 2 td's today