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  1. I Need The Wisdom of The Huddle

    Depending upon what you are doing and your local building codes, you may have no choice but to hire an architecht or engineer. If you are doing something that is nonprescriptive to the building code, it usually will need to be sealed by a design professional. Again, it depends upon the codes where you are located. I have at least one person a week call and ask us to seal a plan that a draftsman prepared because they can't obtain a building permit with it. I would suggest that you check with the code officials in your municipality before you get started.
  2. The SURGE

    634 American soldiers have died in Iraq so far this year. But since Mr. Totten didn't see any of them, this is good news? Look H8, I would like nothing more then to hear good news from Iraq. Honest, good news. It would make me very happy if the tribes stopped fighting and the horde of terrorists that flocked there picked up and left. But you know what? It ain't happening. It's called reality. Take a dose and check back in here on Friday.
  3. The SURGE

    So, H8 stole it from that class act? Wow, nice company that you keep there H8.
  4. UAW vs. Japan

    Did the union workers design and market those crappy cars? I don't think so.
  5. Treated lumber

    I would leave the deck and move the trailer.;
  6. Treated lumber

    I would let it dry for a month or so, and then apply a stain. Presure treated may last 20 years without anything done to it, but it will check, crack, warp and look like arse if you don't.
  7. Report: Decision to Cut Vick due This Week

    I would like to see this happen. Not so sure that it will, but I'd like to see it.
  8. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Az, I can't provide a link, as I'm not sure how many websites are dedicated to broken sewer lines, but I have seen at least 3 myself in the last few years. Most recent one was a septic system at a golf course, under the first tee box of all places. I don't know what the guy running the truck was thinking, but he blew out four perfectly good end caps. A little more information would be helpful. Was the line PVC, transite, cast iron?
  9. Hate our Iraqi cuase?

    How cute. The little Bush lemmings are all in a nice straight line. Marching over the tundra right into the ocean. I'll be at the shore for the next week or so. I'll ask my son to look for your heads when he's digging in the sand.
  10. My chocolate lab eats like a friggin horse. I'm thinking about starting a breeding program and holding dog hot dog eating contests. I will name my operation bad chews kennel. I will invent a "gorge stand", which will hold the critters in place while I shove chocolate rice krispie treats down their throats to condition them. Anyone want to buy a piece of the action at the ground level? This could be hugh. I will be the most exciting playa in the doggie game.
  11. War on Terror Not Working...

    And H8 has a question that he can not answer....
  12. dow 14000

    Thank you Nancy.
  13. John Edwards new invention

    He invented the English tabloid newspaper.
  14. Bumper sticker...

    sure zippy. home for the mentally challenged make it big bills, 'cause it's hard, hard work being here.
  15. Bumper sticker...

    Well, then get off bush's sack, bring the troops home and station them at the borders.
  16. Are You Armed

    I own guns for hunting. I don't really consider them to be for self defense.
  17. Bumper sticker...

    Some of us really would like to spend our defense dollars on securing our borders and preventing them from setting up shop here. Why don't you agree with that?
  18. Incomeptence Magnet

    You sir, are ahead of the curve for next year.
  19. NCEES how I dispise you

    Yo no hablo espanol
  20. NCEES how I dispise you

    And the capper, I believe that all states have reciprocity agreements with the exception of Florida, California and maybe New Jersey. Excellent news BJ. Now go demand a raise from bully boss.
  21. Man Charged with Murder

    Stop. You're making a good case for the anti-gun people. I like my guns. You've already killed online poker, leave the guns alone.
  22. Miller Chill

    A friend brought over a sixer of this yesterday. Drank it while mowing the lawn. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.
  23. Man Charged with Murder

    So, should we be able to shoot shop lifters as well?
  24. Immigration Bill

    They clean bait tanks?
  25. Immigration Bill

    Have you turned them in to INS?