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  1. NBA offer to take the heat off the Vick situation

    Man, Crawford is a real good call here. The refs haven't been the best the past few seasons, but Crawford has been atrocious, not to mention a ginormous prick.
  2. A non Vick thread

    This is a decent receiving corp, definitely an upgrade from last year. Throw in Vernon Davis and they've got some legit threats in the passing game, IMO.
  3. talking about mug shots--look at this one

    Looks like she got hit on the side of the face with a frying pan.
  4. Dateline NBC

    Dateline: Perv Patrol?
  5. Skylive5 busted [with mug shot]

    Isn't that the guy from Metallica's "Unforgiven" video? Good to see he's out and about.
  6. On a lighter side

    Got mine yesterday. No trophy though.
  7. Another parent of the year candidate

    If you can bleed........
  8. Minor league ball

    We're getting a team here next year, and our firm is getting season tickets. I'm pumped.
  9. My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy,,,a little to much!

    +1 If you have a pet rabbit, I'd put it in the witness relocation program.
  10. the wii

    We love ours, and you can also download old NES, Super NES and Genesis game onto it, which is pretty sweet.
  11. Transformers!

    That's hot
  12. Kid sucked into drainage pipe in wading pool

    + 1,000,000
  13. What are YOU doing for the 4th?

    Tonight a bunch of us are going to one of my buddies for a big catfish fry and lots of beer. We'll probably play washers and baggo and shoot some fireworks for the kids when it's dark. Tomorrow I'm chillin' by the pool and waiting for my daughter's bedroom furniture to be delivered.