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  1. Missed opportunity for a DRY HANDS Commerical

    missed opportunity for an ad for the Camera LensWiper5000 by Ronco
  2. Marty MUST go!

    I feel sorry for Marty. Part of me hoped this would be his year. (Well, once the Broncos were out of it.) Maybe he's to blame for the loss but I think the replay challenged was a good call. It was obviously not going to overturn the play and that timeout was important -- but I think he needed to give the defense a chance to get a grip. So they got a little time to settle down. Didn't help in the end of course. Go Saints!
  3. Darrent Williams, Denver CB

    Very sad news. He was one of our best players and also one of the most well-liked by players and fans. He had an infectious enthusiasm for football and life. Here's another story. Javon Walker was the other Bronco in the limo: 9News
  4. Mustard?

    I thought this thread was going to be about Broncos TE Chad Mustard.
  5. Draft order

    We changed from random order to a weighted random order using a chit system. Each team gets a certain number of chits based on their finish the previous year. The #1 finisher gets one chit, the #2 finisher gets two, the #3 three, and so on. Then we throw all the chits in a hat and pick the draft order one chit at a time. So the #1 finisher still has a chance to get the first pick but a reduced chance. Plus many chit jokes.
  6. Chicago Homers

    Benson is definitely a bust today...
  7. Ronnie Brown - need some good news

    The good news is that you now know not to waste a roster slot on him this week. Unlike past weeks where hope & necessity forced you to play him and he didn't do jack.
  8. Foster OUT, D.Williams to start

    I hear ya. Conservative play-calling just drives me crazy. (PTSD from years of Dan Reeves.) Like that last drive which ended with another Goings run on 3rd and 14. I think Fox is trying to kill me.
  9. Foster OUT, D.Williams to start

    Nevertheless, he is Nick Goings. He's the guy who runs the ball when your starting RB & your backup RB are hurt. He is the scrappy white guy and that's great but it's 3rd and 9! Already a low % play to run on 3rd and 9 and you're going to put it in his hands? Not Steve Smith, not Keyshawn, not DeAngelo, at best your 4th best player? Some of these teams are just setting themselves up to fail. Disclaimer: I'm not watching the game. I'm "watching" it & others on yahoo gamechannel.
  10. Foster OUT, D.Williams to start

    3rd and 9 and CAR hands off to Nick Goings. NICK GOINGS. I know, 3rd down back, catch the D off guard etc. but c'mon now. CAR wants to win the game, right? Is that a safe assumption?
  11. Sorry if this has been discussed in one of the various Tiki threads, but what do people think will be the impact of the Tiki news on Jacobs this year? Might Jacobs see more carries as a bit of a test run -- to see whether the Giants do need to think about bringing in someone like Turner or not? Or might Tiki get more carries than he would have otherwise in an effort to help him go out with a bang?
  12. speaking of uniforms...

    what a bunch of fantasy football dorks, talking about spamshirts... that being said, I wear an old orange Terrell Davis jersey
  13. Tapes from night of foley shooting

    Isn't there plenty of stupid to go around in this incident? Why must it be either all Foley's fault or all the cop's fault? Both made mistakes. The most important fact I see is that Foley did not believe this guy was a police officer. And I can't blame Foley for not wanting to stop for some bozo who pulls up next to him at a light, claims he's a police officer, and tells him to pull over. If you listen to the police audio, one of the dispatchers even says to another dispatcher that she would not stop in that situation. But Foley did pull over -- and apparently decided the guy was full of it and went on his way. The officer did call for backup several times but for some reason none arrived until about five minutes too late. Why? Given the time and distance of the pursuit, can you blame Foley for having even more doubt when, by the time they reached his house, no "real" cops had yet shown up? I don't think the officer was being malicious. He was just inexperienced, the situation got out of control and he got no help. Intense sequence from the audio: Lieutenant at Station: Yes, who's this? Sheriff at the Scene: Dave Myers. Lieutenant: Dave Myers, how the hell are you, sir? What's going on out there? Sheriff: Got an off-duty Coronado PD officer who's just shot a Charger linebacker. Lieutenant: [deep breath] Okay. What's your command post? [big sigh]
  14. Tiki injured?

    from KFFL via Yahoo:
  15. why I hate cbs sportsline

    this is a new update on cbs sportsline for Ronnie Brown: "R. Brown to lose carries? "Ronnie Brown, RB MIA "News: According to the Palm Beach Post, Dolphins head coach Nick Saban said running back Lee Suggs is ready to assume the role that Ricky Williams had last year as Ronnie Brown's backup, that is, to be the featured back about every third series. "It's been a complete turnaround," said Suggs, who played only on special teams in the opener. "I don't know how much of the playbook I know, but I know 100 percent of the game plan and that's all that matters right now." "Analysis: Suggs said the extra time after the opener has helped him adjust. He had only three days of practice before making his Dolphins debut. We aren't ready to recommend Suggs as a viable Fantasy option, but he's worth taking a flier on in larger formats. Monitor his progress in Week 2 before considering him for Week 3 vs. Tennessee. As for Brown, much of his boosted Fantasy value this year was due to the fact he was no longer going to share carries with Williams. By no means do we expect Suggs to make that much of an impact to Brown's value." Even if the 'news' is true the 'analysis' makes the whole update self-contradictory. If Lee Suggs assumes the Ricky Williams role than it would certainly impact Brown's value! Here's a Palm Beach Post article that addresses Suggs/Brown but in which Saban indicates a much more modest relief role for Suggs. Anyone see the alleged Saban quote anywhere?