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  1. I play in a deep Dynasty League where there are limits as to how many players you can drop or pick up during the season, so take this for what it's worth. This year, the key was to have depth through diversification across teams. In year's past, you could afford to "handcuff" a player in case one of your key starters got injured. In the age of COVID-19, where un-infected players can literally be left on the tarmac due to "close contact" with someone who tested positive, the handcuff strategy was a liability. And, that made me go back and look at previous the previous 20 seasons and the conclusion I came to is that "handcuff" picks are largely wasted picks - in both dynasty and redraft leagues.
  2. The way I understand it, if the team suspends a player the player can appeal the suspension. And if the player appeals the suspension, it goes to an arbitrator. And if it goes to an arbitrator, the arbitrator would likely overturn the suspension since Vick hasn't been convicted of any crime. So I guess Goodell wanted to spare us all that whole process. That's why he told the Falcons not to suspend him.
  3. Michael Vick's career

    That 99% number came out of someone's a$$. The DOJ put the conviction rate at 90% (of which 96% pled guilty or no contest) for 2004, the most recent year for which data is available, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. However, the DOJ has an obvious incentive to inflate that number, as do defense attorneys. Independent studies put the conviction rate in the 65% to 80% range. And, according to those studies, 20%-25% of those convicted serve no jail time but instead face fines, probation, or both. The odds are against him, but a lot of the "evidence" in that indictment looked like witness testimony from some shady guys who are trying to save their own butts. I don't think it would be too tough for a defense attorney to call their character into question. The physical evidence is damaging, but not impossible to dispute. I'll stick with my original prediction.
  4. If you were Arthur Blank

    He still owns a boatload of stock however, so his fortunes are still very much tied to HD and how the company performs. If I was in Blank's shoes, unfortunately, I'd have no choice but to go into full damage-control mode. He has to try to get the most out of the investment he made in Vick. Unless Vick is totally innocent of all charges, I'd encourage him to plea guilty to a lesser crime such as cruelty to animals or something like that. Tell him to be contrite, apologize, say he's a changed man, have his photo taken being nice to some animals...all that happy horseSega!. I'd say that the Falcons do not condone his actions, but that the legal system has run it's course, he has paid his debt to society, we stand behind our players.....yada, yada, yada. Then I'd make him my starting quarterback and hope for the best.
  5. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Maybe the NFL will delay the start of the season until Vick is ready to play. I mean, is it even worth having a season without the league's most exciting player?
  6. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Maybe for the Mean Machine.
  7. Michael Vick's career

    It's not that funny. He might be innocent. C'mon, who among us hasn't had an illegal dog fighting ring run on our property without our knowledge or consent? I'm sure it happens all the time.
  8. Michael Vick's career

    I'll go with "b". I'm sure he doesn't want to go to trial and have any more damaging evidence made public. Certainly, the NFL and the Falcons don't want him going to trial. He'll cop a plea to a lesser charge, do no prison time, pay a fine, probation, community service, do some charity work for some animal rights group, claim he's a changed man and be done with it. I'll say he gets a four to eight game suspension by the NFL depending on exactly what he admits to.
  9. Saints Logo

    Interesting. I never looked at it that closely. I always thought it was a half-peeled banana.
  10. Best athlete - NO Number

    Bruce Jenner.
  11. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    I agree with Hugh One.
  12. Farve more than just unhappy

    Favre is fat and can't play anymore.
  13. Pacman to Sue NFL

    If I was Pacman, I'd have one of my homeboys take some little kid who can't swim and chuck him into a pool. Then, I'd just "happen" to be passing by, and I'd jump in and save the kid. That's good PR. Oh...wait...I guess Drew Rosenhaus already tried that one.
  14. Dude! I left my stash in that locker!
  15. Enough with all the optimism...

    Rovers, you're a funny little fella. And I do mean little. What has your blind optimism gotten you in the last 38 years? Nothing. Once the ball is kicked off the tee, I'm as big a Jets fan as anyone. I'm ten times the fan as your sorry ass. Here's your analysis: "I've never seen Bender, but I read about him on and they said he's a good prospect". Do me a favor: Save that bullSega! for people who don't know football. You have no right to question me as a fan, you koolaid drinking idiot. I said i think the Jets first two picks were excellent. I said I think they are heading in the right direction. I said I think they will win a chapionship in 2009-10. How much more optimistic do you want me to get? So bite me.
  16. Buh Bye Keyshawn

    Obviously someone on that team has a bigger mouth than Keyshawn.
  17. Have you seen the Brady Quinn exposed pictures

    I sense a Mike Piazza-like "I'm not gay" press conference in Quinn's future....followed by the inevitable marraige to the hot Playboy bunny....the clearly forced attempts to not look gay....
  18. Have you seen the Brady Quinn exposed pictures

    I'm glad the Jets didn't draft that momofektard.
  19. Buh Bye Keyshawn

    Interesting. How can you cut a guy on May 1st and make him a "post June 1st cut"? In any case, I'd welcome him back to the Jets.
  20. Enough with all the optimism...

    This is comical. Carriker had 52 tackles last year in 14 games, an average of 3.7 per game. He nearly doubled that per game average against Bender, despite spending much of the game on the bench. Nebraska beat Nicholls State 56-7. It was 28-0 at halftime, 42-0 midway through the third quarter. Carriker had 6 tackles in the game. He barely played in the second half. When he was in there, he ate Bender's lunch. Bender is "a project" at best. That said, I like the Jets' first two picks - Revis and Harris. Thomas Jones was a great trade. I'd like to see Keyshawn come back to NY. But - tougher schedule this year and Pats are better. Teams with good but new coaches often take a step back in the second year of the coach's regime. First year is come in, kick butt, get everyone focused. Second year is often spent trying to get the right peices in the right places. That's kind of how I see this season for the Jets. Plus, Chad's still fragile and Marques Tuiasosopo doesn't do much for me. I'll say 6-10 this year. Playoffs are out of the question by mid-November. AFC Championship game in 2008-09 season, Superbowl Championship in 2009-10.
  21. Buh Bye Keyshawn

    What an idiotic move by Carolina. Pay a guy a $3 million roster bonus, then cut him. It'll be a long time before this team is competitive again.
  22. Bly wants out of Denver

    In my IDP league a couple of years ago an owner started Dre Bly and Ty Law in the same game, thereby setting a league record for "fewest letters in the combined first and last names of starting CBs" (11). A record I don't think will soon be broken.
  23. tj to the jets

    Nice thing about this deal, in my opinion, is that the pick the Jets gave up wasn't even their own pick originally - it was the Redskins. If you'll recall, they traded down in the second round last year and got the Skins 2nd rounder this year. The Jets ended up picking Kellen Clemens with the late 2nd rounder last year (yeah, I know they had to jockey around some more after the trade with Washington, but still). Then they trade the Skins 2007 pick for Thomas Jones. So, essentially, they traded a 2006 2nd round pick for Clemens ( a decent QB prospect) and Jones (a better than average RB). And, they still have 4 picks in the first 3 rounds this year. That's not a bad series of transactions in my opinion. Mangini and Tannenbaum might just know what they're doing. Hopefully, it will translate to success on the field this year given what is sure to be a much tougher schedule and higher expectations for the Jets.
  24. The question is football performances, moran. Like Timmy Smith's 204, 2 TDs out of nowhere in Supe XXII.