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  1. Is this fair? I currently have Branch and with Green going down was looking for a replacement. One of the guys in my league is desperate for a WR and he is currently sitting on McNabb and Culpepper. Would I be giving up too little for Hasslebeck.
  2. R Brown or A Johnson

    I would go with Johnson.
  3. WDIS Thread

    Walker and Carr
  4. Make sure I'm not crazy here...

    I would go with the lineup that you have.
  5. How does this team look?

    You're sitting pretty good.
  6. Drop Branch for Year?

    I've got him too and can't decide on whether to hold on to him in case he goes to another team or just dump him for some immediate help.
  7. Joe Horn or Greg Jennings

    Definitely Horn.
  8. Grilling Burgers

    Country Bob's sauce worcestshire egg bread crumbs fresh garlic sometimes bacon bits onion salt crushed red pepper
  9. Branch done deal

    I'd feel pretty good about having Chad Jackson too!!
  10. Recycled Thread

    I would like to see Carson Palmer at the helm of the Skins.
  11. I have 4th pick tonight, Barber or SJax?

    I'm in the same dilemma and can't decide between Barber or Brown. I just have a bad feeling about Tiki especially since he is lobbying for Jacobs to get more carries this year. Also watching Jacobs run one in from about the 3 or 4 yard line the other night was a little disheartening.
  12. WDIS WR

    Reggie Wayne as the Colts come back to life against the hapless Brown D. Please see mine. Thanks.
  13. Taylor vs. Davis

    If it's a keeper league I think I would rather have Davis. Please see mine. Thanks!
  14. Need Trade Advice

    This is a high risk high reward thing. If Ricky comes back and can be Ricky then your golden since you're really not losing much in the receiving department also having Moss and Holt. Do it. Please see mine. Thanks!