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  1. Which would be comparable to the Huddle.
  2. QB for the championship

    Lamar or Hurts? I like the Hurts matchup, but Lamar got me here.
  3. Oakland's DB's will cause problems for Bulger, Peyton will have his way with Cincy's secondary.
  4. Cutler or Garcia

    Am I nuts or what-I got the sudden urge to start Cutler over Garcia. Performance league with bonus points for TD passes over 40 yards. Please advise.
  5. J. Lewis VS M. Barber III

    Hope I am not too late, but word here in Baltimore is that Jamal has severe throat problem- he missed a scheduled talk show and may be a late scratch for tomorrows game.
  6. Romo, Vick or Kitna - Pick 2

    I got the the same three QB's on one of my teams- I will start Vick- 7 TD's in two games can't be ignored. My second choice would be Kitna.
  7. Bart Scott insinuates Bush injury intentional

    Waaah, it's footall and if you wanna take cheap shots you gotta expect a payback. Hope Bush learned a lesson.
  8. Raven homers

    I take some of that action- get me down for a sixpack. You guys are over rated.
  9. Tjones for TJHoush

    No he doesn't have Benson- and there isn't anything worthwhile on waivers.
  10. Tjones for TJHoush

    I am in a 10 team performance league. We drafted early and I took DDavis (DOH). I have been offered Jones for Housh. My other RB's LT Gore Addai Morency My other WR's RMoss Roy Williams Lee Evans Braylon Edwards Michael Clayton Need help asap, because I would start Jones against the Pack.
  11. Huddlers in comcast service area's...

    On comcast in Baltimore County it airs at 7pm on channel 7 on Saturday.
  12. Jamal Lewis bone spur

    We had high hopes for Boller evolving into a decent passing QB. After his disappointing PS- looks like we are back to a conservative , grind it out offense. My guess is that they don't want to risk injury to Jamal- because he will be carrying the O here again this year.
  13. Decision Hangs in the Balance

    Heap was Boller's favorite and most reliable receiver until he got hurt. This year we have great expectations for Mark Clayton and DMason. Boller has been trying to hit 6-6 Moore in the red zone. Also we are concerned about Heap's durability. IMO keep Palmer and Burress and look for Witten later in the draft.