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  1. Alan Faneca

    The Steelers should have installed turnstiles at the line of scrimmage - they may have held up better to the onslaught of rushers.
  2. Alan Faneca

    I would get used to more of this. edit to add: Is this the guy that you're talking about? Shouldn't he be on his feet blocking someone?
  3. Steeler Nation

    If I lived in Pittsburgh, I'd want to travel too.
  4. Supplemental Draft

    Per John Clayton, ESPN: . The San Diego Chargers selected Georgia cornerback Paul Oliver in the fourth round of Thursday's supplemental draft, one of two players selected from a pool of 11 available. In doing so, the Chargers will give up a fourth-round choice in next year's draft. Oliver, who left Georgia early because of grade problems, was expected to be one of the top corners in the 2008 draft. His recent 40 time in the high 4.5s may have scared away a couple of teams, but the Chargers were looking for depth at the cornerback position. Starting cornerback Drayton Florence is a free agent after this season. Oliver would have the chance to learn cornerback and maybe help in the nickel pass defense over the next couple of years. The Chargers liked the player skills. They recently did a background check and liked what they learned. The Baltimore Ravens selected Maryland tackle Jared Gaither in the fifth-round of the supplemental draft. The Ravens worked him out right before the draft. They liked his size and speed. He's close to 6 feet, 9 inches and 325 pounds. He ran well at a workout Tuesday, timing around 5 seconds. Meanwhile, Mark Washington, a versatile defensive end/linebacker from Texas State, agreed to a two-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers after being bypassed in the supplemental draft. Washington ran in the 4.6-second range in the 40-yard dash during workouts in front of NFL teams, but he was a little slower Tuesday when he worked out. Because Washington weighed in the 250-pound range, teams had to decide if they wanted him at defensive end or linebacker. The 49ers wanted him at linebacker and believe he has the ability and size to challenge for a position as a strong-side outside linebacker. Senior writer John Clayton covers the NFL for
  5. nice pup

    That's one big frog.
  6. chris farley lives

  7. I'll stick with my CBS Sportsline rankings. They seem to have the inside scoop.
  8. Buying a new car

    The dealer will typically make "holdback" of $700-$1000 on an in-stock unit but the salesman usually only gets paid on a percent of the "profit" over invoice. So if you pay $100 over invoice, the salesman may make $25-$35 and the dealer will make an additional $700-$1000. But he also has to pay for advertising, utilities, salaries, etc. Dealers aren't getting rich by selling a car for $100 over invoice. FYI.
  9. Myrtle Beach Golf

    Sandpiper Bay is beautiful and less expensive than all of the premier courses.
  10. Buying a new car

    As an employee in the Automobile Industry, might I suggest that you pay whatever they tell you to pay and not make such a ruckus about it. I'm sure that they will look out for your best interests.
  11. Cool places to hold your Draft

    We're doing it in Atlantic City this year. Team owners from New York, Philly, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh will venture to the Borgata for a solid draft weekend.
  12. I'm going to play Oakmont.

    I played Bulle Rock today. That's the course that the wimmens just finished their major on. Brutal rough, brutal slice. 94.
  13. I Might Be Moving

    company car?
  14. NFL Ticket

    They should pay you $224 to watch the Redskins.