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  1. Will Reggie Bush be fined

    Bush paid his penalty in the game outcome. If anything, his act raised the already high motivation level of the Bears defense through the roof. They didn't like getting shown up in their own house. At all.
  2. Saints vs. Bears

    Congratulations to the Bears on advancing their fine season to the Super Bowl. They are an excellent team. Early in the season, when their defense was at full strength and Grossman wasn't turning the ball over, the defense WAS outstanding. Even when they were dealing with injuries and the consequences of "Evil Rex" they were always at least very good. Toss in a solid running game and excellent special teams and you have, on balance, an excellent team. Grossman is their Achilles' heel, but he has played more carefully in the playoffs. Frankly, he reminds me a bit of a young Terry Bradshaw. We'll see if he matures into the kind of QB Bradshaw was in his prime. I'm happy to see Urlacher and Manning make it to the Super Bowl while they are still in their good years. It should be a great matchup.
  3. NY Giants - Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread

    Going backwards. What, 1st and 30 and needing some yardage to get back in FG range?
  4. Will Carroll

    Carroll's work as a baseball injury analyst has been pretty good, but the quality and consistency just don't seem to be there for his football reporting. This doesn't really surprise me as the two key qualities as a sports injury reporter are knowing the medical/training field and developing a network of good sources on every team. Carroll has a good medhead background, but injuries vary some by sport and I'd imagine it's demanding enough to develop a good set of sources for one pro sport, let alone two. Hopefully, this doesn't stretch him too thin and reduce the quality of his reporting in baseball.
  5. DeMeco Ryans

    Yes, Ryans has been great to own this season. Now in the top five in my IDP league's format. And the information offered here was decisive in my picking him up as a FA before the season when I revamped my roster.
  6. Bears vs Giants

    G-men D doing a great job at going for the strip!
  7. OSU and Michigan sloppy today.

    Illinois has fielded a very good defensive unit this season. If they can build on that success and if the offensive side of the ball begins to improve for them, they could actually be a decent team next season.
  8. Romo to start in Dallas

    I underestimated Romo. I still think he will make plenty of poor decisions, like almost all QB's in their first extended experience. However, his mobility makes a big difference in that Dallas can release the TE from pass protection more often, his roll-outs keep the DL from just pinning their ears back and meeting at the center of the pocket, and he can sometimes pick up a few yards on his own if the receivers are covered.
  9. who was on your bench this week?

    Ahman Green. Chester Taylor better do well tomorrow!
  10. Kitna: where's the love

    I ended up with Kitna in all five leagues. In my local, he's number 2 behind Vick. Plays when I don't like Vick's matchup against a team that can contain the run, which isn't often. If Vick goes down to injury, I'm not worried a bit. In a 2 QB league, Kitna and Bulger are my starting tandem. He's my #1 ahead of Carr in another league and my #2 in two leagues behind Eli and Palmer respectively. I was able to wait on Kitna very, very late in all drafts. I opted for Kitna because of Martz, Kitna's experience and past reasonable productivity, and the fact that the Lions would likely be behind in a lot of games and throwing. Kitna's not an above average NFL starting QB, but he is an above average fantasy QB and is under-valued due to his lack of NFL victories.
  11. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    Well, Romo certainly is a genuinely mobile QB and that releases Witten into coverage much more. So, for fantasy purposes Witten looks good if Romo continues to start. However, Romo is still subject to too much pressure due to the poor Dallas pass protection. And when he's under pressure he makes poor decisions. Basically the Cowboys are trading better decision making for mobility. And creating a big QB controversy in the meanwhile. Bottom line, Bledsoe was down 12-7 at the half. Romo is, what down 24-8 in the second half?
  12. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    TD Jacobs. How many guys do you have to get on him to take him down?
  13. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    Leaving the QB controversy aside for the moment, that was an impressive power run by Jacobs.
  14. Giants/Cowboys Game Thread

    Bledsoe made a few errors, which you will see in most QB's in the course of a game when they are under heavy pressure. Now the Romo enthusiasts are getting a dose of reality. Bledsoe is no Peyton Manning, but I think we are about to see that Romo is no Bledsoe. And not in a good way! I am astonished Parcells made this switch in a close divisional game.