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  1. Chester Taylor or Ronnie Brown?

    I'm starting both this week. 2 good matchups. Of course Taylor made the Jets look like they had Minnesota's rush D last week. . . Hope they're both healthy enough to compete.
  2. WDIS at WR

    Jennings assuming Favre is in there.
  3. WDIS - QB, RB, WR, DEF

    Bulger Brown Keyshawn Broncos
  4. Need some help from fellow huddlers

    I agree. I've got all 3 and I'm playing Fred Taylor on Monday but I think Chester is healthier than Brown right now.
  5. Trade: Kevin Jones for Thomas Jones

    I'd keep Kevin. Not only because he's a much better RB than TJ right now but I wouldn't put too much stock in the rankings because it is the end of the season and the FF pts always go to the hungriest.
  6. trying to trade with an idiot

    I wouldn't trade Roy for TJ staight up. Try offering Jones for Alexander and see if he bites.
  7. Cooley or Shockey

    I'd play Shockey but maybe think about benching Eli this week if you have a decent backup.
  8. Brady @ Lambeau or Grossman @ NY Jets Both have something to prove especially Brady. Since they play eachother next week in another big primetime matchup, is it possible the Bears might be looking past the Jets? Or is it a win-win situation?

    This is why you play Vick this week.
  10. Barber or Lundy

    I agree.
  11. Bench Green or Taylor for A-Train?

    I think that's the way to go.
  12. Watching Cowboys @ Arizona didn't need all the shots of Parcells and Denny jiggling on the sidelines. I know it's a little warm for a sweater but how's about a manzeer or sports bra??? Maybe the players would buy into your philosophies a little better if they weren't so distracted everytime you preach. I say make it as mandatory a part of the equipment as the clipboard or giant headset especially for you Jabba the Hut body types coaching in the warm climates.
  13. Various WDIS...

    I agree with this except Clark should get the additional love with Berrian out.
  14. QB Help!

  15. WDIS?

    I'd give a slight nod to McMichael. Harrington looks for him alot. If you had reception points on your scoring it's a no-brainer IMHO.