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  1. Super Bowl Champion Colts

    Dallas 4th has what looks like 4 footballs. Dallas 5th has the start split into 5 and 5 footballs surrounding the star. The best example to support your take and to close this banter is Green Bay. They went from 1968 to 1997 without winning, and when they won their 3rd in 1997, it doesn't call out the 3rd But then again, GB shouldn't and doesn't count their championships in SB wins, as they won plenty before the merger.
  2. Super Bowl Champion Colts

    The only thing I was pointing out is teams typically symbolize the number of SuperBowl wins on the ring. Whether it's a Lombardi trophy (Pats, Steelers most recently) Team logo (Broncos 2nd) In the early days, they used large gems or diamonds (Dallas 1st & 2nd) And in the case of a team moving, the 3rd Championship for the Raiders franchise happened in LA, but the ring symbolized a 3rd SB Win. A ring is just a ring and the record books is where franchise wins are tallied, but the single Lombardi trophy (and the horse shoe) is the first thing that stands out when you look at that ring.
  3. Super Bowl Champion Colts

    I don't want to open the whole Baltimore - Indy thing, but teams signify the amount of SB wins on the ring. Most recently it's been done with Lombardy Trophies: Steelers Patriots Seeing that there is one SB victory symbolized on this ring, are the Colts letting that go? I know a couple replacement trophies have been made for SB V, and one is with the city of Baltimore, but I'm sure the Colts struggled with the design based on the the history. 3 tiers, and the bottom tier is like a class ring? Why even bother, either give the other employees the ring or don't give them the ring!
  4. Low class move?

    Here is what you can do if it's a re-draft league. If an owner leaves, the team/new owner moves to the last spot in the first round (and then follows the standard draft rules for the 12th pick for the rest of the rounds). There is no roster being given to that new owner, so making that team pick last makes it a bit more fair for the other owners, in that you are saying...."you want to join the league, that's fine, but you are picking last". If it's a dynasty or even a 1 or 2 keeper league, it might be harder to put this type of rule in place. The new owner is given a full roster, whether the full team is kept (for a dynasty) or they pick 1 or 2 players to carry over (in a keeper league). They are inheriting a franchise, and I'm not sure if it's fair to move the draft slot for that franchise. It really doesn't help you with what happened last year (guy that won has left, new owner taking that franchise will pick last anyway), but as other people have said in this thread, there is nothing bad about what he did, you just need to deal with it.
  5. Bad news for the Steelers

    The Steelers have been a smartly run organization over the last 20 years. I think there was a recent thread on best salary cap run teams, and Pittsburgh was up there with Philly, New England, etc. They aren't going to change their ways and pay a position more than the value they've put on that position, like some teams have (Buffalo). Faneca sees Dockery getting 7 yrs, $49M and he has a right to want some of that action, but the Steelers aren't the Bills. Look at the Pats, center is a more important position than guard, but they weren't going to pay Woody more than the number they put on that position. They were semi-ridiculed for letting him walk to Detriot, but draft Koppen and he's been stellar.
  6. Miami Dolphins

    Not to mention "you'll be thrilled everytime you watch him as a punt returner cause he's going to be a great returner for us". Uhmm, saying you just used the #9 pick in the draft to pick up a punt returner isn't a real effective way to quell the fears.
  7. Moss goes to Pats

    Moss Salary Update......According to April 29, 2007 Moss contract Randy Moss wasn't kidding about being willing to play for less money. The contract he agreed to with the Patriots reduced his pay for 2007 to $3 million. He was scheduled to earn $9.75 million. Moss can also earn more in incentives.
  8. Moss goes to Pats

    Better fit for his personality, in that you mean disfunctional? What does having "the world in Oakland" mean if Oakland has been one of the worst run franchises in the last 4 years? If you put a disfunctional person in a disfunctional place, odds are he'd be even more disfunctional.
  9. Moss goes to Pats

    I guess you missed the last sentence....."(the Pats) will have the leverage to cut him if he pulls any of the crap he's pulled in the past."
  10. Moss goes to Pats

    Don't turn Oakland's mistake into a Pats mis-step. Oakland gave up a starting LB and the 7th overall pick in the 2005 draft for Moss. The Pats gave up a 4th round pick and will have the leverage to cut him if he pulls any of the crap he's pulled in the past. Just be happy your song came true....
  11. And Bledsoe retires...

    I'm a Pats fan, but I agree that he's a boarderline HOF'er that won't get in. In the late 90's, I'd have the argument all the time with a buddy that was stat crazy. He'd be like "he's thrown for 25,000 yards in his first 6 years, on pace with Marino, 150 TDs, blah blah blah". And I'd be like that's great, he's a numbers machine, but just watch him. He has nearly the same amount of INTs as TDs, he's not a great leader, and he has the knack for coming up empty when you really need him to come up big.
  12. Any update on the release date? Vic Carruci wrote a piece on Friday (4/6) that said when the schedule is released "early next week".
  13. Asante Samuel New Deal or Trade

    I don't think this trade will happen, it really doesn't make sense for the Pats. You lose your best corner just to move up 22 picks by swapping first round picks. The Pats like those middle to late first round picks for salary reasons. I'm not sure what the pay scale is for the first round draft picks, but they wouldn't move up to the top 8 just to move up, they'd do it because a guy they'd love to have is still there.
  14. Whispers

    He's making mental notes about Welker's five-year deal worth $18.1 million? Doesn't he have better things to focus on in the off season?
  15. Asante Samuel New Deal or Trade

    No team will sign him to an offer sheet. If they do, it would cost that team their next 2 #1 draft picks. No player is worth that. The more likely scenario is that he refuses to sign the Franchise Contract, he threatens to hold out, and the Pats work out a trade (could be a 1st rounder, could be a 2nd and 3rd, could be anything). But yes, there is a very good possibility that Samuel will be traded.