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  1. Peyton Manning at the Espys

    The whole bit was an obvious spoof on Peyton's personality. She was pretty darn good, I could call her hot, but not "dreamy".
  2. Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell

    Ever heard of Kevin Durant? How bout "Downtown" Freddie Brown? Dude, you gotta at least have a team in your city to have the privelege of dissing mine.
  3. Trade Steven Jackson?

    NO WAY do I do this move. Jackson and RB "x" will be better than Westbrook and MJD. It is that simple. In fantasy football, even more so in keeper league, you do not trade studs.
  4. Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell

    stay away. I just took Kevin Jones in the 11th round of my local. I like Tatum, but I would much rather have Brandon Jackson.
  5. Lee Evans?

    Yep, I'm gonna stay in wait-and-see mode for a while longer with Evans.
  6. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    No injury concerns?
  7. First pick in rookie dynasty draft

    Which one would you take to start an expansion franchise in a dynasty league?
  8. favorite football announcer

    When Kevin Colaboro does football he is the best. Madden in a landslide. I break out into near-tears laughing about ten times per Madden broadcast. Everybody else is too vanilla to really be liked or disliked.
  9. Future Hall Of Famers

    if you guys are all gonna do your "on pace" prospects, I suppose I'll throw in a few guys with outside shots: Lofa Tatupu Darn, can't think of any others. Julian Peterson is having a nice career but doesn't specialize enough to stand out. Still haven't seen Reggie Williams floated around here. just a thought.
  10. Adrian Peterson vs. Marshawn Lynch

    Peterson reminds me of LT when I watch him. Ridiculous talent. Roll the dice and hope he can stay healthy. The first year or two might be a lil rocky while they figure out their QB situation, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he came out of the gates on fire and doens't cool down anytime soon.
  11. Performance scoring, PPR, +YPCarry bonus There are no restrictions as to how long you can keep a player. Do I go with Peterson or Lynch??? Both are sick. Which one is gonna be the super-stud long-term keeper??
  12. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    Tennessee versus Seattle.
  13. You would figure the fact that he is a TE would help.
  14. MJD

    MJD has played a very minimal amount of games where the defense's entire scheme was built around stopping him. He will face that kind of attention 16 times this year. I don't think it is wise to expect him to repeat last season's TD total. As was hinted before, they don't need to give him the carries that a stud fantasy player would warrant. He is plenty effective without them. Heck, I'm really high on the kid myself (he put up 3 hun on my UW Huskies), and I did select him in the only draft I have done this season where he slid just a bit, but if there had been more money on the line in this league I would have definitely taken someone else.
  15. MJD

    The 200 touches is the exact reason why he isn't a first rounder. You need a significantly higher amount to be taken in that class.