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  1. Who else is 0-2?

    We start 3 RBs, its my keeper, this is the first year I really kind of had expectations for success since I was expanded 4 years ago. Instead, back to an all too familiar 0-2. Starting lineup P. Manning Edge Lamont J. B. Westbrook D. Bennett A. Lelie/C.Chambers LJ Smith Vanderjagt In what is supposed to be a RB dominated league, my RBs have been fantastic. My receivers have been absolutely non-existent and Peyton cost me my last game, even though I was 2nd high scorer on the week.
  2. Rookie WR's

    Yes, Jones at one time lined up at quarterback out of the shotgun and took a power off-tackle to the right. He also did run a reverse, which is the one play in particular where I noticed his speed. It seemed Michael Boulware had an easy angle to knock him out of bounds and all of a sudden he had to drastically change his angle as Jones ran by him to to be able to push Jones out of bounds before he got by him down the sideline. And then you watch the replay again and it still seems like he's running in slow motion except he's just blowin by people. I really can't think of anything I've ever seen quite like it.
  3. The Edge Debate

    In what I believe to be a pretty good move in my keeper league I traded for Edge, after previously trading LT for Manning. I love it. I don't care at all that Peyton gets all the TD's. I'm not going to get greedy and trade for a RB that has the potential to do more for the team he's on. I know that the Colts are going to get 400+ yards and 28+ points on a pretty consistent basis. I plan on getting a touch of 95% of those points thank you very much. WIth a plethora of draft picks I traded for, I was able to draft Vanderjagt earlier than other teams could afford to take a kicker. I'm just gonna sit back and count my cash from these guys.
  4. Mike Anderson?

    Doesn't the fact that Mike Anderson is as tough as he is kind of make you want to think he just may have a HUGE game?? In stints this preseason, he ran like a man absolutely possessed. Could an injury and the fear of losing time to Tatum Bell inspire him to bring every last thing he's got in the tank and brutalize somebody!?!??! I'd have to sit Lamont Jordan to get him in as my #3 RB, but I'm darned well tempted. Here's to hoping I get the Anderson/Jordan battle in my backfield right at least once this year. Last week, of course, i started Anderson over Jordan and lost by much less than the difference. I really wish my team could fire my coach.
  5. Rookie WR's

    You know, I didn't think this guy would be any good, but Matt Jones was very impressive on Sunday vs. my Hawks. He showed the ability to attack the ball with his hands while at the same time keeping them very soft and sure. It was weird watching him run. He looks like he's not going anywhere. He has such long strides that the only way you can tell he's moving incredibly fast is by watching the routes the DB's have to take to catch up to him. His 4.3 looked pretty darn legit. Still, the most impressive positive about his fantasy future is that the Jaguars ran a bunch of gimmick plays designed to get him open in space. The kid is gonna get some chances to make some big plays this season.
  6. Koren Robinson's value?

    Hahahahah!!! I can't believe people would still waste a roster spot on this guy. Would you ever see yourself starting him?? He was handed the #1 job in Seattle, got tons of balls, and still rarely produced. Travis Taylor is supposedly playing well and you know the rookie is going to get playing time as the year progresses. I doubt Koren ever makes it past the #4, but even if he gets to the #2, he STILL won't produce on any kind of a consistent basis. The guy breaks probation, didn't have a good experience in rehab...and now the Vikings throw some more money at him. And its the Vikings. This should be at the least entertaining.
  7. Is Dayne worth a waiver wire pickup?

    Lol how in the heck have you been burned by this guy.......then took him again and got burned again!?!? "many a times"???? Only one really long word I can add of relevance to this post.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!~~
  8. RB

    I mean seriously, I dont usually, but a tiny pat is in order.
  9. I know these guys are pretty bad choices but I've got RB depth and am working on a trade to bring someone in. Any of these guys up for a decent week??
  10. RB

    Steven Jackson and Julius Jones are both going to be HUGE. KJ is a year away. However, Cadillac Williams is about to take the fantasy world by storm. I don't know if I'm gonna put him in my top five quite yet, but if he gets as many catches as I think he can, he will be. He'll be a top 5 pick at this time next year.
  11. Reggie Williams story

    Hahahahaah!! I told all of you guys to just wait!!! Once the dust settles, Roy, Clayton and Fitzgerald will all be disappointments and the one standing on the mountaintop is gonna be "junior T.O."
  12. LaMont Jordan Owners

    My goodness children what have we here??? Evidence was televised, Jordan is a talented guy. I can't come up with an angle that makes his performance on thursday night look like a negative. Average game in his first NFL start against one of the best run defenses in the game. That being said, I don't think he is one of the special running backs whose talent is so great that they can perform well even when the rest of the team is not. Other than the top handful talents (some of them even included), RB stats are predicated on the play of the team, and ebb and flow of each game. -- Lamont will have some games this season where the Raiders defense is so horrible that they have to abandon the run early, even earlier than they did on thursday. What people are forgetting about is the flipside of this. There will also be some games where the Raiders offense explodes early, leaving Jordan owners as potentially HUGE beneficiaries. Solid #2, 3rd round selection.
  13. Tough week here. I'd love to get Lamont going on thursday night but is Mike Anderson too good to pass up in a game they should win??? Performance scoring, points per reception
  14. Brandon Jacobs

    I got a little tip on this guy last year when my buddy told him I had to check him out on NCAA direct pass. My first thought was Ron Dayne. THen I watched some more. Not only does he run with violence, but this guy has an incredible burst, and was running away from DBs who had the angle on him. IMO he is an absolute freak of nature and the next time Tiki misses a game its going to be very hard for him to get consistent carries ever again.
  15. Ricky Williams

    i've actually tried to do a bit of research and all I have come up with so far is this.... Ricky Williams was officially supsended bye the NFL for four games when he filed his unretirement paperwork. The reason the language is confusing is because the suspension doesn't hurt him in any way until week 1. THis does appear to be up to commissioner descretion, but I would have to say that if I was the commissioner, I would declare him suspended when the league handed out the suspension. Right now I consider him suspended.
  16. Willie Parker

    Last year when both Duce and Bus were down, Verron Haynes stepped up and played huge. Parker may get the start, but most of the production, especially in the red zone, will come from Haynes. He catches the ball very well as well.
  17. Stephen Friggin Jackson

    Watching lots of Rams games, I noticed last season that when Jackson was on the field, Martz really fed him the ball. Totally ignored the running game when Faulk was on the field. Jackson is the #2 talent in the league behind LT. He WILL be a top 5 back this year. He is the old Ricky Williams with a little more burst and runs with more violence.
  18. Jimmy Smith

    It's time for Jimmy to step aside for the emergence of "junior T.O."
  19. Frerotte to start for Dolphins...

    Remember when Daunte got hurt and Frerotte came in and just kept throwing it up to Randy?? I'm really hoping he kinda gets that goin with Chambers. I would not be horribly surprised if BOTH of them had very big years.
  20. Best draft pick you've gotten

    I also snagged Mike Anderson in the 14th. However I still believe the one player I got that slid the most was Peyton Manning at 1.6
  21. Kevan Barlow

    Geez, I've really got to go against the norm here. Kevan Barlow is an absolutely worthless pick in a redraft league. A 9th round WR has way more value. That offense is so horrible that I can't even imagine a scenario where I would start Barlow, fearing every game there is a possibilty he gets 30 yards and the offense only gains 100. Goal-line vultures and upside backups have much more value than Barlow.
  22. Vikings Vs Seattle

    Oh no Omare Lowe!!!!!! I hope that last play of the game doesn't get one of my good friends and HS QB cut from the Hawks.
  23. David Boston

    David Boston has never in his life been in a situation where he is the 2nd best deep threat on a team. Booker is too solid for Boston to crack the starting lineup. Boston will make some very big plays and have a big game or two, but its too hard for a #3 to achieve enough consitency to be startable in fantasy leagues (Stokley excluded of course).
  24. Cardinals Win the West?

    Again, are you serious?? THey'll be improved under Denny, and they'll play hard, but they're still the freakin Arizona Cardinals. Actually I thought McCown was turning the corner and gaining confidence, and then they bring in this bum who hasn't done anything since Eddie George was alive. Arrington has looked HORRIBLE this preseason, don't be surprised if Shipp ends the season with more carries. That D plays very hard nosed football, but they still lack a playmaker or two to make enough of a difference to turn these guys into a playoff team.
  25. St. Loius D, are they for real.

    I only really had one thought when reading the title for this post.......Hahahahahha!@!!! Rams and defense??? You've got to be kidding me. Of course they blitz like crazy, they have for years!!! They have no choice thanks to their LOFT problem.