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  1. Big game this week, need a victory to stay in it. Which flex is the best option: Braylon or Ruben Pick you poison with the Atlanta Defense...will they stop the pass, the run or both??
  2. RB Help....WDIS

    Easy call...go with the run oriented offense with a fresh looking Jamal. Stay away from the Shanahanigans in Denver.
  3. Even Trade?

    Tough call...since it leaves you so weak at WR. You are pretty strong at WR, so JJ doesnt' really help you, but McNasty is a huge upgrade at your QB spot. Can you do it without giving Crump or Bryant away? I would do it then, but you are really cutting into your WR corp. Does it have to be done this week? Leinart has some great looking match ups coming. But if you have to win this week, then I say go for it since McNabb will throw for about 300 and at least 2 TD's.

    Starting backs are Rudi and Clinton. Starting WR's: Boldiin and Housh...and thinking Bryant for the 3rd starter. I can go with a 3rb RB (Droughns), a 4th WR, or a second TE (David Martin). Since I am thinking Bryant is a decent play this week against Detroit for the 3rd starting WR, my other options for the FLEX would be Braylon Edwards or Matt Jones. I can go with a Martin as a 2nd TE (we get one point per receptions for TE's only). LJ Smith is my starting TE. So: Martin 2nd TE Droughns: 3rd RB Matt Jones or Braylon Edwards: 4th WR Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Quick help on this fellas if you don't mind
  6. Chris Henry...

    I guess if you have an empty spot on your roster, then grab him, but I wouldn't drop any of your current guys to pick him up.
  7. doesn't get better than that! Housh is a must play, your decision is between Glenn (banged up hand) and Williams. Martz returns to STL for the first time since getting run out of there so he is going to open up the playbook to show them what a mistake it was for them to let him go. Roy is a stud and the game should be pretty close and high scoring. The problem I see with Glenn is: 1. If T.O doesn't play, Pacman Jones blankets Terry all day. 2. This could be a blowout by halftime. A shutout in the making; Parcells runs the ball the entire 2nd half.
  8. Chris Henry...

    If you read his question (duh), it was whether or not he should pick up Kelly Washington and stash him on his bench. NOT if he should get Henry. Since your such a numbers guy...Kelly Washington: 6 catches for 87 yards and one TD. Last week: 0/0/0 with Housh back in the lineup. You do the math.
  9. Menudo's Quick Picks

    Help...who to start for QB this week. Have Vick and Bledsoe and not sure which way to go. Michael looked horrible last week vs. New Orleans but his WR's didn't seem to help him out much. Without his rushing yardage though he is not usually a good play. Bledsoe has a nice matchup vs. TENN, but how much will they have to throw it? Any help is appreciated.
  10. WDIS at WR

    I have Mason as my 3rd...and would start him over Jericho without question. Although San Diego has the #1 rated pass defense...look who they played: Oakland & Tennessee The achilles heel of SD has always been their secondary and that will once again rear it's ugly head this week. Go Mason. Don't get caught up in the Indy/Jets shootout is the same thing they projected for the JAX/INDY game last week.
  11. Chris Henry...

    You are better off picking up a guy like Mark Clayton, TroyBrown, Furrey or Booker than Kelly Washington
  12. Start Housh over FITZ and DJAX?

    Chicago goes down this week to SEA. Without Alexander, they will throw it around a lot and the Bears just don't have enough depth to cover consistent 4WR sets. I love Fitz and would not worry about him either...ATL has only one good corner in Hall and he is questionable anyway. Housh is a STUD, but with CJ and Henry around, who knows. Safest bet in my opinion is actually Fitz. Dang...I wilsh I had your problems!!!
  13. Lineup Question

    Man...tough spot for the FLEX position. Definetly go with Rhodes for the RB. On the flex...yikes! I would say your safe bet is to go with a guy that is at least a starter i.e. Jenkins. Vick will have a better game and if Jenkins will actually close his hands around the ball, could to OK. Williams got no touches last week...bad sign. Drew Jones is probably the other option since he had a big game and they do want to keep Taylor healthy, he will get touches...but how many. I vote for Rhodes and Jenkins.
  14. WDIS

    I agree with Grits...Warner could hit the pine at any time during that game, and ATL is pissed off. Kitna should do well against a very suspect STL secondary.