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  1. A non Vick thread

    Are you saying these WR's are not a "threat" to VIck?
  2. Best Athlete By Number

    Fixed: The best CHEATER of all time.
  3. Here is the link to the story but there is no link from that story to all the NFL team's dead money.
  4. cbs improvements........

    That is good to know that if I push for MFL that they will not let me down.
  5. cbs improvements........

    That would be fine but I'm pretty sure that Sportsline chokes on the draft because we draft 1 1/2 weeks before the season starts. Which is when everyone else is drafting and their servers are too overloaded. I'm sure MFL's draft functions with any issues now but the question is when it is 1-2 weeks before the season and everyone is trying to draft, can their servers handle it?
  6. cbs improvements........

    I'm trying to get my commish to move to MFL from Sportsline this year. I can only hope. I just hope if I get him to move that the draft on MFL runs smoothly.
  7. Which FF Site is the best?

    This is my only gripe about CBSSportsline. We have owners in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Chicago, & St. Paul. We have to use the site for drafting. It pukes every year.
  8. Which FF Site is the best?

    Do you use CBS for the draft? Do you ever have problems? How many days before the season do you draft?
  9. Which FF Site is the best?

    For those of you who like Sportsline how does your draft go? Every year Sportline chokes and kicks us out. We have to login several times. It is frustrating. I tried to get our comish to move and he tried AOL in 2005. That was a disaster. Anyone have problems with the draft on MFL?
  10. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    I seem to recall he was handed the starting job when T. Jones did not show up in mini-camp.
  11. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    His first year he was a rookie hold out and the second year injury.
  12. Bears RB's

    This is not my only requirement for what I think is a good runner. Through the thread I have just stated that I personally like some that knows when to dance and knows when to lower the shoulder. I'm completely spoiled. I grew up watching Walter Payton. That is what I think a running back should be or strive to be.
  13. Bears RB's

    But I have seen TJ catch a swing pass or go around end and be one yard short of the first down and have seen him trying to dance around a cornerback only to come up short. It happened three times this year. If TJ cannot plow a cornerback over for 1 yard then I'll take my chances with Benson.
  14. Bears RB's

    I thought the Turners (Ron and Norv) favored power backs as opposed to a cutting slashing back. I don't know where I got that from but it sticks in my mind.
  15. Bears RB's

    This is why I don't like TJ. He is dancing WAY too much. He does not understand when to put his head down and plow for 1 or 2 yards and when to "dance". Also, TJ had very few rushes this year where he gained yards after first contact. It seemed to me the Benson got half his yards after first contact. I feel as long as Benson stays healthy he will definately produce more than TJ. Now if he can just pick up the blitz.