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  1. Big 10

    We're not copying the Big Ten's insistent resistance to a playoff system. The current Big Ten president fits the conference to a "T".
  2. BCS fails ... again.

    For the record, I would like to see an 8 team playoff with the first round of 4 games sometime in mid-December and you could rotate the seedings for those games amongst the 4 current major bowl games to throw them a bone in the negotiations. You could eliminate the conference championship games and I sure wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Then the NCAA "Showdown" would be the 2 semi-final games played Jan. 1st. The "Championship Bowl" would be a week later. But face it, it is not likely to happen anytime soon. I read Fox's deal is good thru 2009 and the Rose Bowl deal with the PAC 10 and Big Ten is thru 2012 (they have threated to boycott even if there is a +1). So that leaves us waiting at least another 6 years. Quite frankly, I think the BCS performed pretty well. It was an exciting season and two worthy teams ended up in the national title game. Even if we had an 8 team playoff, you would still here griping about the seedings and the home field advantages that play out from there. We are destined to argue about the mythical football championship because there are too many teams and you just can't play enough games to do much better than what we have today. Well at least not with guys like the Big Ten President at work. That all said, Congrats to the Gators, our 2006 NCAA Football National Champions.
  3. Final Poll

    I thought OSU deserved to slip to no. 4, but I think the pollsters left them at #2 based solely on the fact that they had only one loss on the season and USC and LSU had 2 losses. The whole body of work or the entire season was considered not just last night's performance. My guess though is that if they had lost by that margin in the regular season there would have been a much steeper fall.
  4. I hope the lesson was learned

    Yeah and if OU had lost to Okla. St., Boise St. would have had some real competition in the Fiesta. No wait, there was none in the Big 12, never mind.
  5. I hope the lesson was learned

    Yeah I even had one guy give up on one of our many football arguments and then he shifted gears to say that OSU had the best band in the country. Can anyone direct him to the band forum?
  6. I hope the lesson was learned

    Oklahoma proved when they lost to Kansas St. that when you lose your last game before the bowl games, you don't deserve to go to the National Championship game. Michigan had their chance and blew it and their OSU game was not as close as the final score. OSU should not have to beat Michigan in back to back games to prove they are better than Michigan. Florida on the other hand won out the second half of the season and won their conference. They deserved every bit to be in that game. Everyone is talking about how bad OSU played but UF's tight coverage in the secondary and D line pass rush forced that poor performance. The Gators are derserving. Congrats.
  7. Final Poll

    No way to explain it other than pure jealousy of LSU. Understandable though, I do like the #3 spot better than the #11 spot.
  8. Final Poll

    USC moved from 8th to 4th, pretty good. LSU moved up 1 spot, 4 to 3. LSU finished with a 7 game winning streak, USC finished with a 1 game winning steak. Believe it or not, it does matter when you lose. I think the pollsters got that part of the polls right.
  9. Final Poll

    Final Polls
  10. Final Poll

    SEC 6-3 Bowl Record, finish #1, #3, and #9 (Auburn) nationally, not too shabby. Oklahoma finished 11th.
  11. OSU vs Florida

    The Eagles could go to the Super Bowl, no doubt. Should be an entertaining game.
  12. I hope the lesson was learned

    Must have a learning disorder.
  13. OSU vs Florida

    Congrats to the Gators. It was an interesting college football season to say the least. Later.
  14. OSU vs Florida

    You don't belong either.
  15. OSU vs Florida

    Glorifying Boise St. again, just dillusional.