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  1. Cost of Game Tickets

    Yeah, it is bad here in Philly. The season ticket waiting list is up around 50,000+ and when the single game tickets go on sale they are sold out in like 2 minutes. Unless you know someone with ticket you have to pay like 2-3 times the face value at least.
  2. Chiefs want 1st, 2nd, & 3rd rounders for LJ

    I agree with all your points but then you have guys like Owens. Philly tears up his old contract and signs him to a new contract. Then after one year he wanted the Eagles to re-work the deal.
  3. People in Jail

    What passing records has Vick broken in the NCAA or NFL? I know his freshmen year he had a pretty high completion percentage but other then that I don't believe he has done much passing wise. Why didn't Atlanta just keep Shaub and line Vick up at RB? I live in Philly and I'll compare Vick to Allen Iverson. He was exciting to watch, but you will never win the big game with him.
  4. All-Star Game

    How does LaRussa not pinch hit Pujols for Rowand?
  5. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    Not really. I took Peyton #5 last year and wound up with McGahee and Bush as my RBs.
  6. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    By having the other 500+ players vote on it. If the NHL contracted then the top players would make more money and be on more competitive teams. A lot of the teams in hockey are losing money from what I understand anyway. Nashville draws under 14,000 fans a game. The Flyers' minor league team draws only a little less then that. Have the owners of the teams who would stay, buy out the owners who will be losing their teams. I know this will never happen but in the long run it will help the sport, owners, and players.
  7. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    The problem with the NHL is that there are too many teams. There is no reason to have teams in Columbus, Nashville, Florida, Carolina, Atlanta, 3 in Californioa, etc. You can easily cut the league down by 6-8 teams and you would have a much better product. Until they NHL realizes that you will have a watered down product.
  8. 2007 NHL Draft..............

    I like what the Flyers have done. Signed Briere and traded for Timonen and Hartnell. I would have liked them to keep Pitkanen for another year or two. I really think he is going to be a good D which the Flyers could use.
  9. Roger Waters

    I got to see him last September and again a month ago here in Philly. The two best shows I have ever seen by far.
  10. cbs improvements........

    So they will use all these new features but will we be able to access the league sites at 12:30 on Sundays? If the site still has problems on gameday it won't matter what upgrades they apply. If they just listened to their customers they would know this.
  11. NBA Draft!

    A Dallas fan telling people not to live in the past by bringing up championships they won?
  12. surprise team this year

    I disagree that the Eagles D will be suspect. The LBs were improved with the addition of Spikes. The DL gets Kearse back and Howard will have a year of experience in this defense under his belt. Plus I can't see how Bunkley could play any worse. The only real question I have on D fo rthe Eagles is SS. Constadine is average at best.
  13. The perfect thread

  14. Kobe:Trade me if Jerry West does not come back

    Sixers trade #12, #21, and #30 picks for Kobe. Then next year when Webber's $$$ comes of the cap we can go out and get a nice big man to compliment him.
  15. McNabb Trade Rumor/Theory

    Exactly. Plus I think the Eagles already improved the LB position with Spikes and they have a few young LB (Gaither, McCoy, Bradley) who could turn out to be nice players. Don't get me wrong, Briggs would make this defense even better but I think the loss of McNabb would hurt more then what they would gain with Briggs.