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  1. Would you do this trade?

    I wouldn't consider Jones or Willimas potential "gold" though. Williams is an injury waiting to happen and Jones is hurt bad now. If he wants to trade both of those WRs maybe he can get 1 solid #2 RB in return.
  2. ok announcers...

    And that is where you lost me.
  3. DJax out in Seattle?

    Just curious, but how the hell do you know what Darrell Jackson would say? If a holdout has nothing to do with his contract then what was he holding out for? I'm not trying to bust balls here, I just have no idea what you are trying to say. You seem to be throwing out opinions, which is fine, but you also say you have facts to back it up. Care to share them?
  4. DJax out in Seattle?

    Whoa there, what is wrong with Wu-Tang?
  5. Move over Devils!

    Look out for the Flyers next year. They have a good young core and they will have money to spend this off season. From what I hear they are looking at Drury, Briere, and/or Gomez plus a defensmen. I like that they signed Biron too. Finally we should have consistent goaltending.
  6. You Know Buffalo Sucks When...

    Didinger is the best hands down. Glen Macnow is very good too, especially when it comes to hockey. Eskins is only good if you kiss his a$$. He knows his stuff, but will NEVER admit he is wrong. The morning show isn't even about sports anymore. Cataldi just droools over pretty youngs girls and then they talk about how cheap he is. Rhea Hughes is the only one worth listening to in the morning. I used to like Gargano, but now I can't stand him with Steve Martoano. Paul Jolovitz isn't bad either.
  7. Burleson's contract

  8. Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb traded to Philly

    I don't like losing Walker either. He did provide depth and if Bunkley or Patterson don't pan out then the Eagles are in trouble. That being said, if they do pan out then this deal helps the Eagles by improving their LBs. They can add DT depth through the draft or FA. You know they weren't going to draft a LB early and I can't see how they could go into the season with starting 2 of Gocong, McCoy, or D. Jones. Like I said, I think alot will depend on Bunkley & Patterson. If they don't work out I don't think having Walker would do much anyway. I would really like them to add a big DT who can help stop the run to rotate in with Bunkley & Patterson. It is a shame they let Hollis Thomas go.
  9. Takeo Spikes and Kelly Holcomb traded to Philly

    I like the trade for the Eagles. Walker was a solid player that provided depth at DT, but they upgraded the LB position which has been a weak point of the D and added a nice 3rd string QB in case McNabb isn't 100% and Feeley doesn't play well.
  10. How are you doing in your pool

    The Midwest killed me. I had Arizona & Wisconsin in the Elite 8 and Wisconsin in the final 4. This is the worst I have ever done.
  11. 2 Players Only Can Keep One

    Gorzo, I was talking about Seahawks21, not you. I believe in another post he was asking advice about who was the better keeper between Leon Washington & DeAngelo Williams.
  12. 2 Players Only Can Keep One

    Weren't you the one asking if Leon Washington's keeper value would be higher then DeAngelo William's if the Jets didn't add a RB and the Panthers kept Foster? If DeAngelo Williams is going to be a certified stud then how can you debate his value vs. Leon Washington? Gorzo - To answer the question I think DeAngelo would be the way to go. It depends on the rest of your roster though. If you have 3 good RBs and no WR then you might want to think about keeping Brown.
  13. Baseball Draft

    I got the #4 pick in a 12 team head to head keeper league (1st year). Pujols should go #1 which will leave me with one of the following Howard, Reyes, A-Rod, Santana, or Soriano. We keep 2 pitchers, 2 hitters, and 1 rookie. Who would you hope drops to you at #4?
  14. Baseball Draft

    Well here is my team. Let me know how you think I did with my first fantasy baseball draft. Round 1 Jose B. Reyes (SS NYM) Round 2 Manny Ramirez (OF BOS) Round 3 Matt Holliday (OF COL) Round 4 Brett Myers (SP PHI) Round 5 Garrett Atkins (3B COL) Round 6 John Lackey (SP ANA) Round 7 Matt Cain (SP SF) Round 8 Prince Fielder (1B MIL) Round 9 Huston Street (RP OAK) Round 10 Josh Barfield (2B CLE) Round 11 Alex Rios (OF TOR) Round 12 Kevin Millwood (SP TEX) Round 13 Clay Hensley (SP SD) Round 14 Chad Tracy (3B ARI) Round 15 Richie Sexson (1B SEA) Round 16 Chris Iannetta (C COL) Round 17 Cliff Lee (SP CLE) Round 18 Mike Cameron (OF SD) Round 19 Matt Garza (SP MIN) Round 20 Carlos Quentin (OF ARI) Round 21 Wilson Betemit (3B LA) Round 22 David Ross (C CIN) Round 23 Brandon Inge (3B DET) Round 24 Francisco Liriano (SP MIN) Round 25 David Dellucci (OF CLE) Round 26 Salomon Torres (RP PIT) Round 27 Ryan J. Braun (3B MIL) Round 28 Mark Ellis (2B OAK)
  15. anyone else shoveling snow

    Looks like mostly ice to me here in Philly. Snow I can deal with but the roads were just covered in an icy slush today.
  16. Eagles re-sign RB

    What makes you say that Moats is a capable runner? He may have speed, but that is about it. He hasn't been able to figure out the offense since he has been in Philly.
  17. Eagles land Curtis

    That could be a problem.
  18. LB Briggs ready to sit out season

    OK, so let say he has made $300K for the last 4-5 years. He can't take a year off without taking out a loan? That is called very poor financial planning.
  19. LB Briggs ready to sit out season

    I love the part where he says he can take out loans to get him through the year. He has played football for a few years and he would have to take out loans to get by for one year. I guess this guy needs ahugh contract in order to get by for the next 4-5 years.
  20. Cowboy Homers

    According to Howard Eskin on 610WIP Sports radio in Philly, the Eagles had a verbal agreement but then he went to the Titans and decided to sign with them.
  21. Cowboy Homers

    Well with this, signing Bethel Johnson, and re-signing Will James I guess the Eagles are done. Now they will draft O-line, D-line, or CB which are bigger needs.
  22. Breaking News

    They traded Mark Simoneau and a 4th round pick.
  23. Philly homers

    I could care less who you root for, but what do you mean by how many Eagles fans are from Philly? I would say a good majority of Eagles fans come from Philly and the surrounding area which includes South Jersey & Delaware.
  24. Fantasy Baseball

    I would use the same strategy in baseball as I do in football. You want to be the person who starts the runs not ends them. In baseball there are enough good players to not have to get caught up in runs.