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  1. Or maybe he believes his offense can be successful without big money players. If his offense is truly revolutionary, he'll be able to fill it with players other teams don't want, but who fit his system. When the West Coast offenses of the 49ers and Packers were so dominant in the 80's and 90's, they did it without spending much money on offense. Other teams were giving big money to offensive linemen whereas the 49ers and Packers didn't need as good of offensive linemen because they weren't running the ball much and their quarterbacks were doing 3 and 5 step drops. This allowed both teams spent more money on their defenses than their offenses.



    49ers = Montana/Young

    Packers = Favre

    Eagles = Bradford/Sanchez


    Big difference there.

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  2. I agree that the non call on Hilton and the horse collar were bad (Eagles had one of those lat week), why were the Colts not running the ball? They were averaging around 5 yards per run.


    The Colts get a FG there and go up two scores who knows what happens.


    Also, there were missed calls earlier in the game against the Eagles. There were two blatant holds on Trent Cole and Cedric Thorton that were not called. Who is to say if they were called correctly that the game wouldn't have been completely different?

  3. Wasburn showed his character last year. He's a coaching version of Titus Young. For a team trying to clean up its a poor hire.



    This. Washburn held his wide-9 scheme above everything else, including the good of the overall defense. I said from the beginning Reid made a hugh mistake hiring the d-line coach before the DC when he hired Washburn.