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  1. Which movie should i go see tonite with my wife

    Wife and I also just got back from seeing Die Har, and highly recommend it. Full of Bruce Willis action. The guy takes more hits than you would believe. Just keeps coming back for more.
  2. how is your commute today

    Bright and sunny day in South Florida. Might get into the 40's by the weekend
  3. Alright!

    Went 11 days without power last year with Wilma. I feel for you, not a lot of fun. Was used to cold showers from the army, wife wasn't real happy though
  4. How do you make a living

    Also a supervisor for a local South Florida municipality. Been there for the past 20 years, I love my job as there is never a dull moment. Looking forward to retirement September 2007 and the new home we are building in Charlotte, NC.
  5. Is Romo for real?

    RR, Let's get it together again
  6. 1969

    Viet Nam just starting my first year
  7. Suggest a movie if you have seen...

    Saw Departed last night Great movie
  8. New TV Season

    Can't wait till LOST starts again
  9. Rate Grits and Shins

    One hard working guy Lots of knowledge to share with everyone
  10. i had the best draft ever !

    That team is just too good to be true
  11. My Alaska Pics

    RR, Great show and thanks for sharing it with us
  12. A Second Grandson Is Born

    Congrats Doc God bless and our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family
  13. MNF

    Theisman is horrible. TK can't take too much of his BS
  14. Heading up to Flowery Branch for Falcons TC

    Take a stop and see Road Atlanta, just down the interstate. Great track
  15. What is gas costing you this year?

    City car $0.00 Wife's flower store delivery van $120.00/wk