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  1. Computer Question

  2. Help me find a battery

    excellent thanks
  3. Help me find a battery

    What do I plug the inverters into while in the woods?
  4. Help me find a battery

    uh, the new unit is 4k and I imagine batteries are cheaper. Where would I plug the ac adaptor in? You see many trees with outlets?
  5. Help me find a battery

    It fits in a Jett data collector. It bears the numbers AAXTWTC06 0419. It is of course an nimh battery and I cannot find it anywhere.
  6. Polk update

    Just got back from Dallas. No good or bad news. I will post more tomorrow when my brain is clearerer and I can put together more complete sentences.
  7. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    I might hook up with him tomorrow after doc visit. If any of you dfw huddlers wanna hook up I give dmd the authority to give out my cell number and name.
  8. YouTube Videos

    Pink Chavez
  9. I remember when he was offered to play for uf. He took the ACT and made like a 12. Admissions rejected him for scoring so high. They said anyone who made over a 10 must have cheated somehow as that had never heard of a score that high.
  10. Watch Nova online

    How cool is this? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/programs/index.html
  11. the 90's were pretty rough for us economically. We are FAR better off now than then. Of course we are also in our mid 30's instead of mid 20's as well.
  12. Went here today

    that be me wow, I need to lay off the pizza
  13. Went here today

    If you look, you will see my fatbody in the bright orange t-shirt on the front row in a couple of the pics http://www.keithlancaster.com/blog
  14. Barry Bonds

    Bonds is so good he makes Gehrig seem like Brian Boitano and Dan Pastorini.