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  1. Jorvorskie Lane

    Can this guy play in the nfl and how will he by hyped coming into next season? Heck, i dont know if a 300 lb rb can make it in the league. I really think he will be the next Alstott type back. highlight reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpO93l6U-Ok
  2. Wow, true idiot

  3. Help me find a battery

    It fits in a Jett data collector. It bears the numbers AAXTWTC06 0419. It is of course an nimh battery and I cannot find it anywhere.
  4. Computer Question

  5. Help me find a battery

    excellent thanks
  6. Help me find a battery

    What do I plug the inverters into while in the woods?
  7. Help me find a battery

    uh, the new unit is 4k and I imagine batteries are cheaper. Where would I plug the ac adaptor in? You see many trees with outlets?
  8. Polk update

    Just got back from Dallas. No good or bad news. I will post more tomorrow when my brain is clearerer and I can put together more complete sentences.
  9. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    I might hook up with him tomorrow after doc visit. If any of you dfw huddlers wanna hook up I give dmd the authority to give out my cell number and name.
  10. Went here today

    If you look, you will see my fatbody in the bright orange t-shirt on the front row in a couple of the pics http://www.keithlancaster.com/blog
  11. Watch Nova online

    How cool is this? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/programs/index.html
  12. YouTube Videos

    Pink Chavez
  13. I remember when he was offered to play for uf. He took the ACT and made like a 12. Admissions rejected him for scoring so high. They said anyone who made over a 10 must have cheated somehow as that had never heard of a score that high.
  14. the 90's were pretty rough for us economically. We are FAR better off now than then. Of course we are also in our mid 30's instead of mid 20's as well.
  15. Went here today

    that be me wow, I need to lay off the pizza
  16. Spoil Harry Potter for me

    I want to know.
  17. Is this lying?

    Allrighty then, tell me if I lied to this man. A guy who considers me of lower social class than him recently cornered me. He is actually one of the town moguls who thinks he runs everyone and everything, you know the type. He is a power broker if you will. Well, he asked me what I thought of someone. Now he did not know that this someone is one of my closest friends. Anyway he asked me what I thought about some stuff. I told him my feelings and said that I trusted this guy with my life. He then kind of stammered and told me to keep this to myself. He then asked if I could keep it to myself. I felt really uncomfortable and muttered something like "yeah, sure man". Well I got home and started thinking about it and worked myself into a nervous wreck. I then went and saw my friend and told him what had happened. Did I lie to the power broker (btw, he is friend's boss) and/or do I owe anyone an apology?
  18. Barry Bonds

    Bonds is so good he makes Gehrig seem like Brian Boitano and Dan Pastorini.
  19. Spoil Harry Potter for me

    he dies on many pages
  20. Ok, a couple of days b4 wife went into labor I was caught in a vicious hailstorm in the metropolis of Fulton, Ar. My windshield was busted up and it looks like someone took a bb gun to my Honda. The day b4 labor started my wife called my local agent and reported the damage. I was called the next day while wife was in labor. The previous owner has a car wash/wax fetish and the clear coat was slightly damaged due to all of this cleaning. Well the adjuster comes out and promptly tells me that "hail did not cause that pint damage, I know what hail damage looks like but don't worry, there is lots of other damage." She cut me a check for 2500 and left. That seemed rally low to me so I read the estimate and she appears to want me to have the no paint dent pulling done. I called my agent and told her I did not want a car with jacked up paint even if they did pull the dents. Isn't that whats insurance is for, to fix damage to my car or if there is the tiniest amount of previous damage does that allow them not to pay? Agent told me to take it to local body shop and tell them my situation. He said he couldn't begin to touch it for that price and he couldn't imagine what the adjuster was thinking other than cutting me a check and thinking I would go away. So I called agent yesterday and left a message to call me back. She did not call today and I went by her office to see her. I left a message to call but she has not called yet. What do i do next? I have a good idea but am curious what you guys think?
  21. Greatest American "Genius"

    Bill Strange. greatest american geodesist
  22. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    I am denied. Since my clear coat (not paint) was previously damaged (weathered0 State Farm will not pay to fix the paint damage impact craters caused by the hail. I will post pics tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. I should start and insurance company. I can collect premiums and not pay out. That sounds like the best bet rich quick scheme I ever heard.
  23. nice shirt

  24. YouTube Videos

    He's back!!!!!!!