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  1. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    Yeah he is going tomorrow.
  2. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    We take him out around 10 times per day. He was house broken til he stayed with my mom for 10 days and now he pees and craps everywhere. Jr, took him out tonight for 10 minutes and he came inside and peed on the rug, again.
  3. What Housing Bubble?

    house across street was for sale 3 days
  4. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    What is that? Is that where you throw himin a crate and toss him into the pool for a few minutes?
  5. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    Met RF although he is subhuman. Talked to Muck on phone numerous times. Wiegie used to send me Viruses.
  6. priceline.com

    I bid 45 for a 79 two star room and it was rejected. I signed in as wife and bid 55 and was accepted.
  7. nice pup

  8. Snake in the ...

    that is no pit viper
  9. Polk update

    Transfer form finally made it in today to get samples sent to Houston.
  10. Chicken Tortilla Soup

    It was still mighty fine, just a little too much cilantro.
  11. linksys router question

    So I got me a router and no book. What do all the colors mean?
  12. linksys router question

    It is still working great.
  13. Attention Vista users.....

  14. Chicken Tortilla Soup

    great soup but I highly recommend using about 1/4 of the cilantro this recipe calls for
  15. idiots disagree with MaDonna

  16. Wal-Mart elementary school

  17. WalMart Oil Change

    You live off Lake June Road?
  18. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

    Well, bottle rockets are illegal here so they use other kinds of fireworks. Teen dies after fireworks injury By: Lori Dunn - Texarkana Gazette - Published: 07/07/2007 A 13-year-old Texarkana, Texas, boy has died from injuries he received while shooting off fireworks on the 4th of July. Darrius Pollard died at 6 p.m. Friday at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, said Mike Spigner, a spokesman for the hospital. Pollard was hit in the head by a type of pyrotechnic called a mortar round about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday while with a group of other kids in the Beverly community. The force of the impact knocked Pollard to the ground and he was taken by private vehicle to a local hospital. He was later transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Mortar rounds are about the size of a golf ball and should never be aimed at anyone, said Sgt. Shawn Fitzgerald, spokesman for the Texarkana, Texas, Police Department. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. “Detectives are still gathering statements and checking to see if anyone will be charged,” Fitzgerald said. According to witnesses, several individuals were firing various fireworks at each other in the neighborhood that evening despite a city ordinance that outlaws such activity. Fitzgerald said the ordinance is in place largely for safety reasons. He said it is too dangerous to set off fireworks in large crowds or in neighborhoods where the buildings are in such close proximity to each other.
  19. Slap ya mama

  20. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

    It is the same way out here in Redwater When you moving in.? There are lots of cribs for sale here.
  21. how easy is mepis linux

    Uh, Polk Jr. is running it. I feel like a loser.
  22. linksys router question

    it is working now on both puters, the desktop has been unable to connect with xp for a couple of weeks now. It has always worked well with linux for whatever reason.
  23. league leader in sacks

  24. YouTube Videos

    dropkick me Jesus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_E8fkRzOmU
  25. Chicken Tortilla Soup

    makin this for supper