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  1. Polk update

    The butch wife tried to do some pushups today. Idiot. On the positive she stabbed me with some kind of potato fork yesterday so she is getting back into fighting shape. We hope to hear from MD Anderson sometime this week but girl looks and acts fabulous.
  2. real estate question

    If you were looking for a prostitute, would you hire a pimp to find you one?
  3. latest environmental disaster

  4. NCEES how I dispise you

    Wow, I have the official pls study guide. As of now I am at 40% while avoiding the problems that involve calcs. I will break out the hp33s tomorrow. As of right now there is no chance I will pass this thing in October.
  5. Fathers of young sons

    what fbj said
  6. NCEES how I dispise you

    excellent, now reciprocate to Texas and come make a fortune with me
  7. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Were the chicks on the stepford wives real until they were exposed as being fakes? I guess ignorance is bliss.
  8. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Im gone get me some dem rubbermaid floors, theycome in nascar brown, GETERDONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    I have nothing against fake wood, I mean if that is your thing then gopher it. I mean if you want to slip hugh one a mickey, shave his back, put a blonde wig on him and pretend he is pamela anderson then gopher it. But as for me I prefer genuine things.
  10. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    I am no longer in the wood business, but I am still smart. Look, a HEMI CUDA for sale!!! These are normally 500k these days!! What a bargain!! It is a real hemi cuda, it even says so!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Franklin-Mint-1970-Ply...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    son, if I could spell I would be dangerous
  12. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    If I take a pig turd and paint it blue I have an engineered Barrt Sanders.
  13. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    It appears the a titanium/asbestos amalgum painted walnut would also be engineered wood and have a half-life of 25,000 years. This wood be the best choice.
  14. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Truthfully I do not know how much having fake wood impacts value for most people. I can tell you that I would pay less but then again I am ahead of the curve on the knowledge of wood durability. Engineered is a term used by salesman to make something sound better than what it is. Doesn't engineered meal sound better than tv dinner? Doesn't sanitation engineer sound better than garbage man? Now we have al had some kind of uber tv dinner which was better than some home cooked meals we have had but ultimately it is still a tv dinner. With engineered wood you are ultimately getting plywood made to look like solid wood so it is indeed fake wood. Now I am not going to say that all particle and plywood products are all trash but they are all indeed fake. Maybe you can get as much money for a fake floor as a real one but ultimately you floor is covered in wood fragments and glue.
  15. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    You are biased and lying to yourself to sell a product, it happens to most salesman. Don't take it personally. Here is my background, 40 hrs of forestry, toured countless wood manufacturing plants. My cousin might be the most knowledgeable wood chemist in the country. I am also a land surveyor and have applied for my forester's license. I work for many realtos and went to re school myself. Trust me when I say I know about this kind of stuff. BTW, particle board has real wood in it as well.
  16. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    If the homeowner is asked if it is fake they have to say yes. It might look good but ultimately it is hardwood plywood.
  17. Bank of America SUCKS

    I like banks that know me when I walk in.
  18. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    Yeah no joke, I wish I had taken a class in school on engineered wood Oh that's right I did. Engineered = fake Now fake is sometimes better but not usually. You might like it but when you go to resell your home, it means fake.
  19. Is Ramsfan a coard or am I nuts?

    He wishes to make a wager on something we both agree he has about a 60% chance of winning. Well last year we made a bet and he paid by driving 2.5 hours here ans washing my truck. This year We both wish to make another bet. I believe that the loser has his choice of being tasered in my pool or going to my neighbor's crib http://www.nfl.com/players/playerpage/12774 and jumping out of the hedges on him in the dark and letting nature take it's course. He wants some cheesy truck washing bet again but I believe there is no glory to be had. What say ye?
  20. Is Ramsfan a coard or am I nuts?

    Who wins most games this year, Ags or swine.
  21. Solid or Engineered Hardwood floor?

    engineered= fake. would you rather have a house made of solid wood or particle board. That is what we are talking about here. This also afects the relase value of your crib.
  22. Is Ramsfan a coard or am I nuts?

    Nahh, he has a normal chevy truck. I dont know him personally bt I have met a lot of his family. H is just a normal east texas redneck black dude. They are al fine people as far as I know. His sister looks like a cross tween nate newton and carl weathers. She is a sweetheart as best I can tell.
  23. Got me an invite to this weddin'

    If nothing elese, where is the reception being held? The kids mom and I go back a long ways. http://www.nashvillenews.org/index.php/comments/4626/
  24. Got me an invite to this weddin'

    good friend and common law relative
  25. Is Ramsfan a coard or am I nuts?

    no, but is not hard to spot. you go about 12 minutes north of here and there are a bunch of little old houses and then there is a brick fortress right in the middle of them.