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  1. This is what I have on my Android phone:



    • Adobe Reader (for being able to read PDF's)

    • AutoCAD WS (if you use it)

    • GO Launcher EX (better theme & functionality than stock)

    • Simple Calendar Widget (self-explanatory)

    • Dolphin Browser (much better than the stock browser)



    • Bills reminder (keeps you on top of due dates for paying your bills)

    • ConvertPad (everyone needs to convert systems of measurement at some point)

    • Evernote (great notepad and checklist app, also comes with a widget)

    • Dictionary.com widget

    • GasBuddy (shows lowest gas prices near you)

    • Mint.com (the most comprehensive bank balancing app I've found) I hear Quicken has one now, but haven't seen it yet)

    • Red Laser (Bar scanning app helps you find out info on products including price comparisons)

    • Translate (translates language)

    • TripIt (A must if you travel a lot. Keeps track of your itinerary and flight status)

    • Weatherbug (There are quite a few good weather apps, it's just a matter of finding one you prefer)

    • Yelp (Kinda like the Yellow pages, but with ratings)



    · Pulse (Kind of a one-stop shop for all major news sources)

    Social Networking

    · Facebook, with messenger service

    · LinkedIn (for professional career networking)


    · MFL App (If your leagues use MFL)

    · ProFootballWeekly (For football news)

    · Fox Sports

    · ScoreMobil

    · ESPN ScoreCenter

    · Yahoo Sportacular (My favorite for simplicity)

    · I’d also recommend finding a local radio sports station that has it’s own app.


    · Pandora (absolute must have)

    · Amazon MP3 player (works just like iTunes)


    · AllTrails (Useful App if you like hiking. Will find trails nearby with ratings)

    · Amazon Kindle (Works just like the Kindle reader, only on your phone)

    · Flixter (useful for looking up movies, movie times in your area and watching trailers. You can also purchase & download movies to watch, but I’ve never used that feature)

    · My Tracks (Another useful hiking app, uses GPS to track and map your hike statistics and guide you if you get lost)

    · Photobucket (Useful if you use Photobucket to store pictures online)

    · Netflix (watch movies over the phone, requires a subscription which is about $8/month)

    · Google Sky Map (Really cool app that shows a map and identifies stars based on where you point the phone)


    · Words With Friends

    · Defender II (Addicting)

    · Naught (Sort of a puzzle game, just found it)

    · Move The Box (Another puzzle game)

    · Flow Free (Another puzzle game, yeah, I like them)

    Games for the kids

    I wouldn’t recommend this; they will always be asking to play on your phone

    · Angry Birds (Any one of them is fun for all ages)

    · Mega Jump (Also fun for all ages)

    · Tic Tac Toe

    · Hangman

    · Where’s My Water?

    · Donut/Candy Maker

    · Pianist (actual piano on your phone)




    Can I edit Intellicad with the Autocad app?

  2. I really liked the teaser and desperation it implied.


    But once again I shook my head as they take they only physician among them - with a preggo in the group - into the sketchy situation they ended on. As soon as I saw Hershel armor up I knew he was done.


    He didn't get that old by accident. Don't count him out.