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  1. Keeper (3 Years)

    PPR and Performance Take LT or SJax for the next 3 year (keeper)? I anticipate that the majority will be on LT but over the course of 3 years SJax may be the long term bet? Can't seem to make up my mind
  2. Keeper

    We get to keep 2 players for 3 seasons. Had S.Jax for 2 years and this would be my 3rd year if I kept him. The guy with LT has to give him up and LT will be available in the draft I will get the 1st pick and will release S. Jax and could pick him back up for another 3 years or take LT. If L.T. could duplicate his stats from last year it would be a no brainer but something tells me that he won't and over the course of the next 4 years, S. Jax is going to be the next FF no.1 RB. Anyone agree or disagrees.
  3. Keeper

    Thanks for your input and I will probably take the 1.2 and be satisfied with Jax assuming LT would go at 1.1. I will probably not end up with 2 elite RBs unless someone keeps ie Peyton, Chad Johnson etc. but there were teams where an owner at the end of the season ended up with 3-4 tier 1 and 2 RBs and must now dump 2 of them back in FA. You never know until draft day. My gut feeling is that S. Jax will have better stats than LJ from this point on.
  4. Keeper

    We do serpentine so I will have 1.10 and 2.10. If I keep Jax in round 1 LT will not be there in round 2. We cannot trade players once the season is over. I can pick my position so if LT is someone I really wanted I'd say I would have to go for 1.1 position. If I could live with either Jax or LT I would pick 2nd position so that in the round 2 I wouldn't get the last spot of the round. My 2nd keeper could be (Benson, Wayne, Jacobs, TO, D.Williams) I have Edge but he's been with me for 3 years and will be back in FA and wouldn't pick him up as a 2nd rounder. The ones mentioned could be had in the 2nd round if I really wanted them but I'm hoping to grab 2 top tier RBs in rounds 1 & 2 one of which will be LT or Jax. The bottom line is in your opinion who will be the better FF RB over the next 3 seasons...LT or S.Jax?
  5. Keeper

    I have 1st pick but if I keep Jax I'll lose my 1st round and have only 1 year left of service from him. We actually get to keep 2 players so if I kept 2 players I would draft 1st position but not until round 3.
  6. Superbowl Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread

    Sqeaked by on the 1/2 with Bear's +4. Should of have lost that one as Vinetarri just pulled the FG to the left. Colt's 1/2 bettors had some bad luck there.
  7. CBS Sportsline

    Just went to check my final scores and the scores are all incomplete and screwed up! Does anyone know what is going on with them? Earlier in the day it was working cause I was leading my opponent up to the last game. I thought they cleaned up their site?
  8. Bengals

    Ironic that Bengal would have been in the playoffs...Boncos lose, Chiefs win but they can't win their own game to get in. Not meant to be!
  9. S.Jax

    Thinking that L.T. will still be #1 but that Jax may be projected as the #2 RB and ahead of L.J. Where would you place Jax? In my 2 man keeper league, LT will become available (3 year release clause)...I have Jax (for another year) and would have the no.1 draft seed to potentially pick up LT. If I keep Jax, I will not be in position to get LT and if I release Jax he would be gobble up by someone else. Could Jax possibly over take LT as the #1 RB in next year's draft?
  10. Panthers gave Deangelo a lot of touches last week (albeit they did not pass the ball) but Bears may be willing to see Benson carry the load in a game where they can rest Jones this week. Not sure who to start between the 2 or do I sit Edge and start Benson & Deangelo along side S.Jax and C.Taylor...we start 4 RBs.
  11. S.Jax

    I tend to agree that SA will never accomplish what he did last year and will be ranked between top 5-10 RB in my books. I am leaning towards LT because I would get to keep him 3 years whereas I would have to give up Jax the following year if I do keep him. I personally think that Jax has the chance to do better than LT over the next couple of years because of the division that they play in whereas LT will definitely have a more difficult schedule because of their success this year.
  12. deangelo or noorwood?

    I think Deangelo had 21 carries and a couple of receptions so this maybe a continuation of last week where he touches the ball more. I would definitely go with Williams.
  13. Early Championship WDIS

    Gore and Brown
  14. S.Jax

    I would elect not to keep any players (inc. Jax) to insure that I get the 1st draft position in the 1st round. I get 1st choice to determine my draft position. If I keep Jax then my pick in the 2nd round is based on where I decide which draft position I want to have. Obviously with LT being made available, whoever decides not to keep players will have the opporunity to pick LT for a 1st round pick. Usually everyone keeps a player or 2 but with LT available, they would wait and see if I elect to go for the 1st draft spot. If I keep Jax then I would take a higher draft spot to get an earlier pick in the 2nd round possibly.
  15. Played Vick and left Kitna on bench...and flipped flopped these 2 the week prior. May have cost me my superbowl run!
  16. Are You In Your Playoffs?

    If you did not make the playoffs, is it because you did not adhere to the advise of this website or because you did take the advise of this website's official news and advise? You would think that all subscribers to this website (the majority) would be in their playoffs. I'm trying to assess how effective this site is for the success of each subscriber? Like a highschool success rate is tied to how many of their graduates go on to college. I'd be curious to know how many Huddlers have made it to their playoffs as means of determining how effect this site has been to each of you. I understand that injuries, circumstances beyond control or plain luck may have been the contributing reason why you may or may not have done as well.
  17. Greg Jennings

    Seem's like he is hurt every game after a few catches but he is not listed on the injury report. Anybody know his real health status?
  18. Kitna or McNair

    Pick my OB 2 to go with Palmer
  19. Anyone who use them are you going to take their rebate and run or give them a second chance and take the 50% discount for next season to run your league?
  20. Are You In Your Playoffs?

    It is just a simple survey to see how many HUDDLER's are successful in making their playoffs. This is a quick and dirty assesment on the how well this site prepares the subscriber to the next level. I realize their are numerous factors which determine the final outcome. Let's put it this way, if you did not subscribe to this site, would you have been as successful as you were or would you have been in no better position because you could find the same information surfing from site to site for FF news? I personally find this site as one stop shop for information and guidance...and yes I have been successfully in going to the playoffs ever since playing FF over 12 years ago. I would project that 80% of users make their playoffs in their primary money league whether they attribute their success or not be being HUDDLER's.
  21. Gabriel Released

    Was that one (1) fumble his demise or something deeper? He was touted as Brady's primary target especially in the red zone and supposedly Brady liked him?
  22. Edge

    Why is he being taken out at the goal line? What do you speculate or have the inside scoops...Homers?
  23. After his fumble couple of weeks ago he has disappeared after being touted as the WR that had chemistry with Brady in the beginning of the season. Any insights...Pat fans?