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  1. I sometimes imagine you naked.

  2. Bier is having sex with my wife AND my mother. It's twice as bad because he's always talking about it when we go out for drinks.

    1. rajncajn


      The sad part is that he'd rather have you.

  3. You are a stinky mcstink face. Take that. Jerk.

  4. OMG, u suxorz teh big one11!!!11

  5. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks - Young Frankenstein Spielberg - Saving Private Ryan Scorsese - The Last Waltz Shyamalan - Unbreakable
  6. Music obsession.

  7. Whatcha listenin to

    Nah, I have those two albums. I was just talking about other crap I may not have heard since we seem to like similar albums.
  8. Why can't I see if you're online or not? I'm really not "into" you.

  9. UAW vs. Japan

    I'd do it for $30K if they just let me hire my own secretary.
  10. Bronx is Burning

    I'm DVR'ing it because I can't seem to figure out when it's on in HD. I recorded a new episode tonight... so I'm guessing... Tuesdays.
  11. Music obsession.

    It ships with the open source Audacity, which I like, but it's not for beginners. What software do you use? I want it to be as easy to use as possible. Good to hear about the durability. I read some reviews where people said it started acting funny after a while, but people always talk when they have problems, and are less likely to when they don't. Thanks!
  12. The SURGE

    I heard that if they aren't fighting us there, that they come to fight us here! This is terrible news!
  13. Whatcha listenin to

    My wife won't let me sing that song around the house because it's really depressing lyrics. If you like his sparse acoustic tracks, go grab his Seven Swans album. I like it a lot. Also check out This guy who shows how to play many of his songs. Stop it. You're killing me. Send me a mix. I'm out of good music, and there are no cool people at my new job. I'll pay you $3.25 plus tip.