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  1. Texans Release J.J. Watt

    I think its fairly safe to say, nobody knows. Cleveland com said he 8s thinking about Cleveland and 3 major papers ran stories about this? Must be a slow sports day. I'm sure Pittsburgh. Com, green bay. Com and just about every other. Com (other then Houston) will come out with a similar piece in the next few days, leaving with him having 31 potential destinations. * not intended to insult the investigative reporting skills of Cleveland. Com, just their bias.
  2. Seeking FALCONS and EAGLES Homers

    Eagles: Falcons:
  3. Texans Release J.J. Watt

    How many players have been traded for a 7th round swap? Or along with a 7th for a 6th. A 2nd or 3rd is huge in the nfl
  4. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    What is the point of his "pro day " is he hoping someone ponies up 3- 4 1st round picks and trades for the 1.01? Otherwise its just keeping his name in the news cycle. Nothing to see here. Another 20 something who needs to see his name in bold.
  5. Texans Release J.J. Watt

    I find this quite honorable, he has put his time in, not shopping him, and looking to trade him for a pick, just let him go, and pick his own destination and salary.
  6. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Not a big fan of those last 2 called penalties
  7. Britt Reid Involved in Serious Car Crash

    So are athletes, politicians, oil workers and military personnel abroad all bad parents too?
  8. Britt Reid Involved in Serious Car Crash

    Really? No personal responsibility for your actions? No awareness of your addictions. The most available drug, is the only one that can cause death by stopping cold Turkey. Honestly, he is a grown man, who has been problem free (at least, no media reporting) for almost 15 years, and likely fell off the wagon (like so many others) with too much time on their hands during covid. One of the largest growing groups of alcoholics is retirees. Without outside interests the 1st drink is no longer after work, it starts a 4, then 3, .. He needs help, blaming others isn't going to solve this or help him. It's all on him. I wish him good luck, and hope he has some support, he will need it. I'd be surprised if he only looses his job.
  9. Report: the Lions plan to trade Matthew Stafford

    Well that's 2 QBs at almost 12% of the cap. At least with Watson your getting youth. If the price (draft picks) is low enough I could see several teams taking a chance and drafting a qb this yr to learn under him. I'm happy that the lions feel he has earned the right to have a solid team behind him, but I worry their expected return, and the market differ too much.
  10. Steelers sign former Washington QB Dwayne Haskins

    I didn't say I saw anything, just your comments. If "college means crap about a QBs ability to succeed at the nfl level"(paraphrased) , how do you have a cant miss prospect based on their college career? The statements contradict each other.
  11. Steelers sign former Washington QB Dwayne Haskins

    How are both true? (I understand its others opinions, but if you believe college means crap in relationship to the nfl game, how can you believe there is a sure fire prospect?)
  12. Okay, who is up for a challenge? Hardcore homers is a single player pool 32 team idp salary cap league where you have to have 8 homers. Right now 2 teams are available- eagles and Atlanta. This isnt a beginner FF league, rebuilding takes years, cap space, drafting well ( we have a 6 round rookie draft- 32 picks per round) and luck go far. You need to know football, find late round gems and understand trade values. Franchise players, dts steals, blind bid waivers, auction free agents, restricted free agents with compensation. We have it all. Who is up for the challenge? 50 buy in, must pay 1 yr ahead, apply here or 9n our huddle forum page, including information about your FF experience (specific to salary cap and idp) Cheers
  13. Wildcard games chat

  14. Wildcard games chat

    And this is where it could get dangerous quickly, can we come back to football ... Can't believe "and Pittsburgh is very much in this" was said
  15. Wildcard games chat

    I removed my comment after reading this