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  1. 2021 Draft Chat

  2. 2021 Draft Chat

    Jets move up
  3. 2021 Draft Chat

    Likely thought the giants would go wr
  4. 2021 Draft Chat

    12 and their 3rd for 10
  5. 2021 Draft Chat

    Trade boys and eagles
  6. Darnold traded to Carolina

    What about alex smith, san fran to kcc days?
  7. Its only a smear campaign if you believe Watson
  8. Are you actually saying that you consider his actions ethical and good? Would you proposition your secretary or house cleaner or are you just playing devil's advocate?
  9. Except for the fact the 18 where paid to give him a massage, while being paid they agreed to engage in sexual activity. Being paid for sexual activity makes one a ... Actually I didn't call them whores, I quoted LC's label.
  10. So if your wife/daughter/ granddaughter goes for a photo shoot and the guy behind the lens offers them 1g/5g/10g to play with him, you think that's okay? Watsons lawyer has already said that is what happened. So if 18 women said they had a great time with Watson, while 22 have said his behavior was offensive. I dont need much more. Buzzbee had nothing to do with my opinion at this point, Watson's lawyer just did it for him.
  11. The 22 are suing for $500 each.
  12. The "gold digging whores" are the ones not suing him as they took his money to pleasure him. Those are the 18 I am referring to, the ones who signed their name saying they had a positive experience with Watson.
  13. I wonder how the 18 "massage therapists" who have now been deemed working girls (guilty through association) feel about his lawyers press conference.
  14. The nfl hasn't done much traditionally for civil cases. But this doesn't sit right with me. You have the money, just pay for some role playing with a consenting professional and be done with it.
  15. But I get that. How often do you find your wife sexier dressed than undressed? He doesn't want easy...