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  1. Randall Cobb to Green Bay? (Rumor)

    Well when nobody cares in Houston, why bother actually trying to really win a trade, they just saved the owner 6 million and got a 6th. 38 rec 440 yards last season on less them 50 targets.
  2. 1 other thing to note, idc how good your league sounds, I don't play on multiple sites anymore. If it's not where I have all my other leagues, I'm not joining
  3. I dont mind idp leagues I really dislike the variety in scoring . I play in both dl/lb/db and dt/de/lb/cb/s. I also prefer balancing scoring so that you DL gets more points per tackle then lb's etc etc. I started playing in leagues with 2 pt tackles and 1 pt assists (and maybe even one that was 1 pt.and .5 pts). I find.with the variety- your right- it can be harder but I've also found less turnover in my idp leagues than my straight offensive league's.
  4. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    because they get so much time off, and try to convince the rest of us they are actually working 2000 hours during the school year. I have yet to see the school librarian (a teacher) working evenings or weekends, same as the Jk Sk grade 1 teachers. By the time you get to the other grades, sure i get it, but the 1st 3-5 years not so much. I have other reasons and examples, but not the place for it
  5. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    yeah i know, other then those pesky teachers...
  6. Rodgers wants out of GB

    End of the drama. He is poisoned fruit at this point. How well do you think that locker room is going when your leader publicly wants out, and now your wr1 has broken off extension talks.
  7. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    Athletes get weekend and summer vacation too! Did you expect him to rehab on his time off
  8. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Thinking of drafting, signed up for my 1st couple of mfl10's. Abet private so they haven't started yet, but I forgotten about them after not doing any last yr
  9. Forfeited games

    I continue to be amazed by their lack of backbone . Although if teams follow the protocols, outbreaks shouldn't happen. Now that fans are back in the stands it's not as easy to just move a game. This is likely just more of a shot at the couple of teams that had several problems last year, and notice that it's 1 strike and you're out this season.
  10. Forfeited games

    I think I'll pull up a chair and join you, those who shall not be named should be here shortly
  11. Top 10 rbs?

    I know, and I'm not saying he isn't going to be good, just I'm lowering him based on qb uncertainty and the departure of brees. I can still see him 80% of last season, but I'm not expecting the additional rushing to be equal to the lost targets of their passing game
  12. Top 10 rbs?

    I have Kamara lower as his receptions and points scored without brees were significantly lower last yr. In 11 games with brees 73 rec In 4 games without brees 10 rec In 11 games with brees ave 62 rushing yards per game In 4 games without brees ave 72 rushing yards per game In 11 games with brees ave 29 + ppg In 4 games without brees ave 15 ppg So yes, his rushing was up without brees but points were just over half and rec about a third.
  13. It's time. Goodbye CBS......

    Mfl can do auctions, and they have spots where you can add notes such as keeper
  14. Pick 6? Advice please

    49% of Kamara's came off the pass 83/756/5. His worst 4 weeks were with Brees out and he had 10 receptions in those 4 weeks. With brees over 11 games he averaged 29 points per game Those other 4 games: just under 15 points