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  1. Ravens strike fear?

    Supposedly game moved to wens to allow for a practice, as they feared the ravens may refuse to play and wildcat strike
  2. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    What? Prior to the Titans Bill's game played on a Tuesday, the previous 2 occurances where in 2010 due to a snowstorm (week 16) and 1946 (per Ellis sports bureau . Not a whole heck if "other times"
  3. Mark Andrews on COVID-19

    MF! I guess Hooper it is, as I didn't start hock on Thursday
  4. I wonder if the nfl is going forward with this game is the fact the denver Broncos didn't force their QBs to wear a mask in their meetings, they didn't bother to enforce the rules, and see it as being brought upon themselves.
  5. Crappy Commissioner

    Finish the season, don't return,
  6. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    Maybe it all depends on what poster boy is out.
  7. The trade that lost my season

    Worst I ever made in redraft, ty hilton and jeffery Saturday of week 3 the year they broke out for some rb, had woodhead on my bench that week when he went for 3 TDs in a game, the rb didn't do half of what either of the wr's did.
  8. Confusion sent trade

  9. I can't access the league right now, but I believe you have Duke Johnson and Njoku. I definitely have interest in both of them. .

  10. Hitmen will take a team

  11. Hitmen would take Archers in DWII

  12. Rivers against Denver or Manning against Dallas