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  1. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    The guy I'm chasing is up by 9 versus j Meyers, this week I'll be happy with him losing
  2. Aaron Jones

    Also only seeing this trade in a vacuum, team details may make this trade make sense for both parties prior to the injury.
  3. Blowout day

    But if smaller programs have no chance to make the playoffs, there could be larger long-term problems in the ncaa. Michigan finishing off osu could provide the coverage they need as Michigan should leapfrog ND and Cincinnati remains in 4. (Cincinnati hasn't lost in the regular season in 2 years now)
  4. Blowout day

    Don't disagree, but hard to justify when Cincinnati beat notre dame,
  5. Blowout day

    I hear you, but they went undefeated, and one of 3 teams to do so (of about 130 division 1 teams). There have been plenty of upsets of the season, yet they continue to get it done.
  6. How to Win

    Thanks all, I needed this lol moment. Or maybe it's funny now that I'm on my 2nd round, either way, I'm enjoying my Friday night.
  7. What do you need MNF Tampa vs NYG

    In the 2 still up for debate: League 1) Brady to be average 20-23 points and gio to be non existant (td or less) League 2) L Williams (dl) and Winfield (db) to outscore Shaq Barrett by 17, i got taylored here.
  8. Jaylen Hurts Question

    If it's redraft, take advantage of owners biases and move allen
  9. Blowout day

    What a series of games today, ND by 55 Georgia by 49 Osu by 49 Cincinnati by 34 Ducks down by 28 at the half 10 games won by more then 20
  10. Did you see the Arod fine? i guess there are 2 tiers of players.
  11. What do you need tonight - Week 10 MNF

    League 1) I need azeez al-sharir to put up 10 solo tonight League 2) higbee to score 19 points League 3) Lance and gay to score less then 40 League 4) fuller to score less than 16 (to go 10-0)
  12. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers agree to deal

    Honestly just happy he is back. In my 32 team single copy league, I'm going against a perennial contender, he had Dillon zeke Diggs kelce against my cook, cmc, Allen Adam's and due to injury Conklin
  13. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers agree to deal

    If he continues to get 10+ receptions a game I don't care if he loses a goalline carry.
  14. Week 10 Chat

    Goff at 54 yards passing makes this unacceptable
  15. your week 10 surprise of the day

    Who expected Washington and the bucs to be this close