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  1. Soprano's

    the theory that the members only guy was phil's cousin was debunked earlier on the guy had never acted in his life. he's a pizza maker. when the credits started rolling, i was imdb'ing the people in the diner, but i didn't find anyone in the database. i agree with the spirit of it though. i think the sudden blackness, as opposed to simply fading to black, is chase's idea of what the end is like... one minute, you're living your life, and the next minute, what the hell? my cable went out!
  2. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    i agree that it was foreshadowed by the flashback in the previous episode. david chase said he's known how the show was going to end from the very beginning, so the only thing that makes sense to me is he got clipped and never heard a thing. anyways, i know most people are outraged at how the show ended. i was just thinking... if you think the ending to the sopranos sucked, just wait till you die.
  3. Job Opportunity Overseas

    i've been to cebu. my dad comes from the neighboring island. i haven't been there in a few years, but i can tell you what my experience was like. first, the muslims. for some reason, we traveled to the southern island of zamboanga, and when we got out of the airport, there were cops with m16s hanging around. creepy. however, this island, and all the muslims, are several hundred miles away from you. the links that h8tank posted all describe a situation 250 miles to the south. you have to take a plane and a ferry to get there. i honestly would not have any reservations about traveling to the philippines right now. except for deep, deep south islands, everywhere else in the philippines is as catholic as can be. if you've ever been in a filipino household, they all have the same picture of the last supper in their dining room. they're very friendly and good natured. something about living on a pacific island will do that, i guess. americans get treated like celebrities over there. even if you're filipino, if you were born here, everyone will admire you for no reason. when you move there, all your neighbors will probably show up at your house with food. and of course, everyone over the age of ten speaks english. regarding schools, look into private schools before you go. they're not as expensive as private schools here. i don't know much about medical concerns though... although half our hospitals are staffed by filipinos, so how bad can it be... i think you should consider it.
  4. New York Area Huddlers

    gsp ends at a fork. you want to take 287 towards the tappan zee bridge (287 south, i think, but it'll be marked). after the bridge, 684 is about fifteen minutes away and that leads to 84. if there's some horrific traffic, taking 287 the other way leads to the ny thruway, which is the scenic route to 84 that avoids the city.
  5. Pacman to Sue NFL

    it's not illegal, but it's unamerican. this year, it's a thug like pacman jones and nobody cares because he's a world class buffoon who deserves it. but what happens next year if you have something like a duke lacrosse scandal in the nfl? sure, it was duke's privilege as a private university to take their season away. still f'd up, imo.
  6. Pacman to Sue NFL

    what the hell country is this? he still hasn't been convicted of anything. i don't doubt that he will be and i'm not saying he's anything but a thug and a moron, but it's a shady precedent to suspend a guy and take away his salary before he gets his day in court.
  7. need a link...

    daily episodes a couple weeks ago, someone posted two or three sites like that. this might have been one. another one of them was, which had all the family guy episodes. it doesn't work anymore though.
  8. Do You Give Bums Money?

    depends on what city. i went to college in the foggy bottom district of washington dc. the same guys sat in the same place for years straight. ridiculous. hardly anyone ever asks in manhattan anymore, which is nice. boston's the best. instead of asking for change, they ask you to buy their homeless newspaper for a dollar. why doesn't every city's homeless population do that?
  9. Basketbrawl

    if this happened in the nhl, it wouldn't even make the papers. in the nfl, it would probably make the game highlights, but no way is it a lead story. why is it such an outrage if it happens in the nba?
  10. Lethal injection

    if the convicted doesn't want an appeal, then i believe they're usually executed relatively quickly, no? i think death is often a just penalty. still, how can you not be uncomfortable with the alarmingly high rate of people sentenced to death later being proven innocent? i agree with the death penalty, i'm just not sure our courts have proven themselves competent enough to use it.
  11. Another game for you all

    up to 81. you do seem to get more money for knocking them out early, but it has to be the very first second or two that the dots appear at the screen. after that, you get the same amount of money whether you kill them towards the first bend or the last. as long as it's perfectly aligned with one of the long corridors, you can definitely get to level 50 with a single green tower. placing it along the fourth corridor, the one at the top of the screen, allows you to take them out early and still do this. there are two points, the $40 and $80, where you have to upgrade mid-wave in order to only have one tower, but it makes it easier to plan long-term. the added range of the blue towers is worth it anytime it gives you access to an entire extra corridor. for example, a blue tower in the middle of the screen, aligned with the sixth corridor, will be able to hit the entire screen. a green tower in the same place would lose that whole first corridor (putting it on the left side would lose the fifth, and also detract from the high fire rate). also, when aligning towers with the corridors, i think it's better to put them on a side so that the dots will be moving away from them when their firing rate is high. otherwise, in the higher levels, you'll lose the high fire rate when they don't kill the first monster and it has to turn to follow it. i think it said in the rules that the monsters get stronger by 25% each wave. the problem i see is that the payoff doesn't increase by that same amount, so the game gets suddenly difficult in the 70s. i don't think it's possible to get past the 80s with the weapons the game offers. maybe if we had the all the measurements like the creator does, we could pinpoint the absolute best tower placements mathematically and get to 90... but that would be about it.
  12. Another game for you all

    noticed two weird glitches that i didn't see anyone mention. one is that you need 3000 to buy the flower tower, but it only deducts 2000 from your money. the second is that the green tower's upgrades only have about half of their advertised damage rates, untill you get to 9000. like the other towers, it seems like the best value for the flower towers doesn't come until the last upgrade. you probably need it to get to level 90, but i can't even get close. i've found you can make it to level 50 with a single blue or green tower if you place it over the "adjust for quality" letters, so that it's facing the first corridor, but that's about it.
  13. Religion of Peace and LoveĀ©

    Was the plan to blow up the bridge by making 500 phone calls? They didn't find any explosives and they're U.S. citizens... my only question is, why would a minority ever move to Texas in the first place?
  14. Netflix Suggestions

    the best use of netflix is renting entire seasons of tv shows. especially hbo. i've done it with the wire, the sopranos, and entourage, and it's highly satisfying. also, arrested development and the office. when the hell did tv shows get so good?
  15. Courteous smoker or confused smoker?

    if you're gonna make that argument, then i hope you're not fat. i was a smoker for ten years, but i quit last year. it makes me sick now, and i can't stand being around it or having people do it in my house or car. still, the whole point of smoking is that it's soothing, so if a friend of the family were going through an unusually stressful situation, such as taking their baby for surgery, i think i could live with the minor irritation of having my car smell for a few minutes while i roll my windows down. it's not like your wife invites people to do it all the time, or even does it herself. she seems pretty considerate to me.