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  1. Anthony Miller traded to Texans

    Could bode well for him too if Cobb is gone.
  2. 2021 Dues

  3. Herbert's Offensive ROY

    I'm sure it's got a cap hit which would be on otc or spotrac
  4. lol Juwan James - Denver OL

    FFS you two are worse than kindergartners how do you not have each other on ignore yet just do it and leave the rest of us out of your idiocy.
  5. Justin Fields impressing at Bears minicamp

    I hope he sits all year to give me time to grab him in the 3 leagues I don't yet have him in.
  6. Any open sites allow for yardage-based PPR?

    MFL does Long Receptions 20+ and 40+. They don't allow customization of this except for length of TD. They also give points for First Downs or First Down Rushing or First Down Receiving etc. I think where you are going is to minimize the impact of "worthless" receptions but still reward "important ones". A 3 yard reception on 3rd and 8 means nothing to the team but it's 1.3 points in PPR and that's just dumb. Many leagues are moving this direction and most of them go with the First Down option.
  7. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Apparently Clemson had no other devys worth River City's roster spot
  8. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Zach Evans was on my radar and if he can keep his head on straight he's going to be a stud. Potential head-case though that ultimately scared me off.
  9. Trade: Cocks / Footlongs

    I hear it a lot
  10. All picks are OTB

    I'm looking for 2022 picks or cash. I'm fine with a boost like 4.04 and one of my 2022 picks for an earlier 2022 pick structure.
  11. Trade: Cocks / Footlongs

  12. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Nah I like the drafts, they just aren't as fast paced and exciting as traditional leagues because of the difference in talent pools - I think it's a fun to have a change up. Just the drafts are much slower simply because there's so much less groupthink where you can pull up 5 mocks and see who you "should" take so people end up doing more research or making more trade offers.
  13. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    No snark, I'm way more obvious than that when I get bitter. It's factually a very boring draft right now. Devy drafts are even worse with so much of the current crop talent already on rosters.
  14. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    It's no biggie. We're not in a hurry, we're just going to hibernate until August when it's done, was just commenting. I'd rather start early and not pressure owners, let them take their time and get it right. If we take a couple weeks to do it that's just more fun we get to make of bad trade offers since that looks like it's a thing now.