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  1. Sorry to be a pill, but I've bidding on some SlickWillies players and have been watching his blind bid money. As of yesterday he had $4. He made a trade with you that netted him $1. He used that dollar and the 4 he had to matched Emanuel Sanders. Which should have left him with $0. Then he made a trade with Wait Till Next year that netted him $2. The home page now says he has $10, but based on transactions, he should have $2. Is there another transaction not yet recorded?


    Matt aka Big Fish

  2. Hey Dave, I have a FSDB account balance question. My balance was at $37 after my FT and Hunter trade ($4). It is now at $27. Are you adjusting it to reflect current bids? If not, why did I go from $37 to $27. Thanks.



    1. panhead55


      Never mind. I was at $41 at the end of last year. The $37 reflects the Hunter trade, but not the FT fee. All is good. Sorry for the first post.



  3. Hi Dave,


    Pinbot and I (BigFish) have agreed upon a trade Keke Coutee and $4 for Danielle Hunter. Twice one of us has offered and the other accepted, but it hasn't been processed, doesn't show as "awaiting commish appoval", and doesn't show up under transactions. Does the trade show on your end? I suspect a glitch in MFL's system.



  4. What are you doing dude???? I won $100. I posted to Gopher roll my winnings and send the rest to ATAP please look at Dec 30th post in 2017 winnings and credit my $10 and add $10 for the screw up!! And process my trade. Now I'm going to have to win AJ Green and TY

    1. flemingd


      If Gopher hasn't updated the payment info you should probably take it up with him, not me.

  5. Nice trade =. how many Offers did you send out before someone took Miller?

    I picked up his backup during the draft because he had issue late in the season. It will not ve long before he is sharing carries with the rookie RB

  6. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Auction all the way. I'm in one and if I could I'd do my other two auction as well. By far the most "fair" format while at the same time really rewarding those that do their homework and have a solid strategy they execute. I suggest a "practice" one a week before the actual draft - you learn a TON from the first one and having everyone get a mulligan will be very beneficial - especially if you are going to have any keeper component.
  7. Mock Drafts

    I keep getting errors when I try joining a draft
  8. FF Magazine

    The Fantasy edition? This promoted me to head to my local store, where they had the Pro Football, College Big Ten, and College Big Twelve - but no fantasy. Doesn't mean it's not out yet, in past years I've just grown accustomed to not looking until July 4th weekend. http://www.sportingnews.com/books/football/07ffom.html is the one I'm referring to.
  9. FF Magazine

    I'm suprised no one has mentioned The Sporting News. I've bought it every year for about 8 years or so now and I've found it to be, as FF rags go, quite useful. I initially bought it because as I stood in the store browsing the mags it was the first I'd ever seen at that time rank teams' OLines - something that had a huge impact on RB rankings. Again, this was 8 years ago, but at the time that was pretty blockbuster and something no other mags did. I now I buy it every year, and it's the only one I get. While my expectations are naturally low for a FF mag, it remains worth the seven bucks or so paid. It's also not out until the July 4th weekend, so it's one of the more current ones out there.
  10. Flex postion/Roster sizes

    3 of the 4 leagues I'm in use a flex WR instead of a 2nd RB. 2 also give 1/2 point per reception to WR and TE only. Let me tell you it makes a HUGH difference. You're no longer hamstrung on loading up with RB/RB/RB on draft day and teams with injuries can now get a WR that can still contribute. Many WR3 are competitive with RB2 now and it's much more about how you manage rosters. I have won 3 of the last 4 years in one league by heavily emphasizing WR when everyone else is still whoring up crappy RB - last year I had Moss Javon Wayne and Fitzgerald - if Javon has any kind of season that's a powerful as hell team even with crap at RB. As it was (I made some beauties in the mid rounds with Jordan and LJ) it was enough to carry me to 9-4 and have a good playoff run. I'm also a fan of limiting roster size - nothing worse than having a bare-naked waiver wire when trying to recover from key injuries. Teams with no injuries have enough advantage, no reason to give them an outlet to go stash all the vialble alternatives. My 8 man league requires 2 QB 3 RB 3 WR 2 TE 2 K 2 DEF and only has 2 "flex" roster spots. Requiring the extras at K TE DEF reduces the number of necessary transactions to manage byes and only having the 2 flexes really puts an emphasis on decision making. We also only have 9 pickups per season but this works out well since there is so much talent still available. Currently on my league's waiver wire include: Kitna Leftwich Favre Brees Carr Rhodes Drew Betts Barber Keyshawn Jennings Cotchery Bruce Reggie Brown So plenty of opportunity for injury covers and to get bad teams a shot to get back into it. I love this format and would recommend it to any league.
  11. Undefeated teams check in

    McNabb Delhomme Edge McGahee KJones TJones Dillon CJohnson Javon Reggie Williams LJ Smith Heap Rackers Vinatieri Baltimore Denver 8 man, drafted 4th. High scorer 4 out of 5 weeks #1 on the year. McNabb is TOTALLY carrying me and I'm getting solid week-in week-out scoring from other positions.
  12. I tied for the highest score in the league and lost the TB - had LT going and just needed 1 more point.

    Both have strong justifications: 1. The rules are clear - divisions are based on draft order. 2. In the absence of clear rules ("tradition" doesn't count - written rules do), the lineups were set on Thursday and any changes like this can't be executed after lineups - it would change who started whom and that can't be done post hoc. Whatever he does, he can't be a kitty cat. He needs to make the decision and stick the hell to it. Either way he's going to have people cry, so as long as he has a pair he'll be fine.
  14. Ronnie Brown owners

    He turned a stinker (30 yards) into a nice performance (by adding 2 TD's). Sure, he's not going to get 2 TD's every week, but this type of week is what saves wins - 12 more points than, say, Westbrook or Dunn might have gotten in the same situation. All against a VERY tough D matchup. I don't own him in any leagues, but I'd trade for him in a heartbeat if the chance came up.
  15. i had the best draft ever !

    That you dont' need RB's to win?