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  1. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    San Diego Unable to open web site?
  2. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    New England I picked a lock last year in week 1 (they lost)
  3. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    St Louis I got to make it past week 1 this year.
  4. Draft Strategy

    Yes Look at the Player Rankings Westbrook is at 25, the Huddle rankings have 24 players ranked higher. Join the Huddle there is help for you here
  5. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Wk 9 16 pts I hope you win loaf
  6. Explain Your Login Name!

    Browns fan
  7. Keep 2 -Edge/Rudi/Kevin Jones

    2nd & 2 from the 2 and it was because of Edge's running & a penalty that got them there from the 18 yard line....so you'd think Manning gives Edge a little Goal to Go Love, right? I mean it's only pre-season and all, so why not throw Edge a bone? Nope! Even in pre season Manning's a Greedy Bastage! From a post on the football site
  8. FF internet audio

    http://www.ffradio.com/FFex.php It's free, have yet to listen to it
  9. Who is gonna be up early with me?

    I'll be up. it's football
  10. A little taste of what's to come

    We need more
  11. Your biggest draft mistake.

    Drafting Priest Holmes while at Baltimore then not drafting him when he went to KC
  12. Ohio Huddlers

    Browns fan from Akron You have to enjoy other football teams. Detroit might be a good team to watch this year.
  13. Top 5 reasons you can't blame Modell for moving

    If we knew that 600 mill would have made the @#$$%^&^ leave then that would have been cheap.
  14. Manning #1 pick article...

    Caveman Nick good point. Not drafting a RB with the 1st pick you will be chasing RB’s the whole draft.
  15. Sofa League Draft

    Huddle's next 2 picks? New England & McMichael or do you draft a young WR