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  1. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

    Meh. Another day, another Megan Fox bag drives under the influence.
  2. Taxes and the War

    Oh, I know. But you said "lowering the deficit is great." That didn't lend itself as well to a self-serving, only marginally humorous play on words involving the terms "right direction" and "left-leaning."
  3. rocket launcher in jersey

    2nd amendment, anyone?
  4. Greatest American "Genius"

    Whoever invented happymouthfuntime.
  5. Taxes and the War

    Ironic that the right direction comes from those who are left-leaning.
  6. Taxes and the War

    Reread the article. What they are saying is that the deficit FOR THIS YEAR will "only" be $205 billion, which is half what it was at the worst of our deficit spending. So, we still overspent, just not as bad. Yes, it's a step in the right direction. But even once we get the ANNUAL deficit down to $0, we still have to go back and start working on the nearly $9 TRILLION dollars of accrued debt that we've piled up. If that doesn't make you gloomy, then I'd like some of what you're on, please.
  7. Taxes and the War

    Yes, you're missing something. Detlef's explanation is correct. All we've done is slowed the rate at which were overspending. But we're still overspending, and we haven't made any progress paying down the actual principal balance of the debt. And each year we overspend, which further adds to the principal on the debt, we increase the amount of interest we have to pay the following year. It's a compounding problem (pun intended) that anyone can understand, but that the powers don't want to explain in plain English. We basically need some combination of reduced spending and increased revenues to reverse this BS. And Iraq is costing us roughly $177 million PER DAY. And most of that is borrowed money. That's part of the cost of being "for the war." The real question that needs to be asked is this: when will economic reality supplant pro-war ideology? Personally, I can think of better ways to spend $177 a day to protect this country from external threats. Hell, if we're just going to put it all on the ol' credit card anyways, maybe we can build a decent school or two while were at it. You know, assuming we're all okay with deficit spending in the first place.
  8. What do you think?

    Turban salesmen?
  9. Taxes and the War

    Your forgot preserving the low 15% capital gains rate.
  10. Taxes and the War

    We're fighting a (very expensive) war on credit. The solution to that problem isn't cutting "welfare." Would you really be willing to metaphorically take food out of another American's mouth, just to extend the war in Iraq without additional tax consequence to yourself? Besides, the cost of personal entitlement programs pale in comparison to the cost of the war itself, and you know that. Moreover, your thinking is way to short term, if not borderline greed. I'm less concerned with a short term economic downturn that would (accurately) reflect our nation's recent economic recklessness than I am with the long term effects of racking up massive debt, which is held increasingly by China. Mortgaging our country's future to the Chinese so that we can fight in Iraq (which is only tangentially related to the true war on terror), just so you and I don't have to pay more taxes (which we can both easily afford to pay) is a retarded game plan. Frankly, I'd love to see the country threatened with tax increases specifically designed to pay for the war. That reality might help us better set our national priorities.
  11. Taxes and the War

    Well, for starters, you can forget the idea of estate tax repeal. That ain't gonna happen now. And while Perch is correct that tax revenues are up (at record highs, in fact) spending is way out of control. It's like getting a 15% raise, but then turning around and increasing your budget by 30%. Yes, your income got better. But on a net basis, your still worse off then before the raise.
  12. Falcons should go after Cpepp

    You know, if I were Billy Volek's agent...
  13. Falcons should go after Cpepp

    What are you talking about?!?!? They've got Joey Harrington.
  14. Mock Drafts

    Signed up for 114666 (12 team), which starts around 6:38pm PST.
  15. Sleeper RB of 2007!

    From what I read, it wasn't so much an issue of maturity with Grossman as it was body mechanics and stuff like that. Apparently, he spent a ton of time with trainers watching film to see where is was going wrong, then spent time correcting his mistakes. Things like footwork and ball release. For example, there were a number of times when he had check downs to the RBs that he'd skip over as he was going through his rotation, which caused him to hold on to the ball too long (risk sack) or make a riskier throw than was needed to move the chains. Plus, his long ball was really, really iffy on too many throws. So we'll see. I wouldn't expect top 12 QB fantasy stats, but for a throw away pick, you could probably do a lot worse. Also, Alex Smith is a decent upside gamble. Niners should be a lot better this year, SF has like the 8th easiest schedule for QBs, but a lot hinges on D-Jax' health. It's an upside pick, to be sure.