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  1. Cool places to hold your Draft

    We hold ours at a private club. Three of our team owners (self included) in my local are members at the American Legion. Most private clubs have a seperate hall or private room that they use for meetings and such. We have the event catered and the member's bar is down stairs so we can get beer or whatever anytime during the draft. Maybe one of your team owners is a member of some such club - American Legion, VFW, Fire Hall, Moose Club, Kiwanis Club, Elk Lodge, Social Club, Knights of Columbus, etc... Good luck.
  2. Two more movies and then I done. I think. Rubin and Ed & Motorama
  3. I understand where you are coming from... As far as pacing goes his movies tend to drag, come to think of it drag might be a little generous. I don't mind it but I can't say I disagree with you either.
  4. Night On Earth is great too... The only one of his films I wasn't thrilled with is Broken Flowers and even that has it's moments... Down By Law is my all time favorite though. I really dig Robby Müller's work as a cinematographer.
  5. This is a great movie... Jim Jarmusch has directed three of my favorite movies: Ghost Dog, Dead Man, and Down By Law...
  6. What is weird is that I actually dug 'Sympathy for mister vengeance' and I wanted to like 'Oldboy' I just don't, not saying it's a bad film it just didn't appeal to me for some reason... There is a third film in this directors vengeance trilogy... Did you see that one? City of lost children is a pretty amazing movie. Imagery is spot on...
  7. +1 There is something about this film that I absolutely despise, I just can't put my finger on it...
  8. Good call on Herzog Az... It seems like every time he and Klaus Kinski worked together it was both weird and enjoyable. There are some pretty funny bits in the documentary 'My Best Friend Klaus' that Herzog did a few years back. The Documentary 'Grizzly Man' is strange and beautiful as well... I enjoy Herzog's approach to the documentary, he is very much a part of it. Interjecting himself into and not just documenting said subject matter. I also really enjoyed 'Battle Royale', Takashi Kitano is a heck of an actor.... A couple more movies I thought of today: Two Documentaries both by the Maysles brothers: 'Grey Gardens' and 'Salesman' are both worth watching. 'The Hour of the Wolf' with Max Von Sydow directed by Ingmar Bergman And two Lars Von Trier films (though all of them fall into the weird category I just have not enjoyed them all...) 'Europa' and 'The Element of Crime' are both very good IMO.
  9. I'm with you there. I've gotten to the point where I'm not so much scared as I am unsettled... I don't know if any of you caught 'The Masters of Horror' series on Showtime but there is a short film called Jenifer by Argento(I think) where I actually gagged due to of some of the imagery...
  10. I actually really liked The Decent as well...
  11. I agree with this to a point... The Asian film industry has mad some pretty good horror movies recently IMO. Also, I am digging what Rob Zombie has been doing and George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead was actually a pretty good film. But, on a whole hollywood horror movies are just massed produced... They really don't have to be good to make money,, unfortunately. Good call on Westworld... Sidenote: Has anyone seen 'The Proposition' with Guy Pearce?
  12. I forgot to mention one of my all time favorites - 'Point Blank' with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson... F'ing bizarre but great! Takashi Miike has mad some pretty crazy films but 'Happiness of the Katikuras' is one of the strangest movies I've seen. It is a part Sci/Fi, part Horror and all Musical. I'll toss a few more out: Rashomon by Kurusowa The original 'Wicker Man' from 1973 Lost Highway by Lynch (but I pretty much have enjoyed everything the man has directed) Suspiria by Dario Argento Cemetery Man with Rupert Everett - extremely underrated film.
  13. This movie is awesome! Good call on Miami Blues H8, it is a great film. One of my favorites is Repo Man Any of Cronenbergs films really... I'll just throw a dart here - Videodrome. Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia and Cock Fighter are two great ones with Warren Oates. Altered States I could go on for hours...
  14. The Brick

    I just caught this movie the other night. It wasn't bad. Putting the dialect of 40's tough guy noir types into the mouths of modern teens was interesting but beyond that... it stuck pretty much to classic film noir motifs. Good movie, not great but I am interested to see what the writer/director comes up with for a fllow -up.