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  1. Trying to get R Brown

    Yeah, it was late last night and my brain was running a bunch of scenarios at once. At the time it looked good for both sides. Now I look at it today and see how silly it is. Sorry to waste everyones time.
  2. Cedric Benson

    Saw on this site that his knee is sore, the same knee he injured last year. Bear Homers.....what's the inside scoop? Is it serious and something that's going to linger for a while or just some early soreness from working out (ie trying to get into "football shape") Anything serious and I'm going to try to screw someone over and trade him
  3. TJ Duckett

    Another owner showed interest in Duckett. I was wondering what his value is right now, considering he may be traded. Anyway, my team is in the sig. Here's his team: QB- Bledsoe, Brees RB- J. Lewis, C Taylor, Moats, C Perry, Staley WR- Bruce, Edwards, V Jackson, M Jones, Mason, Wilford TE- Witten Plus Picks 1.04, 3.01, 3.02 in rookie draft I have the 1.03, 1.08, 2.08, 3.08 picks Does anyone interest you on his team? I'm kind of interested in Wilford and Witten.
  4. TJ Duckett

    Thats a great point. I never thought of someone drafting him like a Pittsburg that knows how to use big backs. I'm just stuck in the notion that TJ is of very little value. He will never be a feature back, he's injury prone and if not traded he could really start to see a decline in P.T. this year and in the future. Understood. I acually have to update my sig line-up. Hakim has been dropped. I also have the 1.03 and 1.08 picks in the upcoming rookie draft. I'll be getting Maroney or Williams w/ the first pick and possbly Norwood w/ 1.08 ( or Leinhart ???? ). I also plan on picking up M. Turner for LT insurance in the 2nd rd. So, when all is said and done I should have a backfield of: LT, Benson, Dunn, Maroney and M Turner.
  5. TJ Duckett

    I guess I'm a little surprised that the consesus is to turn down the deal. Wilford is actually ranked 28th while Duckett is 46th for RB. Is it still a big question mark as to the type of playing time Wilford will get b/c of Jones and Williams?
  6. TJ Duckett

    Do you guys think just doing this is good enough: TJ for E Wilford That's about all I can get from him.
  7. TJ Duckett

    That's exactly why I'm considering offering this: TJ for his 2007 first round pick I think I might be willing to take the chance on his draft position next year! What do you think?
  8. Traveling Trophy for Champs

    I was actually doing some research and I ran across this one Link With this one you can buy the whole trophy including the mini-helmet and the winner will get to keep the helmet, the base can have plates to engrave. You can then buy a new minihelmet next year and the entire trophy can travel to the new winner's house, while the previous year's winner can keep the minihelmet. Kinda a cool idea.
  9. Here's my team: QB - Green, Lefty RB - LT, Benson, Dunn, Duckett WR - Holt, Branch, Horn, Reg Brown, Burleson TE - Gonzo, Troupe (I have the 1.03, 1.08 and 2.08 picks in the upcoming rookie draft as well) I'm in a 12 man Dynasty League. I was wondering what you guys thought of a trade like this: D. Branch, 1.03 and 1.08 (rookie draft picks) for S. Jackson and 1.05 Here's his team: QB - McNabb,Carr, Volek RB - Jackson, J. Jones, Martin, M. Anderson, Bell, C.Houston WR - D. Bennett, Ma.Clayton, D. Jackson, Roy Williams, Reg. Williams TE - Cooley Picks 1.05, 2.05 and 3.12 in rookie draft Just throwing out ideas b/c I'm really starting ti get the football bug now!
  10. #1 pick in new dynasty league

    I would say it's between LT and SA. LJ's team is slowly dwindling away. I don't doubt he'll have a good year this year, but after that I see rough waters and you are starting up a dynasty. My personal preference is a RB that can score in more ways than one ( rush, pass, receive ). That would clearly be LT. LT has proven he can be a monster no matter what is around him ( ie bad OL, QB, WR corp, etc ). You couldn't go wrong w/ SA either, but I would prefer to have LT. Another option is to snag LJ w/ the first and try to trade him next year for player(s) you need.
  11. Jason Campbell

    I'm in a 12 team dynasty league and I'm interested in acquiring Campbell in hopes of getting a solid starter for the future. What would you give up to get him? The team that currently has him is, unfortunately, a Redskins fan. He has these picks in our rookie draft (overall picks): 14 (2.02), 23(2.11), 38(4.02). I have the 3 (1.03), 8 (1.08), 20 (2.08) and 32 (3.08). I was thinking about the 2.08 for Campbell straight up. Too little, too much? What do you think?
  12. Jason Campbell

    Why's that? Don't you think he's much of a prospect? Haven't heard much about him, except for the few articles I've seen around the web. All of which seem to speak positive things about him. Would you rather have one of the 3 rookies ( ie Leinhart, Cutler, Young ) in this year's draft over him?
  13. I was just wondering who you think has the most upside/potential at being a quality fantasy league starter. Not so much this year, but in years to come. Some QBs to consider are (but not limited to) : Alex Smith Phillip Rivers Matt Leinhart Vince Young Jay Cutler Andrew Walter Tarvaris Jackson Add any other worthy candidates and reasoning for your choices. Thanks
  14. This is great stuff! This is the kind of info I love to read. I don't get to hear a lot about the back-ups for other teams I don't watch on a regular basis. So the more info and upside I hear about a guy, the better. From reading these posts I did some additional research on Schaub and Campbell b/c they look like guys that have been around a year or two and could be promising starters soon. Unfortunately, both are taken in my league. Campbell is owned by a guy that loves the Redskins and Schaub is taken by an owner that also has Vick. I think I'll try to wait until our rookie draft and see if they want to make a deal during the heat of battle. My draft picks are 1.03, 1.08 and 2.08. At the risk of getting this post moved - do you think 1.08 is too high for either one of these guys or should I try w/ a 2.08 (20th overall) for them?
  15. Trade Advice

    Just been offered this trade. I'm in a 12 man dynasty league and I have the 1.03 and 1.08 picks in the upcoming rookie/FA draft. Would you do this trade: Nate Burleson for Chris Simms I know its no blockbuster, but I was just wondering what you guys thought. Here's my team: QB - Green, Lefty RB - LT, Benson, Dunn, Duckett WR - Holt, Horn, Branch, Burleson, Reg Brown TE - Gonzo, Troupe
  16. LT for LJ

    Here's my team: QB - Green, Lefty RB - LT, Benson, Dunn, Duckett WR - Holt, Branch, Horn, Reg Brown, Burleson TE - Gonzo, Troupe (I have the 1.03 and 1.08 picks in the upcoming rookie draft as well) I'm in a 12 man Dynasty League. I was wondering what you guys thought of a trade like this: LT for LJ The owner that has LJ is a big Charger fan. He may want to do this. Do you guys think I should propose it? There are positives and negatives for both, but do you think I would be better off in the long run w/ LT or LJ?
  17. I am really interested in Matt Jones. I was thinking that maybe I could offer Branch for Jones straight-up to really get this guys attention and ensure a deal gets done. I don't want to make the same mistake this year that I did last. I kept Burleson w/ high hopes even though there were decent trade offers coming my way. I think Branch is this year's Nate, in that he may be overvalued right now. I was thinking Jones might be a good bet now that he's Jax's #1. Would that be crazy or should I offer a rookie draft pick swap like: Branch & 2.08 for Jones & 2.03
  18. Well, I feel the same way about Branch. Even if there isn't a clear #2 WR, I still think Brady will throw a lot to his TE's and RB's (like he always has). I know when Lefty was healthy, he targeted Jones quite a bit. Now that he will be the #1, things can only get better. I also found these quotes interesting: WR M.Jones Working In #1 Wideout Role Bart Hubbuch, Florida Times-Union - [Full Article] "HC Jack Del Rio said WR Matt Jones has been one of the standouts of the offseason program so far and is "clearly ahead of where he was this time last year." That's good news for the Jaguars, because Jones' role figures to increase this year after the sudden retirement of all-time franchise receiving leader WR Jimmy Smith this month. Just how much the Jaguars will rely on Jones has been obvious from the ongoing workouts at Alltel Stadium. Jones is lining up in Smith's old spot as the No. 1 wideout, ahead of 2004 first-round pick WR Reggie Williams." and "Unusual Homework For WR M.Jones Bart Hubbuch, Florida Times-Union - [Full Article] WR Matt Jones doesn't have WR Randy Moss' five Pro Bowls or 98 touchdowns receiving, but the Jaguars believe he has some similarities to the Raiders' wideout. That's why the Jaguars have given Jones some unusual homework this offseason: as many Moss highlight tapes as he can watch. HC Jack Del Rio wants Jones to learn as much as he can, because the coach is convinced his second-year receiver has the same talents that have made Moss one of the NFL's most feared receivers. "He's got that freakish athleticism that Moss has," Del Rio said of the 6-foot-6 Jones, who is 2 inches taller than Moss." I don't know....Just makes me think that maybe I should gamble and get this guy before its too late.
  19. My team is in the sig line. This is a 12 team dynasty league. My QBs are getting weak, Green's getting old and Lefty is a good #2, but not #1, and I'm going to flat out drop Collins before our rookie draft. I've been trying to trade for Eli, Brady, McNabb but there have been no takers. I do have a shot at other 3rd and 4th tier QBs like Roethlisberger, Brees and Rivers. I also have the 1.03 and 1.08 picks in the rookie draft. So, my question is, who would you be more comfotable w/ as your QB in a dynasty league? Roethlisberger Brees Rivers Cutler V. Young Leinhart
  20. QB help in a dynasty league

    Yeah, I'm kinda feeling Rivers just b/c I may be able to get him for a better price than Big Ben, and he's 2 years ahead of the other rooks I would be drafting this year. What do you guys think would be a fair offer for him? Like I said, I have the 1.03, 1.08, 2.08 and 3.08 for this years rookie draft. Here's his team: QB-Brady, Brooks, Big Ben, Rivers RB-SA, K. Jones, T Jones, Droughns WR-Harrison, Mccardell, Moulds, Rogers, S Smith, Ward, M Williams TE- Clark, Watson
  21. This is a 12 team dynasty league. The other owner offered me this in his trade proposal. The same proposal I offered him 2 weeks ago, and he refused it. Here it is: Benson/Branch for C. Taylor/Mason My team is in the sig line. Should I pull the trigger and accept the trade? Thanks for your input!
  22. Yeah, the more I thought about it...and thought about it...and thought about it, I finally had to turn down the trade offer. I feel the same way you do about Benson. I actually drafted him above Arrington last year knowing he was the better dynasty league prospect. There's no way I can let go of him before seeing what happens, good or bad.
  23. As you can see in the sig line, I need some future help at QB. This is a dynasty league and I have the 1.03 and 1.08 picks in the upcoming rookie draft. I'm more than likely going RB w/ my 1.03 pick. Leinhart will be gone either at 1.02 or 1.06, probably. I'm really not convinced Vince is the answer. Should I grab Cutler in 1.08, or should I gamble and wait until 2nd round (pick 20, I think) Another option may be trading Eli's owner one of my rb's and a draft pick. I don't know.
  24. Sorry in advance for asking advice on another trade. I just really enjoy reading everyone's opinions and advice. Some of them are things I hadn't thought of before. Here's the deal: My team is in the sig line. 12 team dynasty league. I got offered this: Branch Benson for 1.02 (rookie draft spot) and D. Mason I really like Benson but..... I already have the 1.03 and 1.08 rookie draft spots. If I were to do this trade I would be able to get the likes of: D Williams, Maroney and (V Davis or Cutler or Lienhart...) Maybe its worth it What do you think?
  25. More Trade advice needed

    That was my thought exactly. Being a dynasty league I really hate getting guys on the downswing of their career. They hold little value except for this season. Plus my WRs are already starting to get old (Horn and kinda Holt).