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  1. More Trade advice needed

    Thanks for info! I know eventually Benson will get the nod, and when ho does he could be worth holding on to.
  2. More Trade advice needed

    Great advice guys. I'm staying put w/ what I have. He countered w/ this which totally blew me away because I thought he wanted Branch so bad. Harrison, Moats and Droughns for Benson and 1.08
  3. Who has more value in a dynasty? Carr or Duckett?

    Oh yeah, w/out a doubt... take it!!!!!!
  4. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    Thats pretty cool! I recently read an article about Croyle. He seems like a really good guy. I hope he does well in the NFL!
  5. Rating RBs

    I agree completely
  6. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    Thats a great question. Should I try 1.02 for Eli straight up, Or should I start w/ Leftwich & 1.08 for Eli?
  7. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    In all honesty, I think Smith might be a good guy to have on your roster to just sit a while. That is if you can afford to have him take up a roster spot like a rookie (this year) QB would do. Sooner or later SF will get better, and probably sooner more than later the way the NFL is designed these days. Thats just what's been happening. Once Alex starts getting more weapons at his disposal, he could become a very good option to have around. That being said, one of the guys in my league (who seems to have a love affair w/ Branch this year) offered me this trade: Branch and Benson for D. Mason and his 1.02 rookie draft slot. I really don't know about this because I really think Benson could be a top 10 RB once the job is his. Chicago just has a great rushing offense. And the dude's got skills. But...that 1.02 spot plus my 1.03 and 1.08 would land me some darn good rookies this year as well. Plus, I could use one of those picks to get Eli Manning in a trade from another owner. What do ya think?!?
  8. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    Really! That's interesting. SF is just not a team I'm too familiar w/. Why do you think their offense is going to be better this year. I know they added the rook Davis at TE, and Allen to the line. What was the other move? Wasn't it something like Lloyd left and Bryant came to town. Whatever it was, I'm not convinced they are going to be so much better in the next couple years. Although I'm positive I could get him cheap. It might be worth a shot....I don't know.
  9. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    I was considering making a trade. Most notably Eli Manning. The guy that has him needs some help at other positions. In fact, here's his team QB Manning, Eli McNair, Steve RB Barlow, Kevan Fason, Ciatrick Jones, Greg Pittman, Michael Smith, Antowain Taylor, Fred WR Battle, Arnaz Bryant, Antonio Givens, David Lewis, Greg Lloyd, Brandon Stallworth, Donte Toomer, Amani TE Graham, Daniel Kinney, Erron I want to be fair. Do you think a RB combo (Dunn/Duckett) and 1.08 or 2.08 sounds good or Leftwich and 1.08 something along those lines?
  10. Is 1.08 too easrly for Cutler?

    Yeah, the guy at 1.02 needs a qb and he really likes Leinhart. Same deal for the guy at 1.06. Things could change from now 'tll our draft, but right now it sounds like that's how it is going to go. Minus your defensive player(s) it looks like lienhart went at 1.08. Not too far removed from 1.06. I'm actually very surprised that Young and Cutler both followed lienhart back-to-back. That makes me even more inclined to grab Cutler at 1.08. I reallly don't know much about Croyle. Does the dude have skills?
  11. Trade offer

    Hey guys, Just got offered this trade from a guy that wants D. Branch. He's asking me to trade Branch(NEP) for Brees(NOS). Would you guys do it? This is a 12 man dynasty league and the rest of my team is in the sig line. Scoring is relatively standard: 6 pts TD QB-5 pts pass+rush 250-299yds (inc 1 pt every 50 additional yds) WR-5 pts rec+rush 75-99 yds (inc 1 pt every 25 additional yds)
  12. Trade offer

    This is now HIS offer because he's going to trade away Harrison for J. Lewis and pick 2.07. He's now offering me Droughns, Moats, 2.07 for Branch, 1.08 There's kinda 2 sides to this. One, I could use Dunn/Duckett+ to get Eli. Or use my 1.03 for Lienart ( which I think is too early ). I just think he countered w/ less than he's countered w/ before. I would take Taylor over Droughns.
  13. Trade offer

    I totally agree. I'm just curious how far he'll go. He's been expressing interest in Branch now for weeks.
  14. Trade offer

    Alright.......... This is probably going to be my final offer. I offered him: Branch, Dunn, Duckett and my 1.08 for Harrison, C. Taylor and Brees This way I get an upgrade at WR, about even trade at rb and a qb w/ ?s, but potential. Plus I get to keep my 1.03 for 1 of 3 rookie rb's that I would like to have (Maroney, Williams, Addai) We'll see if he bites.
  15. Trade offer

    I actually went ahead and offered this trade to him: Benson/Branch for Taylor/Mason: Here's his reply: If I had another starting back I’d do that but right now I can’t trade C. Taylor unless I could be guaranteed a starting RB. Let me throw this out…… Brees, C. Taylor, Mason for Branch, Benson, 1.03? I have the 1.03 and the 1.08 pick in our dynasty rookie draft Should I pull the trigger?
  16. Trade offer

    Good idea! Here's his roster: QB Bledsoe Brees Frye RB Droughns Moats Pass C. Perry Staley C. Taylor WR Harrison Edwards Vincent Jackson Mason Wilford
  17. New offer.....figures

    This was my original post: I'm in a 12 man dynasty league and another owner offered me this trade: Brees, Moats and a 2nd round pick next year for Branch This is a relatively standard scoring league My team is in the sig line He quickly had second thoughts and cancelled the offer. After several emails back and forth with horrible offers all of a sudden coming my way, he came up w/ this one: Green and Branch for Brees and Moats Green's getting up there in age, would this be a good opportunity to get rid of him?
  18. New offer.....figures

    Yeah, I actually countered w/ Green/Branch for Chris Perry/Frye or Perry/Moats. He loves Perry, but he said he'll think about this one. It all depends on the contract situations between Perry and Rudi.
  19. Trade offered

    I'm in a 12 man dynasty league and another owner offered me this trade: Brees, Moats and a 2nd round pick next year for Branch This is a relatively standard scoring league My team is in the sig line
  20. Trade offered

    I thought it was a great deal too.......too great. I thought I was missing something because I haven't been keeping up on the NFL like I should have been. Thanks for your replies and assurance!
  21. I agree w/ the last 2. Go w/ Benson. Gado is a complete unknown. There must be a reason you still have Benson on your team. I'm guessing its for a time like this. He's finally getting the start, so throw him in there and let's see what he can do...I am!
  22. Burleson @ Giants Brown vs Cowboys With a win I move into a tie for first. Every point I get I will help. 5 pts for 75 yds plus an additional 1 every 25 thereafter. 6 pts TD
  23. Holt is out

    Rams declared Torry Holt, Jeff Smoker, Marc Bulger, Rex Tucker, running back Aveion Cason, Isaac Bruce, tight end Jeff Robinson and Leonard Little inactive for week seven. Lot of big names on that list. The Rams offense could be in trouble, even against the Saints. Oct. 23 - 12:02 pm et Source: St Louis Post-Dispatch Out goes goes McDonald Wow all 3 of my starters aren't playing today ( Holt, Horn, Branch ) Good luck getting a W today
  24. holt or curtis

    Oh crap....... I posted my question before I saw this post. I have the same quandry except sub Kurtis w/ McDonald.
  25. Latest news is that Holt has been downgraded from probable to questionable. Since this game may be a high scorer, do you think I should start Shaun McDonald instead. I don't have many choices because of injury and bye week.