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  1. Hey guys,

    I've just been offered this trade in my 12 team dynasty league:


    James, Edgerrin ARI RB

    Colston, Marques NOS WR

    Davis, Vernon SFO TE


    Maroney, Laurence NEP RB

    Branch, Deion SEA WR


    This is a 12 team league. TE are mandatory plays.

    starting line-up consists of:








    My current roster:

    QB - Romo, Kitna, Stanton

    RB - LT, Maroney, Benson, Norwood, D Wynn, T Hunt, Dunn

    WR - Holt, Branch, Reg Brown, Curry, L. Moore

    TE - Gonzo, Zach Miller

    K - Wilkins

    D - Raiders, Seahawks


    What do you think? Should I accept? It would set me up well for TE, age me at RB, and improve WR ( I think, although Colston's been struggling).

  2. To start with I'd like to say that I'm the owner of one dynasty fantasy football team, I've been doing this for over 10 years, yet I still stink at trade offers.

    I'm constantly asking for your advice....which I really appreciate and respect all of you opinions.

    Now, to the matter at hand - I want to get Lee Evans from a team that is weak at RB.

    Here's his team:


    Delhomme, J

    Pennington, C

    Schaub, M

    Vick, M


    Davis, D

    Fargas, J

    Gore, F

    Green, A

    Herron, N

    Lundy, W


    Boldin, A

    Booker, M

    Evans, L

    Jenkins, M

    Owens, T


    Daniels, O

    McMichael, R

    Pope, L


    My team is in the sig.

    Do you think offering him Dunn and Norwood for Evans is too much or too little?

    If its either, do you have a better suggestion?

  3. This is not a league that starts 2 QBs, no. I wasn't really looking for QB depth, another team offered this trade to me and I just wanted to ask you guys (the experts), what you thought about it.


    Does it make any difference whatsoever that its a dynasty league?

  4. My one and only fantasy football team is listed in the sig line.

    I was wondering if you would do either of these trades?


    D Brees for Maroney


    D Brees for C Benson


    Relatively standard scoring rules apply. It is worth noting however that both RB and QB get 6 pts for a TD.

    12 man dynasty league

  5. Great advice here guys!!!!!

    I think I was somewhat blinded by the fact that I could get Burner Turner, my highly touted potential back-up to LT, along with a young, potential stud QB for a RB with possible shoulder issues. I really don't know how severe Maroney's situation is however.


    Thanks again for the great advice!!


    And Bronco Billy, I hope I wasn't coming across like a smart-a$$. I was honestly wondering if my sig line was visible b/c I had just edited it.

  6. This is a 12 man dynasty league.



    QB - 5 pts for 250yds + 1 pt for every additional 25yds

    6 pts TD

    RB - 6 pts for 100yds + 1 pt for every additional 25 yds

    6 pts TD


    My team is in the sig


    Been offered Matt Leinart and Burner Turner for L Maroney.


    What do you think?

  7. This is a weird question, I know. I'm in a 12 team dynasty league and after each year, the division winners get to choose the other teams in their division. It's just like a mini serpentine draft (ie 1,2,3,3,2,1,1,2,3).

    We are down to the last two teams.

    Its between "Team Discovery Channel"(this year's Champ), and "Hybert's Hooligans".


    Which team has the better chance at being worse in 2007?

    Here's the link to our MFL roster page -> LINK


    Remeber, this is my division (the Blue Div.) I'm picking, so the worse the better!!!


    Here are the divisions so far ( I'm Homestarmy ):


    Black – Team Duck, Red’s Blue Geese, Team GRD, Addie & the Jets


    Blue – Homestarmy, Suds n’ Brews, Eric the Redskins


    Gray – VIE, BALCO, Miannie

  8. Thanks for the reply!!

    This is why I like to run things by the Huddle Forum.

    I'm horrible when it comes to judging my own trade offers!


    This is something I really don't want to do, I love LT! I'm just thinking that sooner or later, LT is going to start to wear down. I'd better get some value out of him while it's at an all-time high.

  9. This other guy in my league wants LT bad, he's a big Bolts fan. He also wants Maroney. I told him it wouldn't be cheap. He hasn't emailed back his offer yet, but I'm worried its going to be as bad as several weeks ago. He offered me Gates and McGahee for LT....I told him NO.


    My team is in the sig

    Here's his team:

    QB - Palmer, Plummer, Cutler

    RB - LJ, McGahee, J. Lewis, Bennett, Calhoun

    WR - 85, Andre Johnson, L. Fitzgerald, Muhammed, B Johnson

    TE - Gates, Winslow


    I was thinking:




    Cutler, LJ, Fitz


    Stupid idea?

  10. I could use some help this week at QB (ie Huard) because Kitna is on bye and Lefty is hurting. But, I was wondering if I should nab Romo or trade for Carr instead. I think Huard would be a good WW pick up this week (vs. Seattle), but I'm considering picking up Romo for future upside instead. I also know the Carr owner is willing to trade b/c he's also got Rivers and McNabb.

    What would you do in my situation?


    1) pick up Huard for bye week filler (I'm currently tied for 1st in my Div.)

    2) pick up Romo for future beneficial match-ups/ years to come

    3) try to trade for Carr


    The QB position has always been a problem for my team :D

  11. I'm in a 12 team dynasty league and need some young talent at QB. My team is in the sig.

    We have a fantasy draft every year comprised of rookie and free agents. I was wondering if offering the other guy my rookie/FA first round pick next year would be close to getting a deal done.

    The guy that owns him is stacked, he really doesn't have a glaring weakness. Here's his team:







    S. Jackson

    Rudi Johnson

    K. Jones


    D. Bennett

    Mark Clayton

    D. Jackson

    B. Marshall


    Roy Williams

    Reg Williams



    E. Johnson


    What do you think I should offer?

    Or should I target Gradkowski instead (maybe a bit cheaper)?

    Any help would be very appreciated!