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  1. Well at least the commish made it right. It’s on the team manager to manage there own team and know if they need too add a player or not. That’s why most leagues added extra ir spots this year or a deeper bench. Good luck
  2. Alvin Kamara and Miles Sanders....

    Yes sir that is def true. Seems like something is just off though. I’ve seen people stating they’re starting both Kamara and Murray, some benching Kamara for Murray, some say starting Booker over Kamara. I don’t own Kamara and am glad I’m not in that predicament
  3. Alvin Kamara and Miles Sanders....

    I drafted L Murray and have hung on this long waiting for something like this.
  4. Week 13 Waivers

    Use it on Booker, this deep in the season there will be nobody more valuable left on waivers in the coming weeks besides Booker. He has low end rb1 upside if Jacobs goes down. You will never find anyone more valuable after this week to use #1 priority on. I’ve had booker rostered for 3 weeks now. All big handcuffs should already be took or will by this week in majority of leagues.
  5. Throwing a Game

    I’ve did it before, it’s worked out and also bit me in the ass. As long as you are doing this on your own terms it’s fine. Be prepared though, it will either win you it all or make you lose it all. Not much in between lol.
  6. Week 13 Waivers

    Booker and it’s not even close imo. Akers numbers this week we’re heavily inflated.
  7. Wow, 25 that sucks. I usually make 60+ every season. I agree rules are rules. Winston is your only hope.
  8. I was offered Kittle and Godwin for Julio Jones and Singletary.  I’m hurting at tight end and have Golladay Boyd and Diggs at receiver. Thoughts?

    1. bpkrufus


      You should keep Julio, kittle is not seeing the volume he did last year. Pick up Chris Herndon see what he does when he gets back in 2 weeks.