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  1. Got Chester Taylor in the lineup and need two more out of these three: McGahee vs. MIA T. Jones vs. TB S. Morris @ BUF Normally it would be McGahee and T. Jones but as anyone knows who has been watching the Bears, it looks like Jones is splitting more and more time with Benson. McGahee and Morris may be the safer play. Let's hear it.
  2. Vick or Rivers?

    This is a tough one. Both players go against tough defenses on the road. Who would you start? Vick @ BAL Rivers @ DEN
  3. Cadillac

    4 yards in the 1st half? Is he injured or are they just sucking big time today?
  4. I've been offered Edge and Braylon Edwards for Andre Johnson. The only reason I am considering this trade is because I also have Torry Holt and Roy Williams and start two WRs. We start 2 WRs, 2 RBs and one flex WR/RB position. Here is what I currently have: RB - C. Taylor, W. McGahee, C. Benson, Lendale White, Musa Smith WR - T. Holt, A. Johnson, R. Williams As you can see, I need help at my third flex spot. Would I be better leaving Johnson in my lineup and have three WRs or would I be better with 3 RBs including Edge? We get points for receptions.
  5. I had a dream!

    Last night, I woke myself up from a nightmare. Da Bears lost a game. I don't think there was a specific team but this makes me nervous about tonight. You know you have a good team and high expectations when you start having nightmares about them losing one game!! Go Bears!
  6. Need Emergency Backup RB

    I know it sucks but I don't have any other choices this week. I'm thinking Benson hoping Chicago will get up on the Cards pretty quick and then run the ball a lot. Last week, they ran Benson the whole second half pretty much. Smith has looked sharp in the games I've seen him in this year and plays CAR this week. So cast your vote: Benson @ ARI M. Smith vs. CAR
  7. Quarterback Watch Finally Gets It Right

    Jesus. I just made it through the WR watch. Definitely a bias towards Da Bears. Just read this piece from the "climbing up the ladder" piece: "Bernard Berrian (CHI) – Is it crazy to not include the No. 1 fantasy wideout in non-points-per-reception leagues in the top-10? Perhaps, but dang it, this is the Bears offense and it just can’t be for real – not to this extent, anyway. Then again, maybe it is. Chicago plays at Arizona in Week 6 and, generally speaking, the Bears have a ridiculously easy schedule the rest of the way, thanks in large part to playing in the NFC North. As a result, Berrian is a safest bet among this season’s crop of upstart wideouts to become the latest, greatest No. 1 fantasy wideout over the long haul." The guy finally admits that Grossman deserves a spot in the top 10, even placing him at #2. Then refuses to point one of the top scoring receivers on the top 10 list simply because he plays for the Bears. I'm a Bears fan and have an obvious personal bias there but this is really bad writing. People pay for this site so they can get insights and advice for making fantasy decisions. If you aren't going to use factual data in an article of this nature, then it loses it's value to the readers. If you want to write an article with nothing but your opinions in them and exclude players simply because they play for a team you don't like or respect, then just change the title to "Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks To Own That Aren't On Teams Scott Doesn't Like Or Think Are For Real". What a joke. Sorry to rant. I promise not to ever post about this again as I don't plan to read them anymore. I've just come to really like most of the things posted on this site over the years but the quality seems to have taken a dive. Thank God for the weekly six pack!!
  8. if the NFL cancelled Monday Night Football ...

    I agree. I sat through games last year and pulled my hair out listening to Jabber Joe contradict himself and fumble all around trying to say something that makes sense. When I found out they were moving him to MNF, I kicked the wall....and pretty hard too. The comment last night about the kayaking through the desert was pretty darn funny though, especially since I was thinking the same thing. I just don't want to admit that Joe Theisman and I were ever thinking the same thing, which is why I post this message behind the veil of my avatar. I want to keep MNF. In fact I want TNF, WNF, ThursNF, FNF and SatNF. Give me as many nights of pro football as you can give me. Just make sure there are good announcers and pretty women.
  9. For a couple of weeks now, I've been saying how the quarterback watch can't be taken seriously for not even putting Grossman on the "moving up the ladder" section. So this week, he appears for the first time at the #2 spot. Talk about a biased writer. Give us the facts people, not your biases!! How can a guy not even show up in the climbing up the ladder section but all of a sudden he's the "#2 Quarterback To Own?" But I do applaud you for finally fixing the error. Next up, the David Carr campaign. My goal for next week is to see him on this page somewhere.
  10. Congrats Chargers fans

    I've always been a NCSU Wolfpack fan. I knew Rivers was going to end up being a top NFL QB after watching him for 4 years here in NC. He's always been the real deal and now he gets the chance to show it. Game looked good last night. Now if they can get some help from the O-Line to give him 2 seconds to throw the ball.....
  11. Bears....

    Anyone who doesn't believe Grossman should now be considered as a top QB needs to look at this game today. That TD pass to Davis was like threading a needle. Wow!! Glad I'm a Bears fan.
  12. Quarterback Watch

    Exactly. That's what I posted yesterday. I think you can discount the article when they don't have Grossman anywhere in it. He's the #3 scoring QB in all four of my leagues this year and he doesn't even crack the "Top 10" or "Moving Up The Ladder"? Give me a break. I don't understand Carr either as he's in the top 10 in all my leagues. Supposedly these are written as if the draft happened today. Well I sure as hell would pick up Grossman or Carr before some of the others on the list knowing how this season has gone so far so that logic doesn't make sense either. I think they need to show the scoring system used to come up with these stats. Otherwise it's just someone's opinion on who has been more productive. It's fine if you want to write an article giving your opinion but don't label it "QB Watch" and don't put a heading above your sheet that says "Top 10 QBs to Own". It's simply not the case. Grossman and Carr are in the top QBs to own at this point in the season and that's what this article is supposed to be showing us. Just my opinion.
  13. Bears are the best team in football

    Hey, I agree with you man. I'm not wanting to argue. I'm just glad that after being on this board for 4 years, I finally have a team worth talking about. Hopefully we can win it this year to keep me going for the next 20 years. Seahawks37, aren't you the guy that ran this poll last year talking about if 100 people posted you would leave The Huddle? I think I voted for you. Just curious as to why you are still around because I think you got your 100 votes. Vet, I liked your avatar better last year. I've been out of pocket the last couple of months but back now. Glad to be back boys and yes, the Bears are the best team in football regardless of their record in any given season.
  14. QB and WR watch reports

    Has anyone else noticed a couple of players missing in the "Top QB/WRs To Own" lists that are posted? Not that I actually use these to make decisions but I do like to use them to track stats. In every league I'm in (4 total), Grossman is the number 3 QB for points scored and he isn't even on the list. Also in every league I'm in, Roy Williams is in the top ten WRs for points scored. Neither of these guys are anywhere in these so what good are they? The reports are written as if they are based on some factual data. Just curious if anyone else noticed that these reports don't seem to add up to much value.
  15. Pick up Cedric Benson

    Cedric Benson was just dropped in our league of 12. There are few bench spots so people can't hang on to a lot of players. I have Lendale White and Michael Robinson on the roster that could be dropped for Benson. Would you do it? Robinson has value this week with the possibility of Gore missing any time. I have #1 waiver priority so I could get him if it's worth it.