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  1. Capt Skinman!


    Three people left Outraged and we are looking for new owners. Interested? You'd be welcome!




  2. Anyone ever been to Stuttgart?

    Stuttgart is a very big town so there are plenty of things to do. The only real concern is to make sur eyou visit to U.S.-friendly establishments. I was there in the late 80s and early 90s and had a great time. you just have to remember that it is more of an industrial minded town rather than a toursit oriented town. This means there are a few that could care less for Americans; just stear clear of them and you'll have a good time.
  3. all-time a favorite NFL players

    John Stallworth Jack Lambert Ronnie Lott
  4. Mystery Huddler pics...

    Some of those are tough to stomach.
  5. Colts Pass Interference

    It was pass interference and it wasn't called. He did make it impossible for Caldwell to catch the ball and there was ample contact well before the ball got there.
  6. Deep Freeze

    Randolph AFB and pretty much all of SA has been closed down for the last two days.
  7. Anyone ever just walk out of a job?

    Aren't you always? I had a job straight out of my Army stint working the green chain at a lumber mill where production NEVER stopped. The foremen were dicks and could give two Sega!s about the employees. They literally worked us into the ground and replaced those that couldn't hang. I saw fights break out with the foremen and employees when someone stopped the production line. One dude had a piece of Hemlock go up his arm and poisoned him. He came in the next day with a note from the doctor and his arm was 5-times too big and swollen nasty. The foreman put him to work anyway cleaning the yard. It was over 100 degrees in the shade that day. I got a job doing security while I finished my college. The day I was hired, I just didn't go into work. The foreman called and asked if I was coming in. I told him I hadn't planned on it. He said I wasn't being a very responsible person and I told him he was probably right and hung up.
  8. NY Giants - Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread

    Like most, I loaded up on Philly and SD in my Smackbowl. Garcia needs to sneak over and put some of his Asstroglide on Eli's balls.
  9. Children of Men

    I saw this movie Friday night and have been singing it praises since. Its hard to explain what makes it soo great without boring the wits out of those that could give two Sega!s. Just believe me and go see this movie now!!!!
  10. Little Miss Sunshine

    It was better than Cats.
  11. Jackass 2

    Great movie if you are into this type of crap; which I am.
  12. ***** SMACK BOWL X *****

    I'm in. For the record, I did come in 3rd a few years back too. I never did get my tube socks though. My Steelers helmet still looks wonderful in the office.
  13. Attention! The SMACKBOWL IS COMING!

    ....and winnin the Smackbowl biznitches!!! btw, I also came in 3rd a few years back and the Steelers were not in the SB. However, I do need a bookend Steelers helmet for the one currently residing in my office.
  14. Red Light District here I come!

    Screw the airplane advice. Just get soem Ambien and a cocktail= lights out. Once in Amsterdam, you can't miss the Red Light District its freakin huge and right by the train station. You can get everything there; and I do mean everything. If you plan to taste the ladyfaire, take your time and shop. There are a TON of women to choose from. You name it, its there. Take in the sex and hash museums. Also, check out one of the livelier sex shows. All of these are within the same area. If you are there in the afternoon, you can also take the canal boat trips and do some really cheap shopping on the streets. Also, like mentioned earlier, get some of the Falafel wraps. They are AWESOME!! Street vendors sell them everywhere. You may want to grab a few for the road.
  15. Remembering...

    I was riding teh Curtis Enis jock during one draft and paid dearly.