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  1. Reached my leagues Fantasy Bowl - now with Elliott back and the Cowboys in The hunt of a Playoff Spot i have a Overload at RB Position


    I got Drake (good replacement for Elliott) and Hunt who is now in shape again. Which one should i Bench? 


    Standard League


    Best regards 

  2. Reached my Leagues semi-finals now i have a Problem at WR

    Kupp have a Bad Matchup against the Seahawks and Woods will be Back, Richardson facing the Rams Defense gut they lost Webster. 


    My QB is Wilson



    Standard League


    Best regards


  3. With Bell out against the Browns i'm Not very deep at RB and Flex.


    I would Start Powell because Forte is Out but he is also Q now.


    I Picked Up rawls so he is now a starter...Besides rawls my flex is very sad :-( i got dontrelle inman rishad Matthews and Jarvis Landry as WR all with Bad matchups.


    Got gurley benched because Off bis Fantasy Performance this year but maybe he is an Option? Also got Alfred Blue because Miller is Out.


    Would you Guys Think?

  4. hi guys,


    gurley got a bad matchup i think to sit him...


    i will start le veon bell tyreek hill dontelle inman and rishard matthews (on flex) instead of gurley...standard scoring.


    also got landry and diggs.


    what do you guys think?