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  1. Need my RBs to go off in SB...

    Betts and Westbrook. But this is a good problem to have. All 3 should have good games.
  2. I would go with Evans. If Houston gets down early, then they will not be able to run.
  3. WDIS @ Flex

    McGahee v Tenn Boldin @ SF Coles @ Mia 1 pt per 10 yds rushing 1 pt per 20 yds receiving 1 pt per reception 6 pts per TD Leaning towards McGahee, but is close between him and Boldin. Coles is banged up and playing on the road against a good D.
  4. WDIS @ Flex

    Bump...Any other responses?
  5. Which WR to Start?

    I say Evans...He has been the most consistent of your choices. Galloway may have a good day based upon what Rattay did last week, but you never know. And with Colston back in the mix, will it take away from Henderson.
  6. SB RB HELP!

    Leaning towards Dayne as well. Hard to figure out the RB situation in Miami...And you never know who Shanahan is going to start. But if you pick the right Bell, then you should have a good day...But is it worth that risk.
  7. te help

  8. Which defense do I start this week?

    I'm also trying to choose between the same defenses...It seems like, according to the votes here, that people expect them to have similar games. It doesn't make it any easier choosing though.
  9. WDIS @ Flex

    McGahee vs. Tenn Boldin @ SF Coles vs Mia Thanks for your responses.
  10. WDIS @ Flex

    Coles @ Min Boldin vs. Den McGahee vs. Mia I'm leaning towards Coles, but just wanted a second opinion as this is the playoffs. Thanks.
  11. WDIS RB

    I would go with Betts. Although neither is a bad play this week. I think Betts will have more yards, but Dillon should get more TDs.
  12. WDIS?

    I agree with this lineup.
  13. I have Bulger and I am sitting him today for Favre. The reasons are: 1. Playing on grass. 2. On the road. 3. Rams should run well against the Raiders. I am playing Holt though. But it is hard to pick a QB from your options. If you are not going to start Bulger, then I would pick up Garcia and play him.
  14. Have last minute questions?

    Which QB: Bulger vs. Arizona Hass @ Denver Leaning Bulger since Hass is on the road against a tough D. Which WR/Flex (Pick 3): Holt vs Arizona Driver vs NYJ Coles vs GB Boldin @ StL K Jones @ NE McGahee vs SD Leaning Holt, Driver, Boldin (but Coles is a great option too, just concerned about the weather). I need to start at least 2 WR and the other can be either a RB or WR. Scoring: 1 pt 10 yds rushing, 1 pt 10 yds rec, 1 pt per reception, 6 pts per TD.
  15. Who would you rather have the rest of the season? Standard scoring, but length of TD is worth more points.
  16. Ari @ Oak Det @ NYJ GB @ Mia I'm kinda leaning towards Leinart due to his weapons and remaining schedule, but Pennington may not be a bad pickup.
  17. The "What If" post...

    What if Cooley didn't have 3 TDs last week...Then I would be Super Bowl champ in one of my leagues. I killed everyone this week with my lineup of LJ, Holt, Boldin, Caddy, and Garrard.
  18. Playing in 3rd place game after getting killed by Cooley last week. Would you pick up Martin or are the o-line problems and his lack of mobility reason enough to stick with Garrard? Thanks
  19. Rod Smith or Reggie Wayne?

    Rod Smith. I wouldn't count on any colts this weekend.
  20. WIND AND RAIN....

    Given the conditions in KC, you probably should go with Delhomme.
  21. Givens or K. Robinson?

    I say Givens. Minny will be playing outside in the cold and will most likely have trouble moving the ball.
  22. D Davis is inactive today...Do I do this or stick with Moats?
  23. WDIS at K and Def

    I have Rackers and Seattle starting, but Cincy against Det seems like a good matcup. Wilkins may get some opportunities with Fitz starting.