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  1. WDIS at RB

    I would go with Dunn. Atlanta should get the lead and run the ball. Dillon has been too inconsistent this year.
  2. What is Holts Status?

    ESPN Fantasy website is reporting that Holt is expected to start
  3. Caddy vs. Carolina M. Moore vs. Detroit I'm concerned about Caddy after TB's offense didn't look good last week and Carolina's run D is only giving up about 80 yds/game.
  4. WDIS: Caddy or M. Moore

    Bump Any one else?
  5. I'm leaning towards Westbrook and Moore and staying away from the TB mess this weekend. Especially since TB plays SF, the game could be over early.
  6. WDIS @ RB: Pick Two

    Thanks for your help
  7. Defense To Start

    Miami. NO has lots of turnovers.
  8. WSIS

    I would go with KJ...But preference is always to take the starting RB over a WR on a team with struggling offense.
  9. WSIS

    I would go with KJ...But preference is always to take the starting RB over a WR on a team with struggling offense.
  10. WDIS at WR

    Branch for sure. Probably lean toward J. Smith cuz of his higher potential.
  11. WDIS at WR

  12. This choice would be easier if Warner was starting and the game was played in the U.S. The 49ers have the worst pass D in the league and their starting CBs are out. But I am concerned about McCown and playing in a strange city. Branch has been steady and the Chargers are giving up decent amount of yds through the air. WDIS? I am stuck in the middle.
  13. WDIS: Boldin or Branch

    Thanks for the replies....Any others want to offer their opinion? BUMP
  14. Top 5 for 2005 draft?

    S. Alexander?
  15. We win 193-163 despite playing Volek.

    I won tonight when my opponents last player, Westbrook, didn't play. Muhammed, L. Johnson, Edge, and Walker made up for Volek's horrible game.
  16. Started Volek and got a whopping 1/2 pt. But Muhammed, LJ, Buffalo D, Walker stepped up...Up 13 going into tonight and my oppenents last player is Westbrook. A stressful night is over early as I took the championship.
  17. As expected...

    McNabb was my backup this week and would have scored more than my starter (Volek)...Didn't matter though when my opponents last player was Westbrook and I did a quick pickup of Levens. I can watch the game while relaxing after winning my Super Bowl.
  18. Westbrook or Levans

    I read at rotoworld that BOTH Levens and Westbrook will not play tonight...Don't know how accurate, but neither may be a good play tonight.
  19. MNF - Philly / Rams

    I read on rotoworld that both Westbrook and Levens may not play tonight...Don't know how accurate, but is interesting.
  20. Javon Walker where are you?

    I concur
  21. Not great matchups (except LJ), but which 3 would you start: Edge vs SD McAllister vs Atl LJ vs Oakland J Jones vs Wash LJ is in and am leaning toward Edge and McAllister. Edge has just been consistent all year and Washington is so *** tough to run the ball on...
  22. Championship At Stake

    1. Tossup. I give the Bus a slight edge cuz of TD potential. 2. Pitt D. Rams can't stop anyone 3. Tynes. KC vs Oak = Shootout
  23. Playing for the Super Bowl and need help at RB, WR, and Def. RB (pick 3) LJ vs Oak Edge vs SD McAllister vs Atl JJ vs Wash LJ is in and leaning towards Edge (too consistent) and McAllister. I think he will get more TD opportunities than JJ. WR (pick 2) Walker vs Minn Muhammed vs TB Andre vs Jax Really a no brainer...But am considering picking up Kennison off the waiver wire and benching Muhammed. Kennison had a great game last time against Oakland (150 yds and TD) while Muhammed didn't do too well against TB (approx 50 yds). Def Pitt vs Balt Buffalo vs SF Going with Buffalo, but wanted to make sure it was the right decision. Thanks and happy holidays!